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September 2011
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IMBD T-shirt in Oregon
Bird Educator Course in Florida
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September Super Sales
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Latino Participation Increases
IMBD 2012 Artist Named ~ Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez EFTA is very excited to welcome Rafael Lopez as the 2012 International Migratory Bird Day artist. Rafael grew up in Mexico City, where he was immersed in the rich cultural heritage and native color of street life.  Influenced by Mexican surrealism, dichos, and myths, he developed a style with roots in these traditions.  Rafael created the 2011 US Postal Service stamps celebrating Latin music legends, and he has created works for Amnesty International, Apple, Harper Collins, IBM, Intel, the Grammy Awards, and the World Wildlife Fund.  In 2009 he was invited to create 3 paintings for Oprah Winfrey's school in South Africa.  

Rafael divides his time between his studios in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and a loft in downtown San Diego.  In our next newsletter, we'll share the 2012 art.  Stay tuned!

More About Rafael Lopez

IMBD T-shirt - Icebreaker in Oregon

Have you ever wondered about the message your IMBD t-shirt gives others?  Genevieve Margherio, who designs many of EFTA's IMBD materials, wore her 2010 shirt into the grocery store in Portland, Oregon.  She shared the story below with us.


I hear a guy behind me telling his daughter to look at the birds on my shirt. We started talking, he pointed out the Audubon shirt he's wearing and says he's an ornithologist. Turns out he's from Montana and knows [the artist, Bob Petty].  As we're talking, another guy walks up who says he works for USFWS and just received this very shirt in a gift bag at a talk he recently gave. What a day at the grocery store!   

Bird Educator Course Moves to St. Marks
St. MarksThe National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) course, Connecting People to Nature through Birds,
will be held at St. Marks NWR in Florida in March 2012.

St. Marks is the gateway
to the Florida Birding Trail and home to over 250 bird species.  We'll have great birding along with our sessions on managing groups, organizing a bird walk, and more.  For information, contact Michelle Donlan at  We hope you join us!

Feature Resource - Project Beak
Project BeakThe on-line Bird Education Resource Directory (BERD) is your one-stop shopping for outreach tools about birds and bird conservation.  It's also the place to share your materials for landowners, educators, policy makers, biologists, and others.

The newest resource available on BERD is Project Beak, an interactive website devoted to birds. Students learn about bird adaptations, conservation, threatened & endangered species, and how to get out and go birding. The site includes fun videos,interactive games and quizzes and activities for educators.
September Super Sale
ZooBooks are the special of the month.  Get a set of 7 books that explore hummingbirds, owls, parrots, geese and swans, and birds of prey.  This is a great deal!

September Super Sale

Odds & Ends
Courses, Conferences, New Resources
The Sage-Grouse Initiative has openings in several states for conservationists.  Deadlines for applications vary.  
Montana Initiative write

Visit Environment for the Americas
at the following Conferences.  We'll have booths and presentations on our project studying Latino participation in Informal Science Education, plus the latest information about IMBD and bird education materials.


 North American Association for Environmental Education 

Oct 11 - 12, Raleigh, North Carolina 


Focus on Diversity

October 22, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


National Association for Interpretation

Nov 8 - 11, St. Paul, Minnesota


American Bird Conservancy is hiring a Campaign Manager to manage the "Get the Lead Out" Campaign in Washington, DC.  The Campaign promotes the use of lead-free hunting ammunition and fishing weights. Applications are due September 16th.  Write for more information.


BLM in El Dorado Hills, CA is hiring a wildlife biologist to join the Cosumnes River Preserve team to serve as a Wetlands Manager/Wildlife Biologist.

BLM Wildlife Biologist 


Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Latino Participation
 Increases at International Migratory Bird Day ~ Muir Woods 

In 2009, EFTA began working with Golden Gate National Recreation Area, PRBO Conservation Science, and the NPS Park Flight Migratory Bird Program to address the lack of participation in nature and bird-focused activities by Latinos in the park.  In 2010, we collected data from participants in the annual International Migratory Bird Day event. Fewer than 10% were Latino.

In 2011, Park Flight Migratory Bird Program interns Daniela Salvatierra and Kathleen Grady worked in Latino communities in San Francisco, San Rafael, and other cities to share information about the park and the event. In 2011, participation increased to over 20%.  Work will continue at the site in 2012, and we're all excited to see what can be accomplished in another year!
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