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November 2011
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Give First for Mexico
Your Votes in Action!
Walkathon Goes Caribbean
Connecting People to Nature Course
Museum Improves Latino Participation
GIVE FIRST for Latin America Programs
IMBD is growing in Mexico, and we invite you to join us on Give First Day to contribute to supporting a coordinator and providing education materials that will help connect children to birds and bird conservatioGive Firstn. This special fundraising opportunity is only on December 6, and EFTA will receive 100% of your contribution PLUS an additional amount through an incentive fund. To sweeten the deal, we will recognize each gift of $50 or more with a free, 2012 T-shirt.  Be sure to include your name and address in the comment section. You will be among the first to own one.  Many thanks for your support!

To contribute, just click the link below, then "Donate Now" above the EFTA logo on the GivingFirst site.
Your Votes in Action!

Thanks to the hundreds of people who voted on the annual IMBD poster and t-shirt designs, and 20 easy ways to help birds. Great ideas, and we tried to incorporate as many as possible. For the first time, the t-shirt design is in multiple languages (at left, design by Robin Brandes), French, Spanish, English, and even Chinese. We also appreciate the hard work of many translators who donated their time to making the theme slogan relevant to many.

Pre-Order your materials, beginning December 14th
Calendar of special activities during the 20th Anniversary
IMBD Materials Grants for groups in need of a little help
Recognition of 10 and 20-year IMBD sites

and much more to come!

Don't worry about creating your own activities or flyers.  We, well that would be Hilary Chapman and our team of amazing graphic designers, are doing the work for you.  Be sure to visit our website.        

         PIF LogoUSFWSUSFS

Walk on the Wild Side Goes Caribbean

The walkers in Nassau, Grand Bahamas began their Walk on the Wild Side in the pre-dawn hours to beat the traffic and the heat. The first event hosted outside the United States was organized by the Bahamas National Trust thanks to the energy of Lynn Gape. The event attracted 100 participants, one of whom raised over $1,000 for habitat restoration and cattail removal.   


Interested in hosting a Walk on the Wild Side at your site? Environment for the Americas helps you establish your web site and plan the event, and provides all of the promotional materials and guidance you need.  Contact us at

 Walk on the Wild Side


Walk on the Wild Side is supported by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Connecting People to Nature Course
Snowy EgretRegistration is now open for the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) course, Connecting People to Nature through Birds. The course will be held from March 12 - 16, 2012, in beautiful St. Marks NWR.

St. Marks is the gateway to the Florida Birding Trail and home to over 250 bird species. We're excited to explore the habitats along with our sessions on managing groups, bird conservation, organizing a bird walk, and more. Click below to register or for more information, contact Michelle Donlan at We hope you join us!

IMBD 2012 Anniversary Logo

International Migratory Bird Day deserves something special for its 20th Anniversary, so we've created a special logo with the help of designer Genevieve Margherio of Red Lemon Creative.  This logo is available for use on any IMBD materials and is an easy download from our website. 

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
EFTA Tries Outreach at
Local Museum


EFTA has worked successfully with six sites across the United States to improve Latino participation in IMBD and other informal science education programs. We wondered if our methods would work as well at a different venue?


Collaborating with the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, EFTA worked to increase participation at Saturday family science programs, which had no Latino participants. We adapted their program media, involved Spanish speaking staff, and invited local students and businesses to programs. In just one weekend, we raised participation from 0% Latino participation to 38% Latino participation. Thanks to the CU Museum of Natural History for their support.


This project is funded by:
National Science Foundation
Science Foundation

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