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March 2012
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IMBD 2012 Event News

The US Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA Forest Service are motivating their partners and field sites to get involved in IMBD and offer new community programs about bird conservation. The 2012 Challenge is bringing new sites on board, and we'll be highlighting their work.   


In the U.S., most of IMBD events will take place in May, but a growing number of organizations are also hosting activities during fall migration. Choose the "day" that is best for your site and most likely to coincide with bird migrations.  We know that birds don't all migrate together at the same time! 


As our regular reminder, we have lots of materials available for you.  Visit our digital catalog for more information or request a paper catalog.  

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International Migratory Bird Day

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Walk on the Wild Side Enters 2nd Year
Walk on the Wild SideIn 2011, EFTA launched Walk on the Wild Side, a conservation walkathon that raises funds to preserve birds and their habitats. Five groups piloted the event, and all will return in 2012 to host their second events.  We are also working with new partners who are exploring the ways that a walkathon can help raise funds for their conservation efforts and anticipate announcing new participants this spring.  Why host a Walk on the Wild Side?  There are many good reasons, including:
  • It's fun and educational;
  • Your participants can give directly to conservation;
  • Youth and adults get outside and enjoy nature;
  • Birdathons can use it too; 
  • You keep 90% of the funds your organization raises for conservation.  The remaining 10% contribute to the costs of the website and fundraising software.

For more information about hosting a walkathon at your site, contact or 

Wisconsin Leads States in IMBD

In 2011, we noticed a growing number of new IMBD events in Wisconsin.  Bird City Wisconsin was launched in 2002 to coordinate statewide bird conservation.  One of the requirements to become a Bird City is hosting an International Migratory Bird Day event. In just 10 years, the state has become a leader in promoting bird conservation actions and community education.

Wisconsin sites are already promoting their 2012 events, beginning with a celebration at Fontana Elementary School on April 27.  Visit Bird City Wisconsin for more information...maybe your state will adopt the model!

Bird City Wisconsin 

Feature Resource - New Jersey Curricula
Birding trails are ideal places to teach about conservation.  Klamath Bird Observatory has developed a curriculum for the Basin and Range Birding Trail that includes lesson plans, student journals, information for teachers, and links to other resources.  

You can find information their Bird Trail Education Lessons on the Bird Education Resource Directory, along with many other materials. The Directory is also the place for you to share your materials with others.  It's easy, it's free, and it's the best place to go to find what other educators are using to teach about bird conservation. 
We are sending IMBD 2012 catalogs, but help us reduce paper use by shopping online. The annual poster, t-shirt, and more are easy to find, and you can order in many quantities.
Courses, Conferences, New Resources
IMBD Webinar Join Alicia King and Susan Bonfield on March 8 from 2-3 pm EST in a discussion of International Migratory Bird Day 2012.  We'll share materials, answer your questions, and help you prepare for your event.  
To Register for the Webinar, follow the instructions below:
1) Go to 
2) Click the Register Today Icon 
3) Select the date of the webinar from the drop down menu 
4) Enter your name, name of your agency and your email address. 
To Join the Webinar: 
You will be emailed the WebEx link and Conference call number a few days before the webinar. This is the only way to 
join the webinar. 
Questions about webinar content: Contact Rich Minnis, NCTC, 304-876-7208( or 
Christy Coghlan, NCTC, 304-876-7438 ( 
Trouble Registering: Contact Marilyn Williams, NCTC, 304-876-7940(  

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
EFTA Staff Receive Conservation Award
EFTA staff Courtney Carlson and Natasha Kerr are recipients of the US Forest Service's Wings Across the Americas Urban Communities in Conservation Award.  The award recognizes outstanding work by USFS staff and partners.  Courtney and Natasha provided support to El Valor, the Peggy Notebaert Museum, and the USFS International Migratory Bird Day that connected communities to conservation in Chicago, Illinois.

The efforts in Chicago helped to expand EFTA's work engaging Latino audiences in bird conservation education.
We were doing our jobs, but it is nice to be part of a such a wonderful program.  Thanks to all!

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation
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