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Volume 15, Issue 5 ISSN 1939-2656

News on Nature Needs Half
December E-leaf
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Our December E-leaf features a letter from WILD's President Vance Martin.  Read on to learn about WILD's work to expand and apply the vision of Nature Needs Half in 2010 and our plans for 2011!
To our WILD friends --

As I worked with our partners and projects around the world this year, I realized that it is time to "crank up the energy" - to fully acknowledge the current state of our world, create a collective vision and a personal attitude that befits a healthier planet, and to take action to protect more of our planet so that all plants, animals and people on earth can thrive.

Nature Needs Half for webAt WILD, we've fearlessly embraced a holistic vision that addresses both the symptoms we see around us and the underlying causes.   Nature Needs Halfis a global call to action to protect and interconnect at least half of the planet's land and water.  This vision is supported by the best ecosystem science and is achievable when it is applied from the  grass roots, region by region.
Over the past year, we've worked tirelessly to expand and apply this vision by:

Boulder, photo (c) Morgan Heim

LeafWorking in our own neighborhood - Boulder County, where WILD's headquarter office is located, is over half protected already - but this living legacy is at risk of being "loved to death". With local partners, we're highlighting Boulder as a Nature Needs Half™ multi-media case study, while working to address the management challenges and protect this natural treasure for all people, for all time. 

LeafReaching out to partners across the globe - We work daily to expand the network of individuals and organizations who adopt the Nature Needs Half™ vision.  Partners from Latin America to Asia are developing Nature Needs Half™ programs within their own organizations and in their local areas, building the global movement and working toward the global goal. 

LeafFacilitating collaboration - The North American Wilderness Agreement, signed at WILD9 (the 9th World Wilderness Congress, Mexico 2009), encourages and enhances practical collaboration between land management agencies in Mexico, Canada and US.  As the facilitator of this international group,  WILD works with the three governments on a continental-scale vision for wilderness,  encouraging trans-boundary conservation initiatives, collaborative science and training,  and creating new types of protected areas (such as marine and private land wilderness designations) and more.

Carlton Ward, Mali Elephant Project

LeafImplementing on-the-ground field projects - Our ongoing field projects such as the Mali Elephant Project (West Africa) and the Zulu Village project (South Africa) foster the relationship between people and nature.  These hands-on programs work with community members and decision makers to ensure that both people and nature benefit.

In 2011, we'll continue these ongoing efforts, and expand our work through:

Harvey Locke, Canadian Boreal

LeafNew Programs & Projects - In 2011, we will expand our work in Canada, teaming up with government and conservation partners to further the Nature Needs Half™ vision.  Working with The Wilderness Network, In the Tracks of Giants, a new program, will follow traditional elephant migration routes through southern Africa - from Angola to Swaziland - emphasizing interconnected, wild landscapes.

LeafWorld Wilderness Congress - Following on the huge success of WILD9, we are working with our European colleagues to determine the possibility of WILD10, with Nature Needs Half™ as a key organizing theme.

LeafWild-Nature and the Arts - WILD was founded on the principle importance of the human connection to wild-nature.  We continue this work through innovative communications and the arts.  In 2011, we will share international stories of Nature Needs Half™ through numerous online media outlets, fine arts and publications. 

As we look to the New Year, we need your support in order for the Nature Needs Half™ vision to have real, positive and lasting impacts on our planet.

Thank you!!  And, let's go!  Best wishes for a WILD New Year,
Vance signature for E-leaf

Vance Martin

Ps. We have a very special year-end matching gift!
Your contribution today
will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor!  

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