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May 2010
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Happy IMBD 2010!
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Gulf Coast Cleanup
Best wishes to all of you who are hosting IMBD events and programs and to those who are taking part in an event.  We hope the weather is good and the birdwatching is excellent.  Just a few highlights on some of the events that are taking place....

The Humane Society of the United States recognizes IMBD and offers information about migratory birds and migratory bird conservation on their website.  Some Humane Societies are beginning to offer IMBD youth programs.

As part of our work reaching Latino audiences, Park Flight Migratory Bird Program intern Daniel Mendez is leading bird walks for the Leavenworth Bird Fest in, Washington.   He has invited the Latino community to join him by promoting his programs on Spanish radio, via flyers, in area churches, schools, and more.

Black Swamp Bird Observatory is hosting the Biggest Week in Birding from May 6-16.  The week is packed with workshops, warblers, presentations, speakers, and more.

IMBD BirdingFrom left to right, Dave Spaulding, Jean Seymour, and Kathleen Cameron prepare for their IMBD bird count to raise funds for the Idaho Non-Game Wildlife Fund.  They anticipate contributing $500 this year.
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MapWe're still adding events to the IMBD Explorer's Map, but we know we won't find them all.  If you haven't added your information, please help us by adding your information.  This helps us track events and garner support for IMBD in the future.  If you can't map it, send your information to
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Just a few spaces remain in the Connecting People with Nature bird education course.  The course will be held at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Brigham City, Utah from June 21-25, 2010. In addition to learning the basics of bird watching, we'll participate in bird banding, explore citizen science activities, and check out the abundant waterbird species on the refuge. This course is a great way for educators to learn how to incorporate birds and bird conservation into their activities. It is not a bird i.d. course, and we'll focus on about one dozen species to teach the basics of bird watching.

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Helping Birds in the Gulf Coast
Brown Pelican
Rescue teams are mobilizing for rescue work in the aftermath of the Gulf Coast oil spill.  Experts hesitate to speculate on the numbers of animals that will be affected, but American Bird Conservancy estimates that only one in ten oiled birds reach rescuers.  (Brown Pelican photo by USFWS)

It's difficult to listen as the story of the oil spill unfolds. If you have the opportunity to help, Black Swamp Bird Observatory has a list of ways you can may get involved in cleanup efforts.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a fact sheet, updates on the spill, and information about the treatment of oiled birds.
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