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1984 came and didn't went

...Or that is,

Why is the Government of the United States of America in the mental health and mental illness business?

Consider the following (if not thee answer, then at least, part of the answer):

Social Metaphysics -- The dusk before the dark

The purpose of modern day psychology, that is one h psychology, that is contemporary psychology is to provide a new pool of people for "upper" echelon Social Metaphysicians (SM's) to feel superior to.

Since Metaphysical Metaphysicians (SM's antipodes) don't derive their sense of self-- their self esteem--from a comparison-to-others standard they have no need of such a pool of people.

In fact, Metaphysical Metaphysicians are not too interested in what I am writing here because they don't have the time to take away from their own pursuit of autonomy, achievement and personal happiness. (Or at least, that is, the MM's not specifically interested in the science of human psychology and/or its derivatives as a career or career path are not that interested in what I am writing about here because they have already solved the problem of social metaphysics in their everyday life.)

But, to repeat, real Social Metaphysicians--past, present and future Social Metaphysicians--who do have a self-made need of a comparison-to-others standard meet this "need" by forever searching for and/or creating pools of people they can feel superior to.

Your basic psychological job then, if you haven't already completed it, is to remove yourself from the SM pool by simply completing your psychhological development to full autonomy and authentic self esteem.

Authentic self esteem has to do with the reputation you acquire with yourself about yourself and autonomy means a (Roman like) nation of I (pun intended).

Your psychhological problems then are (should be) interpreted relative to your needs as a human being seeking autonomy and authentic self esteem on your way to a happy life, rather than as means to social engineering "others" to be your pool of "inferiors". Inferiors to whom you can compare yourself and get a sense of self that will not be real. Rather, this type of comparison always ends up with "the comparator" feeling phony at best or at worst scrambling to get back to the first rung on a personal ladder out of a personal hell.

Psychhological hell is the place you either are at or close to being at when your life is in psychhological trouble.

And your life is in psychhological trouble and can only be in such trouble when you have lost volitional control over it; or are neurotically--that is, dangerously--close to loosing it.

In real psychology (psychhology) this means, ... [you are in psychhological trouble] ... when you suffer from a significant loss of control over one or more of the self functions: thinking, feeling, acting, judging.

If this is the case, the road to cure of course is to restore control.

Authentic control.

For example, if you are a bipolar druggie because your emotions are a total and complete mystery to you and you want to change the fact of it you have to spend the time figuring out why your emotions make such large swings from one extreme to the other. That is, from really really high highs to really really low lows, that is, within a range which represents the entire range of human emotion capability. A range extending from "heaven" sent euphoria with its metaphysical desire to "conquer the world", to the deepest depths of hell's immobilizing depression summoning you to death's doorway.*

And further, you have to discover why you go through this range of e-motion, this gambit-of-action- potential in relatively short time intervals (if you have a "manic" episode today and a "depression" episode a year from now you are not bipolar, you might just be ... slow). Every emotion when viewed as a wave rather than a thing carries with it an action impulse, an action potential. Emotions differ here only in the degree, amount, intensity of the potential and by potential I mean in its Electrical Engineering sense of voltage level without saying it is literal electricity; what it is is literal intensity. That is, our felt sense of emotional intensity is the basis in reality for our concept of "intensity" (though bright sunlight, loud noises, and sour lemons could also be a source on this ... except ... sour lemons might have more to do with the concept of "range" so ... oops, stop. stay on point, that is, sop ... ).

In order to figure this all out the first thing you have to learn is how to answer questions about your own real psychology, that is two hh psychhology, that is, your own particular Human psycHHology.

For starters you have to answer this question: What are emotions?

The scientific answer to this question is provided to us by the modern day school of psychology known as Biocentric Psychology: your emotion is the psycho-biological form in which you experience your estimate of the beneficial or harmful relationship of some aspect of reality to yourself.

Given this definition then, you have to answer all the questions inherent in it as same pertains to you and your specific/particular life.

For example, you have to ask (and eventually answer) questions like: "if I do make an estimate of the beneficial or harmful relationship of some aspect of reality to myself and I don't experience it where does it go?".

That is, are emotions, qua things, pentupable?

To answer this you may have to delve into the writings of Wilhelm Reich and other last century one h psychologists who were on track to discovering two hh psychhology but who, for reasons of philosophy--or rather, for reasons of wrong philosophy not right phhilosophhy--ended up too far off track and simply made it possible for the Behaviourists of that same century to re-group and continue in their mission to Institutionalize pseudo self esteem as the socially acceptable, socially preferred alternative to authentic self esteem.

Authentic self esteem is a tool worn on the belt of individualist human beings, and its opposite--that is, its illusionist-delusionist form--is the form we call pseudo self esteem. Pseudo self esteem is the thing all members of any group seeking an individualist's identity as-a-unit group have in common.

Pseudo self-esteem (the antipode of authentic self esteem) is to your breathing, living human psychhology what carbon monoxide is to your breathing, living life: death by asphyxiation.

As such, pseudo self esteem is one of the main pillars propping up the dark side of human nature so as to make it appear like the bright side. That is, pseudo self esteem, qua "pillar", is like looking at night in a mirror and expecting to see day as the reflection.

Which is to say, [your] Human PsycHHology, qua thing, is some[specific]thing and as such figureOutAble and figureOutAble by you in such a way that you will end up having complete and total control over it. Total & Complete that is, within the metaphysical laws of human nature.


* If you are depressed and at death's door you probably can still fight your way back to a healthy sense of life because it takes energy, effort, action to ... OPEN doors ... but if instead you are at death's doorway ... you should consider seeking professional help sooner rather than later



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