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August 2010
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Bird Fanatics Donate Funds
IMBD 2011 Theme Votes
Festivals Reach Out
1st IMBD at Potato Creek
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Understanding Diverse Communities
Bird Fanatics Donate Funds
The Bird Fanatics of Idaho hold an annual IMBD bird-a-thon to raise funds for bird conservation and education.  This year, they have chosen to support IMBD 2011 education materials that focus on reaching new bird enthusiasts and conservationists.  Our thanks to the enthusiastic team members, Poo Wright-Pulliam, Jean Seymour, Kathleen Cameron, and Dave Spaulding, for their generous donation.
IMBD 2011 Theme Votes Are In!
The proposed theme for IMBD 2011 is a focus on introducing new participants to birds and bird conservation in wild places.  Over 200 votes were submitted, and the results are in.

Bird BandingVoters like this theme (92%), and we received comments such as, I can see lots of tie ins for youth, I absolutely love it,  and I am excited about this topic.  We also received many suggestions for future themes, including concern about addressing the impacts of the Gulf oil spill on birds.  In the coming year, we will follow-up by posting these ideas and giving you another opportunity to share your opinion.  In the next month, you will have the opportunity to vote on a title for the 2011 theme and to take part in the development of materials. 

We appreciate your comments and participation...keep the great ideas and suggestions coming!
Festivals Reach Out to Latino Communities
HarborFest EFTA is working at six sites across the U.S. to examine how to improve outreach to Latino communities and increase Latino participation in informal science education, such as IMBD.  This spring, we provided outreach about IMBD events in New Jersey and Washington, using announcements and interviews in Spanish on local radio stations and ads in local Spanish language newspapers.

During the IMBD events, we conduct short participation surveys to help us identify who comes to IMBD events and how they learn about them.  For more information about this three-year study and to receive the project newsletter, please write
1st IMBD at Potato Creek State Park
Bird Banding Potato Creek State Park in Indiana hosted its first IMBD in 2010.  Bird banding demonstrations, bird walks, Bird Olympics, and other activities kept participants busy.  According to staff, the festival was such a success, they are planning to host their 2nd IMBD in 2011.

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highlight.  Send us your images,
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Odds & Ends
Courses, Conferences, New Resources
Power of Partnerships Bird Conservation Conference will be held October 19-21, 2010 in Plymouth Massachusetts.  This is an opportunity to work with colleagues to develop solutions to bird conservation issues through research, monitoring, management, and education, while celebrating 20+ years of bird conservation.  Field trips include coastal and pelagic birding and whale watching.
 Bird Conservation Conference

PRBO is hiring a San Joaquin Valley Avian Conservation Scientist.  The Conservation Scientist will provide scientific leadership in the restoration of the San Joaquin River and associated habitats for migratory and resident birds.  Applications are due August 6, 2010.
Conservation Scientist Position Details

Adélie Penguins depend on pack ice and its movement for survival. A new study indicates that climate change may cause large amounts of ice melt, altering penguin migration.
Climate Change Impacts on Adélie Penguins

The Bicknells's Thrush Hemispheric Conservation Plan has been unveiled and establishes a course of conservation for this species.  A November meeting is planned to promote international collaboration.

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Understanding Diverse Communities
In Cape May, NJ, Latinos describe themselves as coming from Puerto Rico (45%) or Mexico (37%).
Bird Banding
EFTA's 3-year study of the barriers to participation in informal science education is providing insight into the composition of Latino communities across the U.S.  New Jersey, for example, is home to more immigrants from Puerto Rico than any other state.  In this project, we are examining if country (or territory) of origin and other factors affect decisions about taking part in science education.

To receive regular updates about this study, please write
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