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december 2010

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:: Grant Opportunities
:: WILD9 Youth Program, Perspective from the Youth Delegates Program Coordinator
:: Opportunities & Activities in Boulder, CO
:: Project Update from Victoria Allen, Utah
:: Project Update from Alexander Gorbachev, Russia
:: Job & Continuing Education Opportunities

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Grant Opportunities

International Foundation for Science Research Grants for Young Scientists
IFS Granting Programme is open for project proposals from developing country scientists who meet the eligibility criteria and conduct research on the sustainable management of biological resources. More information >

Wildlife Conservation Society's Research Fellowship Program
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) provides small grants  through its Research Fellowship Program with the purpose of building "capacity for the next generation of conservationists by supporting individual field research projects that have a clear application to the conservation of threatened wildlife & wild places."  More information >

WILD9 Youth Delegates Program - The Youth Delegates Program Coordinator Perspective
Patrick O'Reilly

When I became involved with the planning of the WILD9 Youth Delegates' experience last year in Merida, Mexico, I learned that this was to be the inaugural Youth Delegates program for The World Wilderness Congress.  Kat Haber, who was the reason I became involved,  informed me that the program was to integrate young adults into the day to day events of Wild9.  Looking back on the experience now, a year later, I feel the program was a tremendously successful opportunity to inspire and cultivate the difference makers of tomorrow.  

It was once said that "Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of children"- Sir Herbert Read.  I strongly feel that the Youth Delegates' experiences at the Congress will go a long way towards shaping them to be future agents of great change for the wilderness conservation movement.  

One of biggest strength of The WILD9 Youth Delegates' experience was the strategy of combining experience at actual Congress events with participation in experiential education programming outside of the Congress.  

This provided for a very broad, enriching, and thought-provoking experience for the Youth Delegates.  In my opinion, the highlights of the Youth Delegates' experiential education activities were:
  • Participating in The Wilderness Walk with Outward Bound Mexico at Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.
  • Constructing concrete floors with low income Mayan families in the town of Izamal.
  • Visiting the Uxmal Mayan Ruins and taking part in a powerful photography event with photographer and activist John Quigley.
  • Visiting Celestun Parque Nacional

Another key factor for the success of the Youth Delegates' experience was the joint participation with the Youth Delegates from Mexico City.  As a director of cultural immersion programs abroad for students, I believe that integrating students with similar-age host country students adds tremendously to both learning engagement and learning outcomes for students.  The opportunity to share WILD9 with like-minded students from Mexico proved to be a highly enriching component. 

My hope is that the successes of WILD9 are built on to make the Youth Delegates program for WILD10 even more of a successful learning opportunity for young adults.  To me it seems only natural that the planners of future Congresses continue to further expand youth involvement with WILD10 programming and beyond!

WILD, Uxmal

**FUN FACT: The WILD9 photo directed by John Quigely was submitted to the Global Youth Conference 2010 and is featured on the World Bank's Youth Website Youthink!

 Check out all of the photos on featured on the 'Year of Youth.'

Opportunities & Activities in Boulder, Colorado

Open Space Planning
Dive into local planing and get involved with the West Trail Study area.  The City of Boulder Open Space Board will be reviewing recommendations from the Community Collaborative Group and other stakeholders over the next few months.

All events are held at the City Council Chambers on Broadway and Canyon.  Contact Emily with questions.  Important dates for your involvement:

19 January - Open Space Board Meeting
9 February - Public Open House
15 March - City Council Plan Review

Youth Global Leadership Program

Youth Global Leadership is a brand new program that has just started in Boulder Colorado. It's the youth branch of the philanthropic foundation Philantrhopiece, also located in Boulder. The program focuses on giving youth a chance to expand on their exciting new ideas and passions. 
The Philanthropiece Youth Global Leadership program addresses issues, both locally and globally, through direct change in communities worldwide. We work to inspire and develop a new generation of leaders with a goal of fostering relationships, and involving the world's youth in change. 

