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Issue 2
October 21, 2010

Some of the attendees at the Faculty/Staff Diversity Summit in September!
Some attendees of the Faculty/Staff Diversity Summit that took place in September!
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OCT. 20-21: AIDS Memorial Quilt Comes to Chico State

OCT. 21: Catalyst Domestic Violence Services 8th Annual Community Art Show
from 6-9 p.m.

OCT. 25:
Multicultural Night in the BMU Auditorium from
6-9 p.m.

OCT 26: Ruthie Foster & Eric Bibb come to Laxson Auditorium
at 7:30 p.m

OCT 26: University Film Series: Chungking Express in Ayres 106 at 7:30 p.m.

OCT. 27:
Conversations on Diversity BMU 210 from 12-1 p.m.

OCT. 28: Gamelan Cudamani performs music & dance in Laxson Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

OCT 29: Omara Portuondo brings dancing and music back to Laxson Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

NOV. 30: Time Wise comes to campus


Native American History Month
Diversity Enrollment Information for Chico State
The Office of Diversity at Chico State is providing a welcoming environment where students, faculty and staff are included in campus events and activities to ensure their success.  Together we can foster a climate that acknowledges and celebrates the differences that define who we are.

Travon Robinson
CSU, Chico Office of Diversity
Kendall Hall 110

A.S. President, Amro Jayousi

Sitting down with a well-known campus figure can be intimidating for some. But when I sat down with Associated Students President Amro Jayousi, I was soon set at ease by the welcoming nature of our president and his openness to answer questions.


Jayousi grew up in the West Bank region of Palestine where he attended private school. He came to the United States in his junior year of high school to visit Buffalo, New York, which is when the United States sparked his interest. Due to the educational opportunities he decided to apply to colleges in California.


Jayousi accepted his admission into California State University, Chico as a political science major and added a minor in international relations.


In regards to the United States Jayousi said, "I enjoy the working environment, the educational opportunities, and how much volunteers are able to speak about certain issues."


Jayousi's graduating high school class was only 15 students and had no structure like student government he could participate in. Jayousi became involved with the AS Student Government as the director of legislative affairs. The position proved rewarding for him, so he decided to try his hand at running for AS president in 2009.


Once he was elected, one of Jayousi's main goals as AS president was to improve the students' overall input on matters that affect them. He also wanted to give more incentive to students who showed interest in joining student organizations on campus.


"The most rewarding thing is being able to sit down and answer questions about issues with fellow students," Jayousi said.


Some things that Jayousi has observed about our campus since he has been here is the students' increased involvement. Not only are students getting involved, but the campus community has become a more accepting environment for participation and activism.


An event that Jayousi showed a lot of enthusiasm for was Rock the Vote, which took place in the Trinity Commons area on campus. Rock the Vote was an effort made by Chico State and it's AS government to encourage students to vote, and vote locally.


In May Jayousi will be leaving Chico State and has hopes of attending law school, where he plans on studying either international law or immigration law.


Although Jayousi will be graduating next semester, his influence will remain at Chico State for years to come. His effectiveness as a leader has served as an example to future elected officials of the AS government. It is clear Chico State will continue to move in a positive direction, and a lot of the credit is due to Amro Jayousi.


Stonewall Alliance's

In 2007 a reported total of 34,598 people committed suicide, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. According to the same source, suicide was the third leading cause of death for people in the 15 to 24 age range.


Many times, bullying is the reason some take their own lives. Bullying can take many forms, from sexual harassment to verbal abuse, and is a problem in our country that is not going away.


Unfortunately there have been recent reports that four students at a high school in Mentor, Ohio committed suicide within the past two years, allegedly due to bullying. According to published reports, the four teens at the high school killed themselves because they had been called derogatory terms such as "slut," "faggot," and "homo."

Sadly, the bad news does not end there. In September 2010, Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University freshman, reportedly committed suicide because his fellow students had taped him in a gay encounter with another student and posted it online.


The question is, "Why are people not being valued for who they are as opposed to what they are?"


There are multiple answers to this broad-based question, including small mindedness, hate, and animosity toward something people do not understand.


The truth of the matter is that there are too many children killing themselves because of bullying. Instead of teaching our children to hate, we need to teach them to care about others. If children are taught to be understanding and not fearful of people who are different, there will be fewer parents having to bury their children. Suicide is not the answer!


To help prevent teen suicide in your community visit Stonewall Alliance's "SAY YES," page at www.stonewallchico.org and learn more about what you can do to help.


By accessing www.thetrevorproject.org you can also learn more about suicide prevention. The Trevor Project offers a nationwide 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline. Visit these sites and help fight against suicide today!



The Office of Diversity at Chico State would like to thank you for your attention to issues involving the community. If you have any questions, would like to read a particular topic in a newsletter or would like to comment on past newsletters, please e-mail us at diversityoffice@csuchico.edu

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