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November 2010
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IMBD 2011 Art Nears Completion
IMBD Fall Festivals Grow
Go Wild, Go Birding!
EFTA Hosts Forum
Dancing with Birds
IMBD 2011 Art Nears Completion
HummingbirdJohn Muir Laws is hard at work on the 2011 art, and this Ruby-throated Hummingbird is just one of the species to be included.  We'll be sharing the final piece with you later in December.  

As always, the poster will be available in Spanish and English. And because we've been receiving requests from Canada for information in French, we're working with partners to offer a downloadable French version.

Stay tuned for more news about the poster and 2011 Tshirt design.
EFTA Report on Accomplishments
Report Environment for the Americas hasn't been around long, but we're proud to share our 2009-2010 report of accomplishments.  We've made great strides in two years, and it is due to the support of our sponsors and to the enthusiasm of educators, outreach coordinators, and biologists throughout the Western Hemisphere. Thank you for your support!

Read the Full Report

IMBD Fall Festivals Grow
ColombiaFall Migratory Bird Day festivals took place in Colombia and throughout the Caribbean. Events included school programs, community celebrations, presentations, birdwalks, and more. Some of the festivities continued for the entire month of October.

On Bonaire, the non-governmental organization STINAPA provided lectures about birds and bird migrations to students, culminating their activities with a field trip. Watch their video using the link below.
Students learn about birds on Bonaire 

In 2011, EFTA will work with NPS Park Flight Migratory Bird Program interns to increase the number of events taking place in Mexico. 

IMBD 2011 ~ Go Wild, Go Birding!
student climate change activity booklet Go Wild, Go Birding! is the IMBD 2011
theme.  We are updating our website regularly with new activities and information about the theme.  Be sure to visit our web site regularly to find new activities, downloadable materials, information, and more that you can use to spice up your program or event.  Currently available are the following:
Bird Face Mask Activity

Banding Simulation Activities

Migratory Birds of the Caribbean Colouring Book Available

Dancing with Birds Curriculum and Posters

Odds & Ends
EFTA Hosts Forum 

EFTA has created a new way for biologists, educators, and others interested in bird conservation and education to communicate.  Our Forum is a place to find information about education activities, bird conservation materiaVisit the Archivesls, jobs, internships, diversity outreach and more.  Plus, you may decide how you want to participate, eliminating email traffic.

Currently, we have information about a bird festival in Bonaire, jobs in Ohio, Washington, and New York, and several bird-focused activities.                                   Visit the Forum

Do you have trouble opening this newsletter?  All of our newsletters are archived.                         Visit the Archives

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Dancing with Birds
Dancingwith Birds
EFTA has been working with some fabulous individuals and organizations through the study of the barriers to Latino participation in science education.  In Leavenworth, Washington, the dynamic duo of artist Heather Murphy and the musical Rhona Baron has created a unique curriculum. 

Science and art take flight through Dancing With Birds (DWB).  Linking music, dance, art and natural history displays; DWB explores neotropical migratory birds and the cultures they span. You may download DWB resources:  movies, audios, posters and student curriculum on the EFTA website.  Most DWB materials are in English and Spanish; all feature the conservation message"Birds, Forests, Waterways - Connect and Protect". 
Dancing with Birds

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