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May 2009
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IMBD Reaches 430+Events!
EFTA Recognizes Sponsors
IMBD 2009 Spring Highlights
Connecting People with Nature
Advisory Council Meets
IMBD Grows 23%
MapIn 2008, approximately 350 IMBD events were registered.  This year, we have reached 433 events, with more events to be registered this fall.  The increase was most apparent among Audubon Chapters, whose numbers almost doubled.  Other increases occurred at National Wildlife Refuges and National Parks.  In August, every participating site will receive a thanks from EFTA and an opportunity to win a Limited Edition version of Andy Everson's IMBD 2009 art.  If your event isn't on the map, register it now, even if the date has passed!
EFTA Recognizes IMBD Sponsors
On April 30th, we had the opportunity to thank IMBD national sponsors for their program support.  The evening included a Native dance and welcome song by the 2009 artist, Andy Everson (at right) and a formal recognition of sponsors.  The evening culminated in a presentation by Nigel Collar of BirdLife International. These sponsors make IMBD materials and outreach possible.  Many thanks to them and the sponsors who support IMBD events and programs at the local level!
IMBD 2009 Spring Event Highlights

BirdersTake a moment to send us details and photos of your event.  Highlights from spring IMBD programs include the participation of Native people in activities from Canada to Arizona, a bird conservation rap song, organizers in the news, and much more.  Take a look at just a few of the activities that have already taken place.  We'll share more this fall.
Connecting People with Nature Through Birds

NestboxIn June, EFTA was again a partner in leading the National Conservation Training Center's course, Connecting People to Nature Through Birds. Topics included citizen science,  techniques for teaching youth and adults how to use field guides and binoculars, how to lead a bird walk, conservation issues, and hosting programs at a mist-netting station.  If you're interested in taking part in the course next year, visit NCTC's web site.  This year, the course had a waiting list, so sign-up early!

IMBD Caribbean Cave Art TripWe made numerous errors in our mention of the Dominican Republic's bird festival.  The photo (at right) features members of the Society of Hispaniolan Ornithology in the Dominican Republic, and their trip was to the Caves of Pomier with leader Domingo Abreu.  Dr. Lynne Guitar gave a presentation in April focusing on cave art.  Our apologies for previous mistakes!

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Advisory Council Holds 1st Meeting
National Science Foundation
EFTA's newest project, a study to examine how to engage Latino audiences in science education, hosted its first Advisory Council Meeting in June in Boulder, Colorado.  The six Council members include representatives from US Forest Service, National Park Service, Audubon, and Arizona Game & Fish.  Over the next 3 years, they will review the project, its results, and recommendations.  The meeting was described as "one of the most productive" some members had attended.

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