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Dear Wheel-E Newsletter Recipients:
Welcome to the JANUARY 2012 issue of Wheel-E, the monthly newsletter of the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta). Wheel-E includes information about news and events related to spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities.

CPA (Alberta) also publishes a quarterly magazine, Spinal Columns, which includes features and regular columns about important issues facing individuals with disabilities today. If you would like to receive Spinal Columns please get in touch with us at 780-424-6312 or CPAAlbertaNewsletter@cpa-ab.org.

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News - Province Wide 

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Alberta Disabilities Forum Preparing For Next Election  

There is a great possibility for the next provincial election to be called in Spring 2012. This would be a great opportunity to raise our voices and talk about the changes we would like to see in Alberta.


To help us accomplish this, Alberta Disabilities Forum will be running a nonpartisan election campaign with two goals in mind - to educate the candidates about disability issues, and encourage people with disabilities to become involved in the election process.


To prepare for the next provincial election, ADF is establishing an Election Readiness Working Group (first meeting in January 2012).


The purpose of this working group is to


Ensure that the ADF is ready to impact the next provincial election


Coordinate elections readiness efforts area


Develop fact sheets by using ADF position papers and previously written materials


Work with the ADF members to develop and implement election readiness goals


Setup and maintain an election readiness information for distribution


Manage and update the ADF's membership in a timely and regular fashion


Shape the election issues and policies the candidates and their parties decide to run on


Connect with stakeholders


To create pressure on government to resolve various challenges experienced by people with disabilities in a proactive way


If you are interested in joining the ADF Election Readiness Working Group, please let them Melita Avdagovska know as soon as possible with the below contact information 


Melita Avdagovska, M. PolSci  

Alberta Disabilities Forum / Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Provincial Coordinator / Projects and Research Manager
106-10423 178 Street
Edmonton, AB T5S 1R5
Ph: 780-488-9088

Fax: 780-488-3757


First Ever World Report On Disability Released

The first ever World Report on Disability, produced jointly by WHO and the World Bank, suggests that more than a billion people in the world today experience disability. People with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is largely due to the lack of services available to them and the many obstacles they face in their everyday lives. The report provides the best available evidence about what works to overcome barriers to health care, rehabilitation, education, employment, and support services, and to create the environments which will enable people with disabilities to flourish. The report ends with a concrete set of recommended actions for governments and their partners.

This pioneering World Report on Disability will make a significant contribution to implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. At the intersection of public health, human rights and development, the report is set to become a "must have" resource for policy-makers, service providers, professionals, and advocates for people with disabilities and their families.


You can access the report at http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2011/9789240685215_eng.pdf 


The Provincial Government wants to hear from you

Developing a provincial budget requires thoughtful choices. You need to look at where the money comes from, where it goes and where it should go. As an Albertan, it is important that you have a say in shaping the provincial budget that will shape our future. 



Expanding Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Exercise into the Community

The Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre Society (SCITCS) Board of Directors approved an additional $50,000 in support of "Expanding FES Exercise into the Community"


In addition and as an incentive, SCITCS will cover the assessment costs, including membership in the Saville Sports Centre and the cost of electrodes for the first year for all participants with SCI who transfer to/or and commence an FES exercise program at the Saville Sports Centre. 


Contact The Steadward Centre at 780 492-3182 to be assessed as to suitability for FES exercise or to participate in an FES exercise program. For more information, please visit http://www.steadwardcentre.ualberta.ca/


Gizmos & Gadgets with Tetra Society of North America! 

The latest edition of Gizmo, newsletter of the Tetra Society of North America, has just been published.


Have a look at some of the inventions and ingenious engineering solutions of Tetra Society volunteers - each helping overcome a physical barrier faced by an individual with a disability.


Take a moment to check out the new TetraLites which have been developed to allow wheelchair and scooter users to be easily seen and travel safely to their destination! Check it out on Youtube at http://youtu.be/5D59g97dQEk 


Announcing Guest Speaker and Winner of the Christopher Reeve Award 2012

The Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) is pleased to announce its guest speaker and winner of the 2012 Christopher Reeve Award. Mr. Mark Zupan will be presented with the award at the annual Red Carpet Affair on Friday, March 16, 2012. The gala in support of the Association, will take place in Hall D of the Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton.


Mark Zupan, best known for his starring role in the Academy Award nominated film, Murderball, is today one of the world's best quad rugby players, leading Team USA to a gold medal victory at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008 and looking forward to repeating the victory later this year at the London Paralympics.


