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Volume 15, Issue 4 ISSN 1939-2656

WILD9 Anniversary
November E-leaf
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Nature Needs Half
Collaboration for Wilderness Protection
International League of Conservation Writers
Youth and Young Professionals Update
Wilderness and Climate Change
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Happy Anniversary!

This week we celebrate the one year anniversary of WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress, which convened from 6-13 November 2009).   This edition of the E-leaf includes just a few of the many exciting updates on programs and projects launched at the Congress.

If you're feeling a bit nostalgic, we encourage you to revisit some of your favorite plenary sessions online.  Also, if you wrote a resolution for WILD9, we encourage you to post updates on your work.

Nature Needs Half
An international call to action to protect at least half of the planet, land and water, in an interconnected way.

Nature Needs Half Logo

You likely remember the inspiring launch of Nature Needs Half at the closing of WILD9. (if not, be sure to watch it online!)  In the past year, WILD has engaged in world-wide outreach on this vision. Nature Needs Half is gathering attention and moving forward through policy, communications and on-the-ground projects.  We've found that the message of hope Nature Needs Half provides is contagious!

Nature Needs Half was recently featured in the Sierra Club's August newsletter and the Wilderness Society (USA) annual journal and has an upcoming feature in Sanctuary Asia.  We are actively gathering partners, developing a website and spreading this vision world-wide.  Stay tuned for our 'official' website launch in early December.

Want to get involved?  Let us know...

Collaboration for Wilderness Protection
An update on the North American Wilderness Agreement

Mexican FlagCanadian Flag
US Flag

the first international agreement on wilderness conservation was initiated by WILD and signed by the governments of Mexico, Canada and the US.  This collaborative agreement resulted in six working groups with representatives from each country working on:
  • Marine Wilderness;
  • Wilderness areas manager network, mentoring, training & exchange;
  • Transboundary areas involving public lands with wilderness characteristics;
  • Valuing ecosystem services from wilderness & payment mechanisms; 
  • Visitor experience; and,
  • Ecological monitoring.
In its role as the facilitator of this agreement, WILD prepared a briefing booklet for the working groups and hosted four of the agency directors plus two agency leads at the recent International Conservation Caucus Foundation U.S. Congressional Gala in September 2010.

Update from The International League of Conservation Writers


Following the formation of the International League of Conservation Writers at WILD9, the founding group started reaching out to other conservation writers.  The ILCW now has a strong group of 57 members from 8 countries and is looking to build membership internationally. 

The ILCW is developing a website for members to visit regularly - with exciting and valuable content and a place to post their own news about projects and samples of their writing.  The website will also be marketed to outside professionals for connecting and engaging with members for writing projects in magazines and other media.

Membership is open to any creative professional who writes, or creates, to inspire the love of nature and a passion for its protection. In addition to writers ILCW members are musicians, cartoonists, playwrights, screenwriters, painters, poets, etc.

Visit the ILCW website or contact Patty Maher for more information.

Young Professional Digest
Connecting emerging leaders in conservation

WILD, Uxmal

At WILD9, we gathered a fantastic group of emerging leaders from all over the world.  We heard from these young leaders that they wanted to create a network that:
  • provides information about jobs and events;
  • connects them with peers and senior leaders;
  • shares information;
  • is a resource for professional development opportunities.
So, we've started a "Youth and Young Leader Digest."  Each month, we will compile contributions from young and established leaders alike on opportunities or announcements for young leaders, intergenerational collaboration and updates on projects involving young leaders.

Wilderness & Climate Change
An Update on the Message from Merida

Monkey, Patricio Robles Gil
photo (c) Patricio Robles Gil
The "Message from Merida," signed by nearly 90 organizations and 400 individuals, was designed as an international call to action with specific policy guidelines to integrate and prioritize wilderness and biodiversity conservation into global climate change strategy.

Following WILD9, WILD presented the "Message from Merida" to government delegates and circulated through NGO networks and other decision makers.  We also brought the conversation of wilderness and climate change to the Copenhagen climate negotiations in December 2009.

Working with the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat, we promoted wilderness and wilderness protected areas within CBD meetings. Specifically, we organized a workshop in Costa Rica and an event at the Nagoya CBD conference (October 2010) on an innovative approach to combining wilderness conservation, biodiversity protection, and climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits.

Working with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), we integrated key elements of the Message from Merida  into IUCN's policy statements.

Quotes & Comments
What we heard from WILD9 delegates

"WILD9 worked. No other conservation event consistently achieves so much for humans and nature," Prof Brendan Mackey, Fenner School of Environment & Sociaty, The Australian National University.

"The conference gave me a whole new perspective of wilderness, different from the very personal, emotional, and spiritual place that was for me. Many people from the seminar and the conference, inspired me to keep going with love, hope, and new strengths," Carla
Mora-Trejos, Costa Rica, Clemson University graduate student.

"It was very important to me to participate in such an important event; I met people that I had only seen on TV (wow!). It was an experience that changed my life, both as a student and as a person," Efrain Leonel Perales, Ecology Student at Sonora University; Comcaac Community member.

"I came back from WILD9 with a deep conviction that what I am doing is true. I have shared my stories with others and have found others to be an inspiration," Aida Abidin, Malaysia.

"To share with the organizers and participants the dreams for a better world gave the energy to develop my work with more effectiveness and focus. It was like to have discovered the ecological objectives of environmentalism again!"  Jesus Delgado, Brazil.

Have a story to share about your experience at WILD9 or anther World Wilderness Congress?  Be part of the WWC Chronicles and submit your story to Emily (Emily@wild.org).