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Mindful Space Planning Beautifully Revives a Craftsman Home
Passive Solar, Reclaimed Timbers and Rustic Style
Stone Rocks!

Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish.

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Smith and Vallee Woodworks offers a beautiful and sustainable choice for cabinetry and furniture. We adore working with this Edison-based business and their cabinetry is featured in our showroom!

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Craftsman remodel: a back porch to enjoy. Read the 'Mindful Space' article below to learn more about this recent project.

It's been too long since our last newsletter - the last one was a year ago!  Our aim is a quarterly publication but, hey, life gets in the way, doesn't it?  Much like staying up on home maintenance.


That's one reason why we're offering you some help so that we can take on some of your deferred maintenance... life gets in the way.  Click on the marmot to the left and take advantage of our spring incentives!  We'll get you caught up!


Our new website is now alive and well.  It took far more time and energy than we predicted but we're sooo-o-o-o pleased with it; sure hope you spend some time thereWe've put our hearts and souls into its design and production and we sure hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it!


So many of us are now living in our homes for years longer than we had earlier envisioned.  Are you in that boat?  If so, when was the last time you put your home through a wellness exam?  Isn't the logic very similar?  Let's catch problems as early as possible so that fixing them take less money and stress.


Consider us your doctor by hiring us for a pre-remodel condition evaluation.  Here's a sample report (made anonymous to protect the privacy of our clients).  Does this type of evaluation make sense for you too?  If so, give us a call.


We hope you enjoy the three major posts you'll find below:  an article about stone countertops and a glimpse at two of the major projects we've accomplished of late, both written by the designers who helped make them happen.


Mindful Space Planning Beautifully Revives a Craftsman Home. 

Sometimes the scope of a project changes once it gets underway.   A-1 Builders started looking at this project as a siding replacement and basement stair modification.  Once we explored several options, broke down the costs for different aspects of the project, considered the potential 're-gaining' of the invested money, consulted with a realtor, and incorporated the client's lifestyle and length of time they want to live in their home, the scope of work changed.   It ended up that the kitchen, dining, bath, exterior stairs, laundry, mudroom, back porch and adjacent outdoor area all became part of the solution for a structure that would support their lives.   Let's take a closer look at...read more

Passive solar, Reclaimed Timbers and Rustic style.  

Intelligent design and understated rusticity are the core components to this rural sunroom addition.  At the outset of the design phase of this project, the homeowners were willing to invest the research and time needed to plan a sunroom that would be true to its name.   By the end of the project some very unique elements were included in this efficient and beautiful living space. The room needed to be positioned correctly to.......read more

Stone Rocks

Granite detail

A brief article on Stone Countertops. 
If natural stone attracts you for a countertop choice, it is worth your time to really understand the products available.  Natural stone is on the high end of the countertop market and some stones are great choices, but we have learned a few things along the way that we would like to share.   It is important to remember that this is just a primer, if you are going to make the investment in stone it is recommended that you do some research before buying or take a professional.......read more

During this past year we've perfected a very useful tool we now give to our clients:  a series of photographs that allow you to look behind the walls and ceilings years after we're done with your project.  Why would this come in handy? Imagine trying to add a grab bar in your bathroom and wondering about what plumbing may be in the way; where's the framing to connect your grab bar to; how can you feel secure screwing into the wall without hitting a water line?!?!?  Here's what we do to help you: just before adding insulation to your existing voids we shoot photos so that later you can see how things were built with the drywall and insulation removed!  Our clients have raved about this tool. Go here to see the result! Click on one of the red circles or yellow triangles and see what happens!


Feel free to drop by our office and say 'hello'; it's always nice to see our special people!




The Entire A-1 Builders and Adaptations' Team