February 2012 E-Leaf

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Protecting Wild Nature on Native Lands Vol. II

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WILD has worked for almost 40 years to protect and sustain wilderness and wild places around the world. An important aspect of our work has always been a commitment to partnerships with native peoples.

Over many years, we've worked in numerous countries and situations to strengthen the links between indigenous and non-indigenous partners in order to create a network of people working to protect and sustain the global treasure we call wilderness-it is both our collective heritage and the key to a healthy and prosperous future for all people.


Psst! The Fishing Cat Wants to Swim...

pass it on!

cat in the night
Sob stories about endangered species are so 2011. So instead we're sending you a tale about a CAT in WATER. A story about how community, photos and film are giving an endangered animal, the aptly named fishing cat, a chance at survival.

Around this time last year, my friend Joanna Nasar, and I decided to dream big on a conservation project. We also dreamed a bit silly. 

Learn more about Morgan and Joanna's expedition to Thailand to track the elusive fishing cat!

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Onward in 2012
wild10 logo
The WILD staff and Board was very busy at the close of 2011 with our annual Board meeting in Boulder, Colorado; our first fundraising event that same weekend; travels to Europe and Africa for WILD programs; and year-end fundraising campaigns. 

We're kicking off the new year with an intensive strategic planning process; strengthened relationships with dedicated partners; and a 2-year plan for WILD10 that will convene at the 10th World Wilderness Congress in Spain in 2013.

Fundraising event photos

Board of Directors meeting photos

WILD10 Update
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