Since 2006, the Christopher Reeve Award has been presented to an individual who, through his or her own accomplishments, has brought great profile to the global village of persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. Previous award winners include Jeff Adams (2006), Rick Hansen (2007), Sam Sullivan (2008), Chantal Petitclerc (2009), the Honourable Steven Fletcher (2010) and James Sanders (2011). 


For more information about your chance to meet Mark Zupan and about the Red Carpet Affair on March 16, 2012, please contact Marc Quinn at (780) 424-6312 or marc.quinn@cpa-ab.org.

AB SCI Logo Wheel-E

On a Roll and on the Right Track - The Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative Action Strategy

As an active partner in the Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative, the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) plans to make available copies of On a Roll and on the Right Track - the Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative Action Strategy. This document is the culmination of many months of consultation and planning involving nearly 150 individuals, including consumers with SCI, and other community stakeholders. The strategy outlines a broad vision for improvements to the quality of life of Albertans with SCI, as well as eight tangible action plans that directly address problems in housing, home care/attendant care, and adaptive equipment/devices. The action plans are being implemented now, with some reaching completion. They are described in more detail in On a Roll and on the Right Track You can access an electronic copy of the report here or contact CPA (Alberta) for a hard copy to be sent by mail.


On a Roll and on the Right Track a project of the Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative, is a collaborative effort by Albertans with SCI, service providers, researchers and decision-makers committed to improving the lives of people affected by SCI and similar physical disabilities. We gratefully acknowledge the Government of Alberta and the departments of Health and Wellness, Seniors and Community Supports, and Culture and Community Spirit, who recognize the value of the vision for the Alberta SCI community, and provided financial support to make this vision a reality.   


New Online Resource Guide for People with Physical Disabilities

As an active partner in the Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative, the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) is currently developing a new online resource guide for people with physical disabilities, which is now available on our website. The purpose of this guide is to provide information and resources on housing, attendant care/homecare, and adaptive equipment and devices all in one central location. The website also has an interactive component so that you can leave comments and/or rate a product or service that you have tried. If you would like more information, you can contact Kristie Coulombe at kristie.coulombe@cpa-ab.org.


Full Serve Gas Stations

If you know of any full serve gas stations that are not included on our list, or are no longer full service, please let us know so that we can update our information. The list provided is a compilation of information provided to us by many individuals. CPA (Alberta) neither endorses nor guarantees that the information is complete or correct.


Available Coloplast Products 

Coloplast is retiring some of its older products. Please click here to see which products will be retired and their suggested replacements.


Websites to Check Out:

Safetracks GPS Solutions

CPA (Alberta) staff members, Wanda and Jeff in Red Deer are doing a trial with the ST 200 devices. Please don't hesitate to contact them at (403) 341-5060 or via email at reddeer@cpa-ab.org to see how they work!


Surviving Paralysis

Surviving Paralysis provides unseful information and support regarding spinal cord injury.


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Events and News in Your Community



Calgary 2011 Peer Events

Peer event information is posted as it becomes available on the CPA (Alberta) website, click here for more information. Peer Event updates can also be found on the CPA (Alberta) Facebook page. For more information, contact Marilyn Erho at 403-228-3001.


CPA (Alberta) Staff Member Selected To Attend Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference

CPA (Alberta) congratulates staff member Zachary Weeks, Community Development/Communications Coordinator upon his notification of acceptance into the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference! This opportunity comes about every 4 years, and is an intensive 15 day program that brings together 230 young leaders from business, labour, government and the community sector. The program commences June 1st, 2012, and takes place between Halifax and Ottawa.  We know that Zachary will represent CPA (Alberta) and the community sector well in this prestigious opportunity!


For more information on the Governor Generals Canadian Leadership Conference, please click here

SAVE the DATE: Red Carpet Affair 2012
Mark your calendar now for the annual gala of glitter, fun, inspiration and community recognition. The annual Red Carpet Affair is set for Friday, March 16, 2012 at the Shaw Conference Centre - Hall D, Edmonton. Stay tuned for further announcements about the big night.  If you would like to contribute ideas, auction items or even names of others who might like to attend or sponsor or contribute something, please call us.  We would love to hear from you.  For all the details, call Marc Quinn at (780) 424-6312 ext. 2226 or marc.quinn@cpa-ab.org. See YOU on the Red Carpet!

