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  Peons discover that smart people have been
   controlling dumb people since time immemorial.

When asked what they were going to do about it most replied: are you sure we are the peons?

Yes -- said the smart people.

And further.

Now that you have discovered it we think that you should not think that the solution is to restrict the political freedoms of smart people, but rather that the solution is ... stop being dumb.

To explore this further our investigative reporter, JJ (Jake Jackson) interviewed one ex-dumb person whom we call GD for short (we do this so that we won't get sued by using his real name, Gary Deering).

JJ: How did you first discover that about smart people?

GD: Well it was back in the first part of the second half of the last century.

Jake: 1950's?

GD: No. More like the early '70's.

Back then, when Ayn Rand said to me, ~ I am standing at the deathbed of your mind, the thing that is killing you is etc and so on ... ~ (p. 1027 Hardcover), I sat bolt upright in bed.

And listened.

Then in less time than it takes to get an undergraduate Degree in theology I was able to save myself from my would be controllers--be they of the personal, individual kind or of the BM government et al Institutional/Group--that is, the T.h.e.y/T.h.e.m (page 112) -- kind.

Saving myself has been so much fun that I wished I could communicate it to you, but alas, it--like sex-- can't be communicated, it can only be experienced.

For example, if I said to the neophyte you Jake, "Take that thing hanging between your legs, find a woman and insert it in that frontal hole between her legs", you would probably say, why? to what purpose? it doesn't sound like that big of a deal to me.

But of course, if you aren't such a neophyte, but rather old enough to have already experienced such insertions you'd know just what a big deal it is.

Well in like fashion, if I said to you, take that thing dangling between your ears and use it to fill all the holes in your illogic, you would probably say why? to what purpose? it doesn't sound like that big of a deal to me.

But of course, if you aren't such a neophyte, but rather old enough to have already experienced such insertions you'd know just exactly what a biggie deal it is.


JJ: Wait just a 'dul garn minute here Deering, what are you trying to say? That reason is a whore who will do it with anybody who pays the price?

GD: Well ...


sort of ...


if by price, JJ, you mean time and effort to develop your ability to reason, just like you might develop your ability to run or jump or excel in some sport, if this JJ then yes, if by whore you mean when you are

transitioning from a low level of reason-ableness to a higher level and you observe and admire a really high degree of reason-capableness in others and you get jealous of it, then yes JJ, if by whore you mean

in the sense-of-life sense-of-the-movie Pretty Woman, then: Yes ...

it is possible for your (inner) ego to feel:

"Oh Reason, thou art a whore."

But, it is a fleeting moment and just one area in your mental life where you can use your feelings-of- jealousy to tell you what you are really interested in.

As opposed to your superficial interests, which we all seem to have but which do not have to dominate the T hinking F eeling A cting j udging us.

But of course JJ that part--thinking most about what matters most versus thinking most about what matters least, that part JJ--is up to you.


Gary Deering
PsycHHology Engineer
(helping phhilosophhy
build better humans)

To understand that nymphomaniac Faith, click here.

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