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September 2009
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We are gearing up for Groom Expo 2009 and have just introduced some exciting new products, with more on the way. If you plan on attending Groom Expo this year be sure to stop by our booth to see the newest additions to the Andis, Oster and Wahl brands as well as our Super Show Specials.

We've also put our Dog Pajamas and Pet Halloween Costumes on sale just in time for the season. And don't forget to stock up on some fun Halloween treats!

Wahl EZ Nail Clipper
The All-In-One Nail Care
Wahl EZ Clip

The E-Z Nail Revolutionary Nail Clipper and Rotary Filer All-In-One is the only product that allows you to trim nails with the nail clipper and then smooth rough edges with the nail filer. The clipper guard is adjustable for different nail lengths and has a long lasting grinding stone for extended use. This product is easy and safe to use
for maximum convenience.

Wahl Pet Detailer Trimmer
Small and Powerful
Wahl Pet Detailer Trimmer

The Wahl Pet Detailer Corded Trimmer is an exceptionally powerful rotary motor trimmer. No other corded clipper can compare in power and cutting ability. It has the power of a clipper in the size of a trimmer. 5700 SPM blade speed. 5" small, weighs only 6.7 ounces, precision ground #30 blade, durable plastic and chrome housings,
6 snap on attachment guide combs,
and is manufactured in the USA.

Oster Gentle Paws
Nail Trimmer
Oster Gentle Paws

The Gentle Paws nail trimmer from Oster features a professional motor and two speeds to trim all breeds of dogs and cats. The safety guard holds the nail in place and prevents injury or accidental hair winding. This powerful, battery operated nail grinder runs at 15000 RPM.

Groomers Goop
Shampoo Wipes
Groomers Goop Wipes

Groomer's Goop Rinse Free Shampoo wipes are used for quick clean-up. They condition and moisturize while cleaning. These wipes keep your dog or cat's skin protected while tackling tough cleanups like removing tar, sap, chewing gum, blood and even skunk spray.

Our vision is to enable you to provide a long, healthy and happy life for your pets. In addition to our Online Store, you can find the Cherrybrook Mobile Retail Store at over 200 Dog Shows each year throughout the United States.

At Cherrybrook, we like to say that "all of our customers are champions". If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Yours Truly,


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