City of Edmonton Waste Management Branch Offers Assisted Waste Collection Service

Did you know that the City of Edmonton's Waste Management Branch offers an assisted waste collection service for residents who cannot get their recycling or garbage to the curb or lane?


This service is for Edmonton residents with temporary or permanent mobility challenges who do not have someone to take their waste to the cub or back lane for them. Collectors will walk up to the home to pick up garbage and recycling. There is no charge for this service.


For more information call 780-496-5698 or go to http://www.edmonton.ca/for_residents/garbage_recycling/assisted-waste-collection.aspx 


Edmonton 2011 Peer Events

Peer event information is posted as it becomes available on the CPA (Alberta) website by clicking here and on the CPA (Alberta) Facebook page.

For more information, contact Brian McPherson at 780-424-6312, ext. 2241.


CPA (Alberta) and Coloplast New Product and Social Event

Sponsored by

Presented by Tyler Trefiak

January 18, 2012 - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Expressionz Cafe

9938 - 70th Avenue

RSVP to brian.mcpherson@cpa-ab.org or 780-424-6312 Ext 2241


Tax and RDSP Peer Event

On February 8th CPA (Alberta) will be hosting its annual Tax and RDSP Peer Event at the Quiet Atrium in the Glenrose. We will have presenters from World Financial Group as well as the Tax Revenue Agency. Please join us and learn how you can save money! Event starts at 7:00 pm with beverages and snacks being provided!


Edmonton Transit System Launches Improved ETS Trip Planner 

ETS has recently launched its improved ETS Trip Planner with many new features. Your beta testing feedback helped to make these improvements. Thanks!


New ETS Trip Planner features include:

  • Detours and Bus Stop Closures feature integrates and automates planned detour and bus stop closures
  • Improved usability and layout of the ETS Trip Planner, Bus Stop Schedule, Route Schedule and School Services
  • A new Trip Planner engine for quicker results and better trip solutions
  • A school service summary that is searchable by school session (summer vs. regular school term)

In addition to the above features tested during the beta trial period, ETS has also added the following new tools:

  • Subscribe for Alerts (beta) - Subscribe to receive emails for planned Detours and Bus Stop Closures by route and/or bus stop and General Service Alert updates (e.g. service changes, major delays/disruptions)
  • yegtransitAlert Twitter - feed of all planned Detours and Bus Stop Closures
  • Improved widget in the right column of takeETS.com for convenient trip planning

Coming Soon

  • A mobile website for the ETS Trip Planner and Bus Stop Schedule
  • ETS will also be making their ETS Trip Planner widget code available so that organizations can add the widget to their website, blog or company intranet and help their employees and clients get around on transit.

ETS Trip Planner was developed jointly by ETS and the City's Information Technology Branch.


The Mobility Choices Training Program - Edmonton Transit System

ETS Travel Training, through their Mobility Choices Travel Training Program, is a customized program designed to meet the needs of the individual or group that participates, and ranges from introductory sessions on accessing information on the transit system (how to read route schedules, get information from their Call Centre, or access information through their website), to vehicle demonstrations (home visits with a chartered bus to help with familiarization of bus use and how to use the accessible features, with or without mobility aids), safety and security information (including the bus driver as Safe Stranger, Stop Request program, and transit property safety features ), and trip planning and practical travel (including companioned bus travel and shadowed bus travel). The program is provided to seniors, and persons with mobility challenges (physical, cognitive, developmental, emotional), as well as newcomers (immigrants, etc) training as well.  Materials and customer tools are also provided, as needed, free of charge.  Training and information sessions are also provided to representatives of senior-, newcomer- and disability-serving organizations, as well as to caregivers and advocates. This free program is available any day of the week, and more information or bookings can be obtained through the Travel Training office at 780-496-3000, or at ETSTraveltraining@edmonton.ca

For more information on the Mobility Choices Training Program, go to:



For information on the DATS program, go to:



Family Nexus - New Drive Agency Available

Family Nexus is a new drive agency in Edmonton, fully licensed and insured.  It was designed with the purpose of providing transportation and assistance to those residents who cannot travel by themselves.  Drivers will assist clients as needed with things such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, recreational outings, etc.  For more information, contact Family Nexus by phone at: 780-710-7209 or 780-757-7209 or email familynexusinc@gmail.com  


United Way InKind Centre

Distributes goods and resources to qualified charitable organizations.  The InKind Centre is a community initiative of United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.  