We're looking for new members, grades 9-11, who are unique, passionate, and willing to take on a role of leadership. To apply please visit our website.  Questions? Contact

Update from Victoria Allen
Utah Public Lands, USA

WILD9 Young Professional Victoria Allen sought a resolution to evaluate the state of Utah (USA) for Bureau of Land Management federal lands that qualify as designated Wilderness but were not recognized as such in the original surveys for Wilderness (read the resolution in English and Spanish). 

Utah, Photo by Victoria Allen

These are called Wilderness Study Areas, and in reaction to state officials that do not support designating minimally developed federal lands for more protection, the federal government settled into an agreement with the state of Utah that has been labeled the "No More Wilderness" settlement. 

This is the first step towards enabling increased protection for the landscape while Utah citizens wait for the federal Congress to take action. American citizens are encouraged to write their senators and representatives, asking them to ask Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to overturn the 2003 "No More Wilderness" policy. 

Anyone can also sign the Facebook petition. This simple act will show federal legislators how many people around the world are paying attention to and concerned about the beautiful landscapes in Utah.

Project Update from Alexander Gorbachev
Alexander Gorbechev, YP Digest 2
Research visit to the Central Scientific Agricultural Library, Moscow
During this month we analyzed data of 10 cars transects, which we collected in summer during iBats project. Additionally group of 3 persons went to Moscow to visit the Central Scientific Agricultural Library for acquaintance with latest publications about bats research.  For more information, contact Alexander.

Job & Continuing Education Opportunities

Job Opportunities with the Center for Alaskan Coast Studies, contributed by Kat Haber

Environmental Educator, April-May. One position at the semi-remote Peterson Bay Coastal Science Field Station across Kachemak Bay and at Kasitsna Bay Laboratory across from Homer, Alaska. Residential instructor/group leader for Alaska Coastal Ecology and Onboard Oceanography program field trips and activities for school groups, grades 4-12.  Monthly stipend + housing.  

Naturalist, June - August. One position at the semi-remote Peterson Bay Coastal Science Field Station across Kachemak Bay from Homer. Lead interpretive hikes and activities for diverse groups and develop and co-lead educational programs for children. Design and develop educational displays and interpretive programs. Assist with training and coaching of interns and volunteers and with routine maintenance of facilities and trails. Monthly stipend + housing.

Naturalist Intern, June - August. Two positions: One at the 140-acre Carl Wynn Nature Center near Homer and one position at the semi-remote Peterson Bay Coastal Science Field Station across Kachemak Bay from Homer. Gain skills and experience to lead natural history hikes and tours and participate in a research or environmental education project. Monthly stipend + housing.  

To learn more and apply for these opportunities at the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies website.
Continuing Education Opportunity, contributed by Barbara Mueller

Innovative Master of Science programme in the "Management of Protected Areas" will start for the fourth time in September 2011.

Registration starts now. This international 2 years programme is hosted by the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, but tours also across protected areas in Central Europe. Latest knowledge, tools, skills and a lot fun meet ambitious young protected area leaders.

Photo (c) Barbara Mueller

For more information about the programme please refer to the flyer, which you can download online. For details about curriculum as well as a lot of pictures please visit the programme's website or visit the alumni club website.  

I am one of the students of the first class and I can highly recommend it. The programme provides great access to a broad group of international experts and hands-on tools for the field. You are welcome to contact me directly for more information -


Develop Your Leadership Skills -- 3 Ways to Identify Your Unique Skills

Contributed by Kat Haber

What are your disruptive abilities that can change worlds in an instant, if recognized by you. What sets you apart? You may not even yet know what they are, so here are three ways to identify your unique skill:

  1. Watch your reflexes. What do you do instinctively when you feel most charged up and accomplished? 
  2. Look for confluences. How do your everyday skill merge to create one very unique capability?Listen to compliments. Who is saying what good things about what you can do?
  3. Listen and learn and use these to advance your passions. Those compliments are golden feedback from the universe. Gather them, write them down, recognize that you alone have this combination to get the job done in your way.


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