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Issue 8 March 29, 2011 
Dr. Tracy Butts and Tray Robinson at the Rent Party!
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The Office of Diversity at California State University, Chico is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where students, faculty and staff are included in campus events and activities to ensure their success.  Together we can foster a climate that acknowledges and celebrates the differences that define who we are.



Travon Robinson

CSU, Chico Office of Diversity


Remembering and Celebrating the Life of Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez  

Cesar Chavez Day is a time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions one man made to society.  But, like St. Patrick's Day in Chico, Cesar Chavez Day has become one where too many students focus their energy on drinking and forget why they are celebrating.


So, who is this Cesar Chavez who has a holiday in his honor?


Chavez was born on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona. After losing their farm during the Great Depression, the Chavez family became migrant farm workers.


Laboring in fields and vineyards as a young child, Chavez saw the hardships and inequalities inflicted on migrant farm workers.  Although he did not go further than eighth grade in his schooling, he was well-read and educated himself in various areas of interest.


After serving in the Navy during World War II, Chavez strived to create a group that would protect the rights of farm workers.


In 1962, Chavez made his dream come true by forming what would eventually become the United Farm Workers of America. Using nonviolent tactics such as fasting, boycotts, strikes, and pilgrimages, Chavez led the organization to improving respect, wages, medical coverage, pension benefits, and humane living conditions for farm workers and their families.


After his death in 1993, the Chavez family created the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation to inform people about Chavez's life and work and to carry on the legacy and vision of this man.


So before you go out Thursday morning and drink your first margarita, remember Chavez's most popular slogan, si se puede ("Yes, it can be done"). It can be done-you can celebrate the life of a man who made a difference in a respectful and safe way. For information about ways of serving our community on Cesar Chavez Day, see the Diversity website: http://www.csuchico.edu/diversity/.


To view more information on Cesar E. Chavez or the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation, visit http://www.chavezfoundation.org/.

Enough is Enough
Preventing Violence on Campuses Nationwide

"Enough is enough."  It is the saying that can be heard throughout the country after incidences of violence occur on school campuses-elementary through college.


Home and school are the two places where children should feel they are in a safe environment.  When one of those two safe places becomes compromised due to societal violence, the entire nation suffers.  Worrying about extreme cases of violence while at school has become an unfortunate reality that many students have been forced to accept.


While no one can truly prevent unpredicted acts of terror or violence, the Enough is Enough Campaign was created to encourage the nation to "act with a 'fierce urgency' and stem the tide of societal violence before students reach our nation's campuses."  The campaign's main goal is to help create strategies in hopes to address youth violence in the United States that occur on our secondary and post secondary campuses.


A way to achieve this goal is through three main areas the campaign wishes to address.  According to their website, Enough is Enough will focus on a "nationwide prevention and intervention campaign; legislative efforts; and the provision of resources."


The campaign not only calls on secondary and post secondary schools, but also asks students, parents, administrators and the community to work together to achieve nonviolent environments.


Enough is Enough has declared the week of April 4-8 an awareness week about violence on our campuses.  Use this time to educate yourself and those around you about ways to promote change in the violence going on in schools stemming from our society.


To learn more about Enough is Enough, visit  



The Office of Diversity at Chico State would like to thank you for your attention to issues involving the community.  If you have any question, would like to read a particular topic in a newsletter of would like to comment on past issues, please e-mail us at diversityoffice@csuchico.edu.  Thank you and we look forward to reading your comments!

The Office of Diversity would like to wish the students of Chico State a fun and safe Cesar Chavez day.

This publication is produced by Rachel Gendron on behalf of the Office of Diversity at Chico State.