For Sale: Pairs of Oilers Wheelchair Accessible Tickets

Oilers vs Avalanche. Friday, February 17, 7:30 PM--$95. 00
Oilers vs Blues Wednesday, February 29, 8:00 PM--$95. 00
Oilers vs Stars Friday, March 2 7:30 PM--$95. 00
Oilers vs Sharks Monday, March 12 7:30 PM--$95. 00
Oilers vs Stars Wednesday, March 28 7:30 PM--$95. 00
**Please note that the availability of these tickets are and the first come first serve basis. If you are interested in any of the following, please contact Zachary at  



AMA Launches Adapted Driver Training Program 

Alberta Motor Association is teaming up with the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) to deliver an adapted driver training program in Calgary for drivers with spinal cord injuries.

The three-year pilot program is funded by the Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative implemented in partnership with the CPA (Alberta), and is taught by instructors from AMA Driver Education.

AMA Driver Education will tailor the program to suit the individual's needs, specific to the level of their injury. All participants will undergo a four-to-six hour refresher program which will teach them the basics about operating the adaptive equipment in the vehicle. They can also opt to enrol in the full Learn to Drive program, based on AMA new driver education courses.


For more information, contact:  

Sharon Grolmus, Manager, Driver Education
Alberta Motor Association - (403) 240-5478   

Don Szarko, Director, Advocacy and Community Services
Alberta Motor Association - (780) 430-5733 


Calgary Inferno "IGNITE" Wheelchair Rugby Tournament

The Calgary Wheelchair Rugby Association (Calgary Inferno) has partnered with the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay and Talisman Centre to present the very first Calgary Inferno "IGNITE" Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. The Tournament will run at Talisman Centre on the weekend of February 25-26, 2012. Games will be played all day with teams from across Canada competing against each other in this ultimate wheelchair sport. The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay has routed from Okotoks to Talisman Centre to make a presentation and check out the hard-hitting action; the medal bearers will arrive at approximately noon on Sunday, with a presentation to follow. Calgary Inferno athlete Zak Madell will be part of this historic relay, bearing the medal along the way from Okotoks to Calgary as the journey continues across Canada. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to come down to the Talisman Centre to be a part of this inspirational Rick Hansen Relay and to cheer on your local Calgary Inferno Wheelchair Rugby Club. Click here for more information!    



Grande Prairie
CPA (Alberta) Grande Prairie peer information sessions and other activities.

For more information on peer events please contact Mieke or Winona at

780-532-3305 or grandeprairie@cpa-ab.org


We're Moving!

The Grande Prairie Regional Office will be moving in early January, 2012.They will continue to share an office with the Wolverines Wheelchair Sports Association at the Multiplex, next to the Coca-Cola Centre near the intersection of Hwy 40 and 68th Avenue (just past the new Tim Horton's on Hwy 40). For more information on the Multiplex, please visit http://www.themultiplex.ca 


For more information, contact Mieke or Winona at 780-532-3305


225 Hours Donated Towards the Cars for Christmas Campaign  

The CPA (Alberta) team of 26 volunteers came together to donate 225 hours towards the Rotary Club Cars for Christmas Campaign. The funds raised through this partnership will help develop local peer events, with emergencies and for a workstation with adaptive computer equipment in their new space.


Small Business Internship Program

Sympathetic to people with mobility issues, Renee Charboneau has been approved to host a 14-week internship position for a self-motivated person with reasonable computer skills.  She will come to your home to introduce and train you in the data entry system she will be using.  Renee hopes to provide employment to people who are "severely underemployed" or who have recently graduated from college, trade school or university. While education in E-Commerce is an asset, Renee would like to speak with anyone who is interested in helping forward this venture. 


Until the business has grown large enough to require an accessible building, people will work from home.  Renee's vision includes fairly rapid expansion with a target date of Autumn 2011 to have her business housed in a fully accessible building large enough to accommodate several work stations, an exercise space, and lounge chairs for pressure relief.


The following website includes further information regarding the Small Business Internship Program.



Feel free to contact Renee via email at bdbetty@gmail.com or phone her in Grande Prairie at (780) 933-0182.



CPA (Alberta) Lethbridge Open House

The Lethbridge office of the CPA (Alberta) will be holding an Open House at its new office in late January. For more information, please contact the Lethbridge office at 403-327-7577 or lethbridge@cpa-ab.org.  


