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June 2011
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IMBD hits 500
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Walk on the Wild Side in Colorado
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Interns Raise Awareness
Migratory Bird Day Events Reach 500

International Migratory Bird Day has grown again!  In 2010, we reported 450 events, and in 2011, over 480 events are already registered.  We expect to reach at least 500 with fall events in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean - a new record! 


We've posted a few highlights from some of the 2011 events and invite you to send us information and photos from your Bird Day.  Wonderful ideas include a bird parade and Build A Bird.  


IMBD Spring Event Highlights

Annual Reception Recognizes Sponsors
IMBD 2011SponsorsEnvironment for the Americas hosted its annual event in Washington D.C. to recognize International Migratory Bird Day Sponsors.  Pictured above from left to right are Matt Hogan (USFWS), Jim Pena (USFS), Carol Lively (USFS), Chris Eberly (DOD-PIF), Alicia King (USFWS), Dwight Fielder (BLM), Bert Frost (NPS), Peter Boice (DOD), Joni Ellis (Optics for the Tropics), and Nancy Gloman (Defenders of Wildlife). The evening was also the announcement of the first Presidential Migratory Bird Federal Stewardship Award, given to the Interior's Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM).  OSM restored 103,000 acres of mined land in Appalachia by planting 70 million trees.  

Many thanks to our 2011 Sponsors:

Title Sponsors:  US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service
Program Sponsors:  Bureau of Land Management, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, ConocoPhillips
Partners:  Birdzilla, Department of Defense - PIF, Goldcrest Distributing, US Geological Survey, Optics for the Tropics

See our sponsors receiving their awards!                  Sponsor Video
Walk on the Wild Side in Boulder
WalkathonEnvironment for the Americas and Wild Bird Center of Boulder co-hosted the first annual Walk on the Wild side at Walden Ponds.  Walden Ponds is an important area for both resident and migratory bird species, and the funds raised will be used to help restore habitat.

The event featured a 1K and 3K walk, education stations hosted by conservation organizations, including Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, City of Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks, and the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.  Participants met Sophie the Great Horned Owl and had the opportunity to observe and learn about birds.   

Our first event was a good learning experience on how to organize a public fundraiser, and with the enthusiasm of the community, we're looking forward to co-hosting the event again in 2012.

Vote for the Bird Day 2012 Bird Species


We realized that in 2012, International Migratory Bird Day will turn 20.  To celebrate this achievement, our partners have suggested that we focus on this landmark.  This is a wonderful way to recognize all of the organizations who have hosted Bird Day events over the years and to invite new host sites to join us.  

To develop this them, please take a quick survey to let us know what would you celebrate in 2012...from the bird species that will be featured on the poster to the types of materials you would like to have on hand.

Thanks for making International Migratory Bird Day a success! 

Bird Day 2012

Odds & Ends
Courses, Conferences, New Resources
Kaufman's Guia de Campo is the Spanish version of Birds of North America.  This guide is a great help to organizations working to improve outreach to Latino audiences.  If you don't need the guide yourself, how about donating one?

Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds is hosting its 18th Regional Conference July 21-25, 2011.  

Phone: 1.866.334.3330

Interns Raise Awareness in Latino Communities

Muir Woods

An important part of reaching Latino communities is promoting activities through the media they depend on.  Park Flight intern Daniela Salvatierra worked with a local radio station to share information about the International Migratory Bird Day program hosted by PRBO Conservation Science and Muir Woods National Park. Data gathered at the event will help us determine the effect of this outreach on Latino participation.  The results will be in soon, but already, visitors and event hosts recognize increased diversity at the 2011 event.

If you want to learn more about this 3-year study, funded by National Science Foundation, contact to receive the monthly update.

National Science Foundation
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