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Kissama National Park Ranger Leadership Training
Edupeg & WILD
Mali Elephant Project Reachs Young Readers
Art & Conservation in Brazil
Legacy Giving
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Leadership Training for Angola Park Warden 

WILD facilitates leadership building exchange

In collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife National Training Center, the Patauxent Wildlife Research Center and individual donors and advisers, WILD facilitated a unique training experience for Miguel Savituma, Assistant Warden at Kissama National Park in Angola (southwest Africa). Working with Miguel is part of our ongoing partnership with Kissama National Park, which began with the re-introduction of elephants and other key species following their violent civil war in the 1990's, and continues with targeted assistance for anti-poaching efforts and leadership development. Read more > 

Kissama Rangers
Rangers at Kissama National Park

While at the National Conservation Training Center (West Virginia), Miguel participated in project leadership and volunteer management courses. Miguel reports of the experience:
"I would like to say that my visit to the United States of America has been the most remarkable, challenging and rewarding experience of my life. With all the activity of the leadership courses and my quest for insight into the next challenges, my time spent in the States was over so quickly."
"I will endeavour to protect wildlife in Angola and promise that your efforts, support and investment in me will prove worthwhile. I shall strive to develop and improve myself within the conservation field in Kissama National Park, and indeed, hope to implement much that I have learned in all Angola's national parks."
"My sincere thanks to The WILD Foundation and to all people who were involved in making my trip and training possible."
Edupeg & WILD
A partnership to build a bright future for Botswana  
EduPeg, Botswana, 2011, image 1

For the past eight years, WILD has worked with Edupeg in South Africa and Botswana.The Edupeg program supports both learners and teachers to overcome the three main factors inhibiting education in southern Africa: lack of educators; relative lack of educator training and expertise; and lack of funding. Learn more about Edupeg >
This year, the Edupeg program in Botswana reached nearly 5,000 pupils in nine schools. Recently, our local Edupeg program leader, Jason Knott, went 'the extra mile' to make sure students in Botswana had the opportunity to learn. During a rare teacher strike, Jason continued visiting schools, working with students and principals so  learning continued throughout the strike. Comments on how this affected the schools show the positive impact of the Edupeg program in Botswana:

EduPeg, Botswana, 2011, image 2

"Edupeg is a very helpful project. The facilitator helped the school a great deal, because he took over and taught the three classes which were without teachers due to strike action. This resulted in the maths marks improving because of the activities that he gave the pupils," T.B. Mokunki - Gxhabara Primary.

"Edupeg is a helpful programme that really supplements normal class teaching, as was made evident during the recent government workers' strike, where the facilitator provided teaching to those classes that were without teachers," Radisente Pekenene - Botswelelo Primary.

Mali Elephant Project Reaches Young Readers
Helen Cowcher publishes children's book on Mali elephants

Desert Elephants Book Cover, Helen Cowcher Desert Elephants, the most recent children's book by author Helen Cowcher, explores the unique migration of the Mali elephant herd and the work by WILD and others to protect the elephant route and collaborate with local communities on conservation initiatives. The colorful paintings show the rich culture and beautiful landscape of the region and Cowcher's text tells the story of the Mali elephants in a simple yet dramatic way.

This is such a wonderful book available for anyone who is interested in the Mali elephant project and sharing it with the next generation of conservation leaders.

Art and Conservation in Brazil
Mexican artist Beatriz Padilla works with Yawanawa tribe
Yawana and Padilla Project

In partnership with WILD, Beatriz Padilla, the Mexican environmentalist painter, has embarked on a journey combining the art of painting with nature conservation in a new and innovative way. The Wilderness Conservation Painting Expedition (WCPE) is an applied conservation initiative, using the arts to support and communicate conservation issues of key wildlands across the globe and assist local people in communicating their relationship with these lands and receiving benefits from doing so. Read about WCPE >
WILD recently connected Beatriz with the Yawanawa village of Brazil. Beatriz is working with local artists to communicate the cultural and natural heritage of the Yawanawa tribe. The invitation above highlights some of this work.


Legacy Giving
Create a lasting legacy by including WILD in your planned giving

Many people would like to help strengthen the long-term viability of The WILD Foundation but feel they cannot afford to make such a gift today. A bequest by will or revocable Trust can be tailored to complement your personal lifestyle and financial goals and also support WILD! Please consider putting The WILD Foundation in your will or revocable trust.   


A bequest is for you if ...

  • You want to help ensure WILD's future viability and strength.
  • Long-term planning is more important to you than an immediate income-tax deduction.
  • You want the flexibility of a gift commitment that doesn't affect your current cash flow. 

For more information about bequests and other planned gifts that can benefit you and WILD, please contact us at (303) 442 8811. See other ways to support WILD >