Rick Hansen's 25th Anniversary Relay to Roll Through Lethbridge 

Rick Hansen's 25th Anniversary Relay will be coming to Lethbridge on February 20th.  The relay portion will be followed by an End of Day Celebration at the University of Lethbridge. For more information on this event, call the CPA (Alberta) Lethbridge office at 403-327-7577 or check the City of Lethbridge Calendar of Events closer to the day at http://www.lethbridge.ca/Events/default.aspx?View=Month 


Adapted Computers Technology Demos Now Available! 

CPA (Alberta) Lethbridge has an exciting opportunity for people to demo adapted computer technology.  This equipment can increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. Anyone interested in checking out this opportunity, please contact our Lethbridge office at 403-327-7577 for more information.

Red Deer 

Red Deer 50th Anniversary Open House A Success!

The CPA (Alberta) Red Deer office hosted a successful open house and 50th anniversary celebration. Thank you to all who attended!


Red Deer Office Broken Into   

The CPA (Alberta) Red Deer office was broken into and the assisted laptop was stolen. Should anyone hear of its whereabouts - please let us know!


Spreading the Word  

Client Service Coordinators, Wanda Seifried and Jeff Dow are hitting the Central Alberta regions hospitals and health care facilities to spread the word about the services offered by CPA (Alberta) in Red Deer and Central Alberta. They have been busy distributing posters and information packages and introducing themselves to pertinent staff - all in an effort to provide outreach and better meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities in the region. 


CNIB Library Now Inclusive to All With Disabilities! 

CNIB recently met with the Red Deer office of CPA (Alberta) to provide information about their online and mail in library which is now offered to all people with disabilities and not exclusive to persons with vision impairment.  Visit them online at www.cnib.ca/librarypartners 

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 Creative Solutions & Ideas


Having Difficulty Reading Print? Free Access to Audio Books and Online Resources!

If you or someone you know has trouble reading print because of a disability, a partnership between your public library and CNIB offers lots of other ways to read. The CNIB Library Partners Program is available thanks to funding from Government of Alberta.


This new program provides access free-of-charge to the CNIB Library's collection of over 80,000 titles in audio, e-text, braille and e-braille for people with a print disability. Register online for home delivery of books in alternative formats, plus access to the CNIB Digital Library online.


Visit www.cnib.ca/selfregistration today! All you need is a public library card.


Want more information?

Visit: www.cnib.ca/library 

Watch a video demo online at:


Listen to an audio introduction at:



New Web-Tool Opens up Possibilities

Similar to how travel websites rate hotels and resorts, the Global Accessibility Map allows consumers to submit and obtain accessibility reviews from a mobility, sight or hearing perspective. With such information, people with disabilities, parents with strollers and those with walkers can make informed decisions on where to eat, shop, work, play and access services.  


Visit http://www.rickhansenglobalaccessibilitymap.com to submit reviews of places and services in your community, and help build a more inclusive world.  Watch a video segment about the Map below.


"Solutions in Motion" November 2011


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Sports / Physical Activity / Wellness

Wheelchair Tennis Image 


CPA (Alberta)'s Cross Country Sit Ski Program Ready to Hit the Slopes!  

CPA (Alberta)'s Cross Country Sit Ski Program started in December and will run for 8 weeks. The cost of the program is $120.00 ($60.00 if you require a subsidy). There will also be an opportunity to participate in the Birkebeiner race in Edmonton in February (if you choose). No experience is necessary and all ability levels are welcome. There will be an info session and meet-and-greet at the ACT Family Centre on November 28th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Come out and get some more information about the program, mingle with volunteers, instructors and participants, and have some snacks!


Contact Amy MacKinnon at 780-424-6312 ext. 2231 or amy.mackinnon@cpa-ab.org if you have questions or want to register for either program.


Paralympic Sports Association:

The Paralympic Sports Association (PSA) has some great sporting opportunities starting in September. The Tae Kwon Do program has a new added Saturday class, to assist with the high demand of this program. They will also be starting a new Women's Sledge Hockey night on Thursday that is open to all abilities. Bring out your friends to try this great sport! Click here for more information.     


Paul Brandt's Official Anthem for the 2012 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship in Edmonton and Calgary Features PSA Members

PSA sledge hockey members were featured showing off their skills on the ice in Paul Brandt's recent music video "I Was There"! Check it out on Youtube http://youtu.be/v-szHLX_0Q0! 


Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta:

Fall/Winter Program Schedule  


Wheelchair Sports

To find out more about wheelchair sports activities throughout Alberta, go to www.abwheelchairsport.ca.    


Get in Motion

Get in Motion is a nation-wide physical activity counseling service for Canadians with spinal cord injury. This FREE service is designed to provide participants with the information and support they may need to meet personal physical activity goals, or just a little motivation to get started with a physically active lifestyle. To participate or receive more information from a physical activity counselor, please call the voicemail line at 1-866-678-1966, or email motion@mcmaster.ca or visit www.sciactioncanada.ca.


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Paralympian Silver Medalist Regains Function

Paralyzed from the hips down since she was 13, the 27-year-old handcyclist, who has just signed with the Rabobank women's professional cycling team to compete as a top-class able-bodied athlete, was hit by a bicycle last year while training in her wheelchair for the 2012 London Paralympics.


How To Relieve, Manage, and Live With Pain

The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability has a series of webinar recordings, as well as Youtube videos on how to relieve, manage, and live with pain. Click here to visit their website! 


Spinal Cord Injury Community Survey -  Your Participation Is Needed!

If you have a spinal cord injury (SCI), you, more than anyone, understand your needs and can provide valuable insight into how well the Canadian health care and social services system are meeting them.


Your participation will make a difference! The survey results have the potential to provide SCI advocates, as well as service providers and government, with the evidence they need to address the most pressing issues for people with SCI.


We hope that you will choose to voice your opinion and participate.


To learn more about the SCI Community Survey or to take the Survey, visit: 

www.sci-survey.ca.Your participation in the survey will be confidential and anonymous, and you will be compensated with a $25 gift card for your time.


If you have already completed or plan on participating in the survey, on behalf of the SCI Community Survey team, a big THANK YOU!

Click here to read more! r view her story online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnGUXtoS2D0

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CPA (Alberta)'s Employment Program Launches in Calgary

Do you find the interview process a challenge or quite difficult?

Mock interviews are a great way to work on landing that job.

Our Employment Program can work with you on building these skills.

Give Mike Hambly, Client Solutions Coordinator, a call in our Calgary office.

403-228-7433 or email mike.hambly@cpa-ab.org


If you have any employement/education related questions, feel free to contact Mike Hambly in the CPA (Alberta) Calgary office at 403-228-7433 or

Shaw Media Internships for Students with Permanent Physical Disabilities

The Shaw Media Internships for Students with Permanent Physical Disabilities are a series of internships designed to encourage and aid Canadian talent in establishing or furthering a career in the Canadian broadcast industry. These annual internships reflect Shaw Media's commitment to the diversity of talent and perspectives that comprise our ever-changing Canadian culture.

These annual internships, valued at approximately $10,000 each, are offered to Canadian students with permanent physical disabilities. The recipients will receive a challenging opportunity to work in private television in pursuit of a career in broadcasting. The students will be placed in three to four month paid internships at one of the Global television stations, or the Specialty television facility.


Click the link for more information and application details



Need A Website For Your Business?
I can help you from start to finish, I work one on one with clients to make sure you are completely satisfied. For more information or any questions you my have, email me at  nonnie99@shaw.ca

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 Fund Development


Optimize your support...

Shoppers Card

Use your Shoppers Optimum Points to support CPA (Alberta)

By donating some (or all) of your Shoppers Points to CPA (Alberta), you are enabling us to use your points toward the purchase of products and supplies we need for our ongoing fundraising activities.


To donate your points, just go online to www.shoppersdrugmart.ca/donate and browse the Shoppers Optimum section. Then click on "donate your points".  What if you're not a Shoppers Optimum Member?  No problem!  All of the necessary forms can be found online as well as in any Shoppers Drug Mart store across Canada


With your continued support, this initiative has the potential for us to greatly "optimize" our fundraising dollars.


Become a CPA (Alberta) Member

The Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) has been providing services and support to Albertans who have experienced a spinal cord injury or physical disability since 1961. .

For a list of the many benefits available through your $20 membership, click here


Please note that your membership will not be denied due to financial hardship or lack of funds (so let us know on the membership enrollment form if this might be the case). 


Make your voice count... stay informed and connected!

