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American Bicyclist May/June 2010
A-1 Builders appears in American Bicyclist!

"Teach a man to fish and he'll have food for his family. Teach a woman to fix her bike, and she'll understand that nothing is outside her potential."

- Mia Birk

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CRT Champion Award

Rick & Maggie at the Commute Smart Award Ceremony in Olympia

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When you make Smart Trips, you accomplish a lot more than getting to your destination. You help create a clean, healthy, and vibrant community in Whatcom County.

And we hear they have gone mobile for logging your Smart Trips!


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A1 Builders 


  Bellingham, you ROCK!.......and ROLL!

The Governor's COMMUTE SMART Awards went to multiple entities across the entire state and three local Bellingham organizations were included in the list. THREE! We are proud to be counted among the honored locals. Maggie and Rick from our company went down to the Governor's mansion last week to accept the award which will now live in our showroom. We were one of only a few organizations who do such commuting incentives voluntarily. A-1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio cycling and Smart Trips incentive program seeks to promote healthier coworkers, decrease cars on the road, improve air quality and, frankly, foster teamwork and happiness.


We shared the ride to Olympia with some other award winners. Karen Hollingsworth, the Employee Transportation Coordinator of Bellingham Cold Storage took the trip with us and received the Commute Smart ETC Champion Award for her leadership role in smart commuting for their company. Way to go Karen for making a difference in our community!


Kim Brown, Transportation Options Coordinator of the City of Bellingham, accepted an award on the City's behalf as a Commute Smart Employer Champion in the large employer category. To make a long story short, since 2006 the City of Bellingham employees have traveled nearly one million miles by walking, bicycling, sharing rides or riding the bus. All we can say is WOW Bellinghamsters!


Hosting our van pool was Smart Trips Program Coordinator Kirsten Went who was instrumental in helping our company enhance our alternative transportation program. And last but not least was Susan Horst, Smart Trips Program Manager, who not only wrote an amazing award recommendation for us but who works daily to improve our local transportation culture. Thank you so much Kirsten and Susan for the work you do.


We are proud to be counted among Washington State's SMART COMMUTERS. We would also like to share the Bellingham Herald photos that appeared recently of the award ceremony in Olympia.


A-1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio

helped to promote Whatcom Water Week with a readerboard quote

WHO is that in front of our reader board? 


Wayne Drop drops by....ahem....

Congratulations came our way when A-1 Builders won the Whatcom Water Week Reader Board Banter Contest with the quote:

"When the well is dry, we know the worth of water"

Ben Franklin.

Be Wise Like Ben.


Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen and Wayne Drop delivered 2 pizzas to our office for all to share. Thanks Pete and Wayne!

Pete Kremen delivers pizza to A-1 Builders

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loran Eisely