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September 2010
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IMBD 2011 Theme & Artist
EFTA Welcomes New Staff
Great Sand Dunes Reaches Latino Community
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Interns Lead Activities at Bandelier NM
IMBD 2011 Theme and Artist Selected
Hundreds of IMBD enthusiasts voted on the 2011 theme.  Over 92% supported a theme that introduces new participants to birds and bird conservation in wild places.  Now it's time to select a theme title and bird species.  We take your suggestions seriously, so please share your ideas in a brief survey.
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The annual art is cenral to IMBD, and we are pleased to announce Dugald Stermer as the IMBD 2011 artist. Mr. Stermer has a 25 year background in illustration.  His work has been featured by such clients as The New York Times, Esquire, Time, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Nike and others.  He has also authored four books.  Mr. Stermer lives in San Francisco, California.  To see more examples of his art, please visit his website. 
EFTA Welcomes New Staff
EFTA is excited to have Courtney Carlson join its staff as Office Assistant.  Courtney will be improving our ability to respond to your requests for education materials, working with event organizers, and of course helping with the many day-to-day needs a growing organization has.  Courtney moved to Colorado from Minnesota and has experience working with non-profit organizations.
Activities Reach Latino Audiences
GreatSandDunes EFTA and Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado have teamed up to improve Latino and Hispanic participation in Park activities.  Staff have long noticed that though the Park is located near Alamosa, a town that is 46.8% Latino or Hispanic, this audience has not been participating in their science education programs. 

Since May, we have been working to provide information about programs via newspaper, radio, and in person through presentations and face-to-face meetings in Alamosa.  While response was small at first, over 40 Latino and Hispanic residents took part in a full day of programs at the Park in August.  Spanish translation was provided.  Efforts will continue and will culminate on September 25th as the Park celebrates the Latino and Hispanic influence on the region.

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the National Park Foundation through the generous support of Unilever. Many thanks to Jessica Previch and Deanna Philbin for their help and hard work.
Odds & Ends
Courses, Conferences, New Resources
National Audubon Society  is seeking a Gulf of Mexico Director of Bird Conservation to implement coastal conservation.  For more information, contact

Power of Partnerships Bird Conservation Conference
will be held October 19-21, 2010 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  This is an opportunity to work with colleagues to develop solutions to bird conservation issues through research, monitoring, management, and education, while celebrating 20+ years of bird conservation.  Field trips include coastal and pelagic birding and whale watching.
 Bird Conservation Conference

New Jersey Audubon is seeking a Stewardship Project Director to lead for its forest stewardship activities.  Contact Gylla MacGregor at for information.  The position will remain open until filled.

The Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (GCBO) seeks an energetic, conservation minded and motivated individual to serve as Associate Director (AD). The AD will learn all aspects of GCBO operations and will provide leadership and management to fellow staff working to accomplish these objectives.
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

The Bicknells's Thrush Hemispheric Conservation Plan has been unveiled and establishes a course of conservation for this species.  A November meeting is planned to promote international collaboration.

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Interns Lead Activities at Bandelier National Monument
Laila Yunes Jiménez of Mexico (right) and Andrés Felipe Peña Monroy of Colombia (left) arrived in New Mexico in July and have been busy ever since.  The two NPS Park Flight Migratory Bird Program interns are working with businesses and teachers in Española to improve awareness of Bandelier National Monument.  Their activities will culminate during the annual Nature Festival held on September 25, 2010.  Their work is part of EFTA's 3-year study to identify the barriers to Latino/Hispanic participation in public science education.

To receive regular updates about this study, please write
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