To renew your membership:

CPA (Alberta) Membership Form


Call 780-424-6312 Ext 2241 or toll free 1-888-654-5444 to renew your CPA membership.


Thank you for your support!

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 Classifieds / Equipment for Sale 




Welcome to the classified section of the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta). Lots of new ads have been added this month. Click here.


If you have anything you would like to buy or sell, please click here to e-mail a description of the item, your asking price and your contact information and we willl post your item as quickly as possible.    


For Sale: 1992 Plymouth Voyager 3.0L (6 Cyl) Automatic Wheelchair Minivan

Has raised roof and door opening, Ricon power lift Can hold up to 600 pounds and is 29 inches wide. Initially cost $15,000 to modify. Comes with Q-Straint tie downs. PS, PB, A/C, power door locks, cruise, tilt, auto command start. Replaced Motor in June 2010 (have receipts and driven only 3171 km since). R&R F. Struts. Glass and tires are good, rear bench passenger seat and 2 overhead storage areas. Needs paint.  $7000 OBO, please contact Heather at 780-446-1991 any time or by e-mail at heatherz.weeks@gmail.com for more information. Pictures available upon request!


For Sale: Glen Pressure Sit System "2 Post" Lift

New, never used. Paid $2,500.  Please call Ingrid to negotiate price at 780-482-1750


For Sale: 2006 CHEV EXPRESS 1500, Explorer Conversion Van

V-8 - 5.3 Liter, 62000 miles, leather seating, fully loaded, new tires and brakes, raised doors and roof, Ricon wheelchair lift, tie downs, back-up sensor, keyless entry, remote starter. Mint condition, very clean inside and outside. Asking $30,000. Contact Ranjit at 647-225-1456 (cell)


For Sale: Invacare Echo Hospital Bed With Invacare Solace Prevention 3000 Mattress

Run by an electric motor and controlled by a remote control. Used 2 weeks. New condition. $2000 OBO. Red Deer Alberta. Contact Sandra Joyce at (403) 886-5503.

For Sale: 2009 White Honda Odyssey EX Wheelchair Van

Purchased new in 2010. VMI conversion, slide out wheelchair ramp, 5Spd AT, Anti-theft, ABS, Air conditioning, 50,000kms, Has grey cloth seats, AM/FM/6 CD changer/MP3, power seats, power windows, remote PDL, cruise control. Excellent running condition. Well maintained, all records available. Located in Edmonton. Asking $49, 900. Contact Val at (780) 988-6786



For Sale: Dodge 5.2L 318ci Conversion Van 

192,000km (North American Coach). Power windows, locks, mirrors, cruise control, command start, intermittent wipers, tinted glass, air conditioning, tilt, am/fm cassette, winter/summer fronts and roof rack with rear ladder. The lift is a Ricon Uni-lite with 600lb. capacity and hand controls. Seating is the bench seat in the back as well as  four bucket seats and table. Asking $2600.00. If interested contact Dean at dean37@telus.net.

1990 B250 North American Coach Conversion Van
600lb capacity RICON unilite wheelchair lift, power door openers and driver hand controls. Van has a 5.2L 318 V8 with 192,000km and an overdrive transmission. Air conditioning, power windows, locks, mirrors, tilt, cruise, tinted glass, command start, intermittent wipers, am/fm cassette, rear ladder and roof rack. Runs great. Asking $2600.00. Phone Dean at 403-273-5037


For Sale:  Invacare Storm TDX5 Electric Power Wheelchair

Like new, in perfect shape.   

Features include:

Power Tilt
Power Elevate
Custom Seat Back
Otto Bock Arm Rests
J2 Gel Cushion
4 Drive Speeds
17 Inch Seat Width
Battery Charger  

$6000 obo

Please email: amoser1@shaw.ca for questions.


For Sale: ROHO Wheelchair Cushion  

New Quattro high profile ROHO wheelchair cushion 22 " x 20" asking $350.00 paid $650.

Contact Larp40@shaw.ca 

For Sale: 1999 Ford E-150 Passenger van with wheelchair SWING lift

-1999 Ford E-150 

-117,000 miles[yes miles]


-Trailer Hitch, Trailer Brakes, Wired for Trailers

-seats for 6

-have another single seat for back

-command style start for winter


Assistive equipment





$11,900 OBO Please contact Rick at rickn@shaw.ca for more details and pictures.     


