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June 2009
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Summertime is the perfect time to spend outdoors with your pet. Outdoor play offers important exercise, fresh air and valuable bonding time for both you and your pet but it's important to watch your pet for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Learn the symptoms of heat stroke...

Chilly Bone
Freezable Toys for Your Dog
Chilly Bone

The Chilly Bone is a rugged canvas bone that can be soaked in water, then put into the freezer for a chilly chew toy. It contains a unique, non-toxic water absorbing sponge-like material inside that can be frozen time and time again.

Fido Floats
Your Dog will Love them!
Fido Float

Fido Floats are easy to put on your dog and feature specially placed handles to lift your pet right out of the water. It has a superior fit with a shape that follows the contours of your dog to prevent twisting or swimming out of the vest.

Busy Buddy Toys
New Interactive Fun!
Busy Buddy Toys

Busy Buddy dog toys are treat dispensing chew toys that help redirect potentially destructive chewing behaviors into positive playtime. They keep your dog busy with a unique chewing experience in mind.

All Natural Dog Supplement

Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement is a scientifically balanced formula rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids. Nupro provides the necessary fresh, raw ingredients lacking in cooked and processed foods.

Our vision is to enable you to provide a long, healthy and happy life for your pets. In addition to our Online Store, you can find the Cherrybrook Mobile Retail Store at over 200 Dog Shows each year throughout the United States.

At Cherrybrook, we like to say that "all of our customers are champions". If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Yours Truly,


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