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GD the ex-peon, non-royalty candidate for pres

The pres's 3 Step Tax Recovery Program:

"Sell the moon and give us back our money"

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So is prediciting ...


For this NL's prediciton see the ILP section in Q1 '08's Press Release #2.

For the need for me to tie up the loose ends for my last prediction let me just say this:

Reality 1, Gary 0.24

with the .24 on the edge (see BiO Spiritualism's autonomy/(self)ownwership formula in Yes, p. 8, and think of it/use it as a form or shape or teleometric method of partitioning up the number 1 and dealing it out to your inner calculations ... ) between being a worthless prediction or a worth some-thing prediction as in it did keep me from uping my 401 contribution ... until now that is ... so I think since the market is going to be making a biggie upturn over the next two years (this is not a formal ILP item) it's time for me to up my (401) ante ...

Political Commentary (Because, in America, we still can.)

I am against Barack Obama, not because he's black but because he is a socialist.

I am against Hillary Rodham Clinton because I don't like her.

I thought McCain could crush either one of them but after what I heard him say the other day (Wednesday 3/26/08 on CNN news) I'm no longer so sure. He said he didn't understand how 4 million of the 55 million mortgages--4 million apparently is the tally of the troubled mortgages--could cause so much problem. Well, if the average mortgage value were $200,000 then 4,000,000 of them would translate into an 800 billion dollar "problem". Since the government's total annual income in '06 was 2,401 billion dollars those 800 billion dollars of troubled mortgages translate into a third of the nation's annual "income" ... well let me see now. If I made $50,000/.65 = $76,923 (the 0.65 leaves room for a 35% tax rate so that my taxable income is the 50,000 dollars I use in a different, hypothetical, example herein) a third of that would be 25,641 dollars .... and if I now had to come up with that I of course couldn't ... unless ... unless ...

Unless I sold some of my assets (which in this theoretical situation I would have to sell but in my actual situation since I already had to file bankruptcy once and I sold assets to stay alive, financially, as long as I could--which worked as I did get a new source of income and did learn how to trim my expenses to be inline with my new, reduced source of income .. geez, maybe the government should have to learn the same lesson ... seems to me what's good for G ... M, oops, not ... rather, what's good for GD is good for America.



you think?


Greetings Customers (another tax time is upon us)

I received my 2007 1040 (Income Tax) Forms & Instructions booklet--henceforth referred to as the booklet--from the feds last month and I am looking at the governments' "income" and outlay pie charts on page 86 of that booklet.

According to the outlays chart, 25% of our country's total outlay goes to the military (23%) and the police (law enforcement & general government, 2%). If our country's court system doesn't require more than say, 5%--a number not shown by itself as a piece of pie on the chart but as a gut guess and giving the inefficient courts the benefit of the doubt, 5% is not an irrational guesstimate--then according to Objectivism's Ayn Rand (who argues convincingly that a limited government should be one that is confined to only providing for us individuals' defense against thugs foreign and thugs domestic, that is for the police, the military and the courts) our taxes are more than 3 times what they should be (100% / 30% = 3⅓ times more to be exact).

This being the case, the amount of the soon to be rebated wool being put back unto the sheep should be 70% of the $2.407 trillion "income" of the federal government for the fiscal year ought six. That is, our governments' Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 should be returning 1,680 billion dollars to the taxpayers, not the measly 152 billion dollars that it is. Or that is, it should be a tad more than ten times (!!!) what it is.

And notice if this were the case we would be getting from $3000 to $6000 in tax rebate checks rather than the paltry few hundred bucks we are getting. And not only are we getting a paltry amount but to add insult to injury we are being expected to thank the royalty on high for their generosity of tossing crumbs to us peons.

Notice how far "t,h,e,y" have come: from France's Royal Queen, Marie-Antoinette of yesteryear to our Royal Congress and President of today who are "pleased to inform" us of what they have said to each other in regards to us peons; which, in essence is: "let them eat crumbs".

Now I know that the smart, non-peon people among you who are reading this have all kinds of objections, protestations and laments. In fact I can hear you shouting them out and/or screaming them out all the way back here at my desk. Such rants as, what about all the entitlement Welfare programs!, they consume 67% of the total outlays!!! of which Social Security alone consumes 36%!!!, who's gonna pay for this?!?!?!?!?!? You can't just cut this off because if you did you'd wreck the nation and old people's lives as if you put their one, communal neck into a guillotine and pulled the rope (or should that be, "strings").