For Sale: 2005 Ford Freestar Sport Model, With a Bruno Wheelchair Lift

This van is in excellent condition with 137,000 KM. Steering modified to reduce effort for ease of steering for a person with a disability. Has the following options: Keyless entry, power sliding doors, power rear lift gate, AM/FM Stereo, new battery and brakes, 4.2 V Six Engine, very good mileage and has been stored in underground parking since new. Asking $10,000.00 OBO. Please call Albert at 780-481-4390 or E-mail ampeters@shaw.ca


For Sale: Evolution Scooter-Safari 4400

Limited Use - Limited kilometers, Blue, Deluxe Captain's Seat, 350 lbs weight capacity, powerful 1.5 motor, front & rear suspension, full lighting package, large black pneumatic tires, front and rear baskets. Contact 780-707-4913 for more information.


For Sale: Wheelchair Accessible Bungalow (NE Calgary)    

Pride of ownership ...This well-maintained 4 bedroom bungalow features a sunken living room with beautiful brick-faced fireplace, formal dining area overlooking living room, kitchen with eating nook, stainless steel appliances, sliding patio doors that open onto a huge deck. Spacious master with 3 piece ensuite and main 4 piece bath. 4th bedroom, spacious rec room, workshop/hobby room, area for your home office, and 3 piece bathroom. Lovely yard with mature trees for privacy. Front paved driveway can easily host 2 vehicles. Located on a non-thru road, close to schools, excellent access to LRT, Peter Lougheed, Safeway and so much more. This home is wheelchair accessible. Call today to view: Brandee Innes (CIR REALTY) Office: 403-271-0600 Cell: 403-681-3325 For complete details of this home click here 


Wanted: 3 to 4 bedroom, Wheelchair Accessible House/Condominium

3 to 4 bedroom, wheelchair accessible house/condominium to rent for two young adults together with their caregiver(s). Reply to email: barsyd@shaw.ca 


Wanted: Roomate!

Intellectually high functioning male (24), with cerebral palsy, seeking a like-minded, compatible individual to share housing accommodation and caregiver. Reply to email: barsyd@shaw.ca 


For Sale: Outdoor Wheelchair Lift

Re-conditioned to work like new! Saskatchewan Abilities Council lifts are designed to work in our cold climate. Very quick and quiet with smooth stops. Maximum height 47" with worm drive limit switches to make adjustment very easy. All mechanical parts in perfect running order. New cables and paint. Plugs into 120 volt outlet. Lift uses electric motor with gear reduction to a cable reel. Loading tray mounts on either side with a large 45" x 47" platform which is grated to allow snow and rain to pass through. Safety railing can be moved to either side. 250 Kilogram capacity. Key-operated with long toggle for easy access. CSA approved. Delivery and installation can be negotiated for local residents. This lift is in Lethbridge with an asking price of $1,700.00 Call 403-331-7999 anytime for questions and viewing or email dalemcc4@telus.net 


For Sale: RICON Wheelchair Lift 

Currently installed in a bus so any prospective buyer can see how well the unit works. Accessible bus was purchased to transform into a mechanic service truck and the lift is not required. Asking $1,800 for the lift O.B.O. Please call 403-607-8672, e-mail dwaynelafont@yahoo.com 


For Sale: 1998 Crown Victoria

Excellent condition, hardly used, 14,000 km, hand controls, asking $7,500 or best offer. Call Bob Fransen at 780-467-5802  


For Sale: Wheelchair Accessible Home (Edmonton)

This wheelchair accessible home is move-in ready. Inside this 914 square foot home you will find laminate flooring, doors with 36 inches of clear passage space, one bathroom on the main floor with wheelchair access, as well as easy entry to the back patio with ramps to backyard and front driveway access. Another great feature in this home you will find no cabinet below the kitchen sink which allows greater access to the sink. There are also support bars/handles in bathrooms, lever handles instead of door knobs and a built-in elevator into the fully finished basement that has a very open floor plan that provides maneuverability, to the second washroom, wet bar and 4th bedroom! For more information

please click here or contact Real Estate Agent, Michelle Derk at  780-406-4000 or e-mail michellederk@remax.net


For Sale: 2001 Pontiac Montana Accessible Van

165,000 km, air conditioning, power windows and doors, heated seats, power door for lift, automatic lift (floor is not lowered), all seats (not all are installed), hand controls (not currently installed). $6,500 OBO. Call Shirley at (780) 250-6301 for more details. 


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