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Ivory Debate Sparks Concern for
African Elephants

Proposal to CITES by United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia for a sell-off of ivory raises concern worldwide.

Elephant by Boyd Norton (1)

The African elephant is currently protected by international law, however dramatic increases in illegal poaching for ivory and wide-spread drought threatens the future of these gentle giants.  And the situation could get much worse....

Tanzania, home to the second largest elephant population in Africa, and Zambia have proposed a one-time sell off of over 80 tons of ivory.  CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, is the 175 member international governing body that will approve or reject the proposal during their March meeting in Doha, Qatar.  Other African governments, some members of the European Union and conservation groups world-wide are actively lobbying against the proposal, which could escalate the already rampant illegal poaching through-out Africa.  Some African governments, including South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are also trying to lift the ban on sales.

The illegal ivory trade is ravaging elephant populations across Africa and the recent increase in poaching is directly attributed to an approved "one-time" sale in 2007.  The Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania) reports 50 elephant kills per month, with the ivory going directly into Asian markets.   Conservation experts warn that approval of the one-time sell off  would "throw fuel into the fire."

With pressure on African elephants escalating, it is  important to keep all populations of elephants healthy and safe.  Our work with the desert elephants of Mali, one the of the last herds in the arid Sahel region, works with communities to protect this unique herd. Learn more about how the current ivory debate could impact all elephants in Africa >

Watch WILD9 Online!
WILD9 plenary presentations online in English & Spanish.

Pres. CalderonCouldn't make it to WILD9 or miss a key speaker in Merida?  Good news - you can watch the WILD9 plenary presentations in high-quality video on!  Right now, we have presentations from Friday 6, November (opening day of WILD9) through Tuesday 10, November posted - most in English and Spanish!  Highlights include:

President of Mexico Felipe Calderon announcing the first international agreement on cooperation for wilderness protection between the US, Canada and Mexico; and,

Dr. Jane Goodall's moving speech on "Conservation Heroes and Hope for our World." 

Browse all WILD9 Videos > 
Exciting Announcements for the Flathead
Protection of the scenic & diverse Flathead River Valley

We're very pleased to report a few major milestones in the Flathead River Valley Campaign!   A UN report in late January called for a ban on mining in the Flathead and in mid-February the government of British Columbia announced it's intention to ban mining in the valley. 

Also, "Flathead Wild," a film produced by the International League of Conservation Photographers with partners including WILD, recently premiered at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in California.

This campaign is critically important because the rich biodiversity in the Flathead and its location within the Yellowstone to Yukon conservation corridor.  Protection is urgent - the Flathead is a target for mining, timber extraction and off-road vehicle use. WILD looks forward to future collaboration with the Flathead Campaign and encourages you to stay up-to-date on this important conservation initiative.  
"The elephant is a metaphor for the yearning for forgotten conversations between humans, the Earth and all living things" Andries Botha, sculptor & founder of the Human Elephant Foundation.

The Matriarch, Nomkhubulwane, traveled nearly 10,000 miles for WILD9 in November.  Throughout WILD9, the 9 ft tall sculpture by Andries Botha our of recycled tires, stood as an awe-inspiring symbol of nature, the human relationship with planet Earth and of WILD's deep-rooted connection to Africa.

At the close of WILD9 she continued on her journey, catalyzing conversations and promoting the protection of wild-nature.  She rang in the New Year at the Papalote Children's Museum in Mexico City and has now begun her US tour starting in El Paso Texas,  then onto Fayetteville Arkansas, Chicago, Montana and Detroit.  Invite Nomkhubulwane to your town >
The WWC Chronicles
Stories of hope and inspiration from the World Wilderness Congress

Efrain Leonel Perales, WILD9
With more than 1800 delegates from 50 nations, the connections, stories and personal and professional outcomes of WILD9 are truly inspiring and we want to hear them! Read Leonel Perales's story from WILD9 > 
As part of our ongoing commitment to story-telling, which started around the fire in the wilderness between Ian Player, founder of WILD, and his mentor Makhubu Ntombela, we are gathering stories from WILD9 to build the WWC Chronicles!  Send us the story of your WILD9 experience and how WILD9 has influenced you personally and/or professionally.  Please also include a photo of you at WILD9 or in your field of work and be part of WILD's living story. 

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Motive Collective's Instinctive Recycled Bags and Backpacks are environmentally responsible, made of 100% recycled main body fabric, buckles and webbing and feature unique, nature inspired artwork.  The manufacturing is certified by the Fair Labor Association and each bag has a life time take-back policy with Motive Collective.  AND, Motive Collective contributes at least 1% of their gross annual sales to support WILD's work for wilderness, wildlife and people.  Check them out today >

Each year the International Journal of Wilderness publishes leading articles in the field of wilderness, such as the 2009 "Nature of the Climate" by Harvey Locke and Brendan Mackey.  The International Journal of Wilderness is the tool of choice for wilderness advocates and managers, publishing wilderness news and events, management articles, new studies and inspirational essays from leading conservationists. 

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