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    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter as the new Old Testament
   JC meets with the Ancient medievalist Hamas Islamists in an
   attempt to find common ground between their two religions.

When our investigative reporter (that is, do you remember JJ?) asked the man in the street JB what he thought of this scene going on right under our eye[lid]s, he--average joe blow, man about town JB--said:

When everything in the room is hospital white (including the room) how do you make a choice based on color?


JJ: What???

JB: The answer of course is: you don't.

JJ: Then what do you do?

JB: You pay attention to Ayn Rand's 3 rules [warnings?] about compromise (from 1964) as foreshadowed here for the JC case (page 105) in 2006.


P(ersonal) S(idebar):

Introspection 101: Or that is, Ayn Rand please, I'd rather do it myself.*

rim: Referring of course to the King James version of The Holy Bible there is no JC (Jesus Christ) in the Old Testament.

oim: I know that; plus to my knowledge there is no JC in the Old Testament in any bible version.

rim: Then why Jimmy Carter (JC) as new Old Testament JC? There is no Jimmy Carter in the Old Testament either.

oim: I know that too. But. I bet there's some Old Testament in Jimmy Carter.

rim: oh ... OK ... I suppose ... but--

oim: That is, there probably is some Old Testament in-addition-to the obvious New Testament JC in the Former U.S. President JC as same is revealed by the fact that as-a-christian you are awarded (in your own mind) frequent flyer miles towards your eventual flight to heaven if you ... "Love your enemies" (is not Hamas our enemy? and did not Jesus say, Mathew 5:44, "Love your enemies"?); and isn't it "logical" to conclude-- given the reality of human nature that strives for better and better--that the bigger the enemy one shows 'love' to the greater the number of frequent flyer miles?

rim: not if you're a lutheran, they don't believe in hierarchy. But since I don't know about Southern Baptists of the JC kind I can't say for sure if they are the same but since (to my knowledge, in the realm of total Christian thought) only Catholics believe in hierarchy I'd say it's safe to conclude: neither do Southern Baptists believe in hierarchy. To all non-Catholic Christians then, 'steal a penny steal a million bucks', it's the same thing.

oim: and ... if you ... "turn the other cheek", how many miles are you awarded?

rim: we invaded Afghanistan so how you say we turned the other cheek?

oim: because many felt, myself included, that since we were ATTACKED by the Middle Eastern Islamist ideology in 2001 that our refusal (to-act-on-our-feelings) to turn the whole f...... region into glass was a kind of 'turning the other cheek', rather than what it was: the living-up-to-our- commitment to not be first strikers when it comes to using nuclear weapons.

rim: jfk, I'm glad you weren't the President with your finger poised over "the button" on September 10th, 2001. For sure even "you" can see that compared to the cut-throat--literally--muslims, christians are harmless; no?

oim: you'd better click on and read those 3 warnings.


* Key:

r(eligion)i(n)m(e) - lower case because I am beyond its controlling my psychoepistemology, that is ... more

o(jectivism)i(n)m(e) - lower case because I own it, it doesn't own me ...


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