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October 2009
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IMBD in the Caribbean
Website Gets a Facelift
Communities Surveyed in Washington
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FacebookFacebookCheck out the brand new EFTA Facebook Fan Page!  Fans will receive updates on EFTA projects, information about upcoming IMBD events, and bird conservation news.

Fans are encouraged to post their own pictures or leave anecdotes of recent birding adventures, as well as comment on any bird-related issues.  Become a fan today and join the EFTA online community.
Vote for the IMBD 2010 T-Shirt Design
IMBD 2010 celebrates the Power of Partnerships in bird conservation.  The event coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Partners in Flight and features 20 bird species that have benefited from conservation partnerships.  Take this opportunity to recognize some of the bird species in your area that have benefited from conservation partnerships and to thank the partners who help make your IMBD event a success.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved in developing the theme and materials, and you may start by voicing your opinion about the
t-shirt design.  Check out the options below, then submit your vote.  The species featured may change, so only consider the t-shirt color and layout.  We'll only take the first 100 votes!
Bird tree
Caribbean Islands Celebrate IMBD
French PosterOctober is the month for IMBD  in the Caribbean.  Under the direction of Anthony Levesque, the IMBD Coordinator for the region, posters specific to the Caribbean have been produced in English, Spanish, and French.  They will complement the 2009 Birds in Culture theme and education materials.  The Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds sponsors IMBD efforts and provides more information and materials for organizers.  If you can't visit an event on one of the islands, take a minute to learn more about SCSCB!
EFTA Website Gets a Facelift
Learn more about IMBD 2010
SapsuckerOur recent surveys show that over 75% of IMBD organizers depend on the Environment for the Americas website for information, event updates, downloadable materials and more.  We are currently updating our website to meet your needs and our growing activities.  We hope to unveil the site in November.  Until then, we will continue to provide updates about the 2010 theme, art, and activities at the existing site.

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
Surveys Conducted in Latino Communities
Juan Pablo
National Park Service Park Flight Migratory Bird Program Intern Juan Pablo Medina of Mexico traveled in the Washington towns of Chelan, Wenatchee, and Leavenworth conducting surveys with Latino residents.  He describes the Latino community in the state as "awesome"  and more than willing to share their thoughts on what is needed to increase their participation in nature education.  Juan Pablo's work in the area culminated in a community meeting about the project with attendees from local schools, Federal agencies, and a local Spanish radio station.

EFTA's newest project is a 3-year study to learn how to engage Latino audiences in science education funded by the National Science Foundation.  If you want to follow the project, please email:
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