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February 2011
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IMBD 2011 Materials Update
Walk on the Wild Side
IMBD 2012 Theme?
Bird Journal Enhances Programs
Odds & Ends
Study Enters Third Year
IMBD 2011 Materials Update
Environment for the Americas has a suite of IMBD materials for you, from the annual poster and t-shirt to downloadable flyers and activities.  Take a moment to peruse the
IMBD2011 Poster
IMBD 2011 Poster
options..IMBD is just around the corner! 

IMBD Promotional Materials

IMBD Activities 

Online 2011 IMBD Catalog 


Don't forget to visit regularly, as we will continue posting new materials.  Have questions? Just give us a call.  We're happy to help you as plan your spring event. 

Walk on the Wild Side Makes Tracks
WildSideWalk on the Wild Side is designed to help any organization raise funds for conservation.  EFTA is providing all the materials and tools you need to host a walkathon, including a spiffy website, event materials, and lots of ideas and help to get you started.  The first event is scheduled in Ohio on May 14, 2011 as part of International Migratory Bird Day festivities.  The funds raised will be used to remove invasive plant species, revegetate the site with native plants, and benefit birds and other wildlife.

Walk on the Wild Side also offers you the opportunity to contribute to conservation, no matter where you are.  You may make a direct donation to any project or take part as a "Virtual Walker."  If your organization is interested in hosting a Walk on the Wild Side to support conservation efforts at your site, please contact
IMBD 2012 Theme ~ Place Your Vote!
student climate change activity booklet Even though IMBD 2011 celebrations are just beginning, we're already planning for 2012.  As always, we appreciate your suggestions regarding the theme and have prepared a short, 3-question survey.  Please take a moment to share your opinion. 
Bird Journal Enhances Programs
Journal Page The 2011 IMBD education booklet is a handy field journal for kids. With over 20 pages of information and activities, it introduces new birders to birds, their identification, conservation, and more. The journal is about 5" x 4", so it's easy to carry in the field.  Best of all, if you're hosting an event, you may complement the activities in the journal with education stations at your site.  The journal will be available in English and Spanish.  
Odds & Ends
Courses, Conferences, New Resources
Environment for the Americas has a new organizational brochure.  If you don't already know, find out who we are and hat we do! requent travel, and more. Visit the HawkWatch website for details. Applications are due November 15, 2010.
Bird Education & Conservation Jobs If you're looking for a new position or have one to offer, visit the job board at the Bird Educators' Forum.  

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
NSF Project Enters Third Year
Verónica Pacheco
EFTA's 3 year study examining the barriers to participation in science education by Latino audiences will focus on increasing Latino participation at six IMBD and nature festivals across the U.S. Much of the outreach to Latino communities located near our study sites is conducted by NPS Park Flight Migratory Bird Program International interns.

Over 80 applications for internships were received, and Mariamar Gutierrez (Intern Liaison) and Carol Beidleman NPS Park Flight coordinator are conducting interviews and selecting the top candidates.

Verónica Pacheco of Venezuela will join us this spring at Fire Island National Seashore. She is a biologist with experience studying shorebirds and other bird species. As she says, reaching out to people who live near parks is "one of the most important things for conservation of species."
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