And some of you may even be saying: But ... if they did return this much money and did cut future tax rates by 70% where would all the special interest groups who are against a 100% laissez-faire-capitalistic society get their special favors and tax loop holes?

If the high tax rates didn't exist in the first place, you say, there would be no need for loop holes.

Well perhaps, but ... what about special favors.

Same thing then, special favors to what end? ... less taxes? ... and/or special favors to legally lock out your competitors, e.g., non-profits of all kinds that get special tax treatment by their very existence. And what about all the various licenses that the government requires of the producers ... to produce ... the myriad of goods and services that human beings need to survive and thrive?

Licensing of some production by the government is justified if and only if it involves work for the government in the areas of the police and/or the military and/or the courts; otherwise government licensing is not justified.

Because of the special favors aspect of our government then, tax rates alone can't solve ALL our problems but if they were closer to what they should be--that is, reduced from what they are by 70%--wouldn't the benefit of getting "special favors" also be significantly reduced?


But ... Until and unless ... we have a 100% laissez- faire-capitalism system we will have to live with what we do have including the up and coming presidential candidates--whomever they end up being--for the upcoming presidential election.

That is, since Democrats and Republicans at root are the same (both believe self-sacrifice is the highest ideal) and differ only in their methods--in the how they are going--to get you to sacrifice (involuntarily, the Democrats; or voluntarily, the Republicans first choice, or by force as means of last resort if the voluntary doesn't work) ... since this, then, there isn't much hope for the I's of our immediate future seeing things change that much.

Unless of course ...

If you don't feel like voting for the same old royalty, then I suggest, rather than saying noa (none of the above) by not voting you should consider doing me as a write in candidate.

If you do decide to do so let me suggest that you do it this way so that some other Gary Deering can't get the notice. That is, my book sales are doing so poorly (year-over-year my sales volume is approaching a 100% decline) that I need and can use all the notice I can get. So do it the following way when you write me in:


Gary D. Deering, BiO Spiritualist Consultant and the world's first PsycHHology Engineer for president.


With the foregoing understood then, we can emboss our sloganeering campaign buttons thusly:

  • GD the ex-peon, non-royalty candidate for pres
  • If elected I promise to implement my two broad based ideas to solve the problem of cutting off the Welfare State by the method of substitution. That is, rather than cutting off the welfare programs with an axe let's cut them off instead with an idea; an idea that we can title: "Sell the moon and give us back our money".

    As to the doing away with the 70% excess taxes the federal government now takes from us year in and year out, every year-after-year-after boring year here is how I would do that.

    I call it:

  • The pres's 3 Step Tax Recovery Program:
  •       Step 1: Freeze the ways and wherefores of tax rules and what nots as to how taxes are figured for everybody to the way they are done this year, 2008, for 2007 taxes (for examples see your own tax return).

          Step 2: Find out how gutsy the populace is by asking them to vote on one of the following numbers: 5, 10 or 15 as to the number of years we-the-people will allow our elected officials to get rid of the 70% excess.

          Step 3: For the sake of argument and to simply demonstrate process, say the peoples choose 10 years as a reasonable amount of time for allowing the government to get its act together. Then decrease each person's tax amounts by a proportional amount so that after ten years it will = 30% of the rate-amount it is for 2007 taxes.

    That is, for sake of demonstration, say my taxable income for 2007 is $50,000 (which it isn't but let me dream a little) and hence I owe $8,930 (see the booklet, page 69) in federal taxes, then in 10 years that same amount would be 70% less or only $2,679; a savings from this one tax alone of $6,251!!!

    See the following for an elaboration on how this would work:

          [insert scan of tax Form 1040 (2007) Page 2 from page 2+ of the booklet with Lines 63a and 63b

    63 Add lines 57 through 62. This is your total tax. . . . 63 ________
    63a [enter multiplier from Table X]. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63a________
    63b [multiply line 63 by line 63a].
            This is your rTT (real total tax). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63b________

    And then Add this table somewhere in the booklet:

    Table X, page Y

    Tax Year   multiplier
     0  2007      1.00           Base year
     1  2008        .93
     2  2009        .86
     3  2010        .79
     4  2011        .72 
     5  2012        .65
     6  2013        .58
     7  2014        .51
     8  2015        .44
     9  2016        .37
    10 2017        .30



    and I will have fulfilled half of my non- campaign, campaign-promises to you as your new president.

