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Issue 1

October 1, 2012  

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The Office of Diversity at Chico State is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where students, faculty and staff are included in campus events and activities to ensure their success.  Together we can foster a climate that acknowledges and celebrates the differences that define who we are.



Travon Robinson

CSU, Chico Office of Diversity

Kendall Hall 110


Chico State Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month



Hispanic Heritage month was first recognized in 1988 by President Lyndon Johnson as a month to celebrate Hispanic Heritage. The time it is celebrated starts September 15 and ends 30 days later on October 15.


Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated during the middle of the month on September 15 because it  is the same day five Latin American countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua) declared independence 191 years ago in 1821 


In the 2012 Presidential Proclamation of National Hispanic Heritage month, President Barack Obama stated the following.


"Our Nation's story would not be possible without generations of Hispanics who have shaped and strengthened the fabric of our Union. This month, we celebrate this rich heritage and reflect on the invaluable contributions Hispanics have made to America," President Obama stated.


The first time I heard about Hispanic Heritage month I didn't realize is was celebrated nationwide. I thought it was just recognized at the local level.


For me, being a caucasian student at Chico State, I was curious to see how many other Chico State students of the white race were familiar with Hispanic Heritage month.


After talking with 10 different caucasian students on campus, I asked them what Hispanic Heritage month was. Of the 10 students I asked, only one caucasian student was able to share his knowledge of what  Hispanic Heritage month meant to him.


"I'm aware of the significance of Hispanic Heritage month but think it is hard for students to follow because it falls in the middle of two different months," said Chico State senior Daniel Matos. "It also is shared with Breast Cancer Awareness in October not to mention LGBTQ week also in October, both of which receive more publicity in my opinion."


I was also fortunate to get to  talk to someone who celebrates Hispanic Heritage. Rosana Torres, a senior at Chico State, shared  her experiences of Hispanic Heritage month at Chico State.


"Last year I went to a welcoming on campus called, Grilling on the Grass, held by the Cross Cultural Leadership Center, where they had live music and free food," Torres said. "If they had more events like that to publicize on campus I think students would be more aware of the significance of Hispanic Heritage month."


For more information on Hispanic Heritage month, please visit the website, http://hispanicheritagemonth.gov/.








Multicultural Welcome Receptions



Multicultural Welcome Receptions held at CSU, Chico are a great way to meet new people, build alliances, and learn about different cultures on campus. Many useful resources are provided during these welcome receptions.


Some of these resources include clubs and organizations, student services, communication organizations, local markets and stores, faith organizations, and even medical services.


Because there are so many different aspects of culture, it is important to reach out in every way possible when discussing a person's culture.


For example, some cultures are not comfortable with western medicine or sharing their religion with members of a different religion. As an alternative, resources like faith organizations and medical services are provided during these welcome receptions.


There are a range of welcome receptions to choose from if you are not sure which one fits your schedule, including: Asian, Black, Bienvenida, Native American, LGBT, Veteran, and Re-Entry.


I attended the Asian Welcome Reception Sept. 14 at Selvester's Café by the Creek. During the reception, free food was offered, and representatives were present to promote their clubs and organizations.


The Asian Welcome Reception was great for discovering ways to reach out to the community, joining an organization or club, networking with people of different cultures, and making a few new connections valuable to students and their academic career.


Delta XI Phi is a multicultural sorority that strives for women in higher education and is based on community service, sisterhood, and friendship.


Epsilon Sigma Rho is a fraternity that recognizes every ethnicity and culture, so someday we all respect one another as a person regardless of one's race, color, and religious beliefs.


There is also the Filipino Student Organization. Their goal is to promote and educate CSU, Chico students, faculty, and the surrounding community about Filipino culture and customs.


These are just a few examples of how culture at CSU, Chico is having a positive effect to the new generation of students, members of these clubs and organizations, and also faculty.


For more information, please visit http://www.csuchico.edu/diversity/, or contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (530) 898-4764.






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This publication is produced by Ryan Corbett on behalf of the Office of Diversity at Chico State.