    As to the other half of my two promises as your newly elected president it may have to wait until I release my book (en)titled:

  • "Sell the moon and give us back our money"
  • or to be more precise, sell our moon and give us back our money,

    or that is, Baby Boomers Unite, don't let t.h.e.m guilt you into thinking your social security checks are welfare. Those checks are actually backed by real assets that the government and some of its business men (the kiss-a.. ones, which are easy to visualize generally but difficult to isolate individually) have amassed over the last half century. So, if we sell those assets--as we who have paid for them are entitled to do and some would even argue, are obligated to do as a way to honor promises made--we have a shot at getting the full 2.89 times our current social security checks that we should be getting . (Take the Social Security Statement you get every year from the feds and determine the amount you paid into Social Security every year and apply the CPI--Consumer Price Index--rate of return for every year to those contributions as sinking fund contributions to determine the total that is really due you in today's dollars. When I did this for my contributions--spanning 1961 to a couple two, three years back when I did this calculation--I got a multiplier of 2.89. Unfortunately, the spread sheet I used to calculate this--including the annual values for FICA rates and CPI numbers--was lost in one of my not backed-up hard drive crashes and so I can't give you this to use. Since I don't feel like spending the time recreating this, if you want to check this out for yourself you'll have to research the FICA yearly rates and the CPI yearly rate over the life of your Social Security Statement and do your own equivalent calculation. If you do I'm betting it will come out similar to this 2.89 number if you've been gainfully employed and paid into Social Security over a quarter century or more like I have. P.S. I can't remember if I used the employer contributed amount or not, I think I did because it was contributed in my name. If you want to argue who "owned" that money, me or my employer? we might be stuck on it too long and get nowhere; something our controllers would like us to do. But, we don't have to do this because the one thing we can conclude for sure, the one thing we know for sure is this: the government did not own it but the government is the "one" who ended up with it.)

    That is, by way of demonstration about the 2.89 multiplier, if you are about to retire and will be getting say $1000 a month social security, you should be getting ... would be getting ... $2,890 per month if the feds had given you nothing more than the rCPI return (real Consumer Price Index, that is the CPI before "they" took food and energy out of it which t.h.e.y did just recently) on your (sinking fund) FICA investment over the 30 or so years you were forced to pay into it paycheck after paycheck after paycheck.

    But of course notice, not only are you not getting it, but you are being 1984'd into thinking of it as welfare.

    And if this isn't bad enough notice who the government has hired to lead the frontal attach on your psyche. Is it the liberal democrats? No. Is it the religious right republicans? No. It is none other than the professional Objectivists who it would appear are paying back the government for their (the Objectivists) special status as a non-profit, tax exempt educational institution ( allowed to push the Philosophy of Objectivism in exchange (one could argue) for convincing the millions of up and coming baby boomers that the money they had confiscated from them is really an illusion and that the money they are being "gifted" back is just that, a gift from their rulers.

    What's that cliché? ... Et tu, B ... naw ... granted, it feels this way, but perhaps a better, more objective choice is: sad but true?


    Sad but true.

    I guess the (professional) Objectivists are people too and as such are not exempt from the psycho-epistemological problem I call "emphasis-extreemum". That is, see every professional objectivist writer from here to tim-$-2 ... who couldn't think outside their square if their (psychhological) life depended on it ... (which of course it does, but) who write one boring after boring after boring-into-your-brain article on the Social Security "problem" and how it is just some variation on the Ayn Rand theme of the welfare state coming home to roost. Ayn Rand had another take on this problem also--a take we could name after the (fictional) world's best economist; that is we could call it the Ragnar Danneskjold take--but besides my(amateur)self I've never seen or heard of any Objectivist--amateur or otherwise-- take this take and run with it. I therefore must conclude, since I no longer suffer from ee (or pee if you like) and 'they' do that that explains it: "emphasis- extreemum" has got hold of "their" psychoepistemologies and won't let go and hence they don't allow themselves to "break free" of "ee". But ... what the hey, c'est la vie .... life goes on and we can't afford to get bogged down [just yet] in their [immature] T.O.T.S [or as we will change it in book 2 to, t.o.y.s and t.o.t.s] problems and so we move on ... )

    ... to conclude this particular NewsLetter.

    That is, in conclusion, let me say, I don't really want to be president, but, if that's what it takes to get my book sales up there, then so be it, I guess I'll do it.

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