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December, 2009
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Vol. 13, Issue 4, ISSN 1939-2656

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WILD9 is a Success!
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The practical results for wilderness and people were many and varied, and just as important was the shared sense of enthusiasm and hope at WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress (6-13 November 2009, Merida, Mexico).  Thank you for being a part of this globally important gathering, either in person or in spirit!  

With 1800 delegates from 50 countries and over 10,000 online participants from 100 countries,  WILD9 brought together leaders, communities and partners from around the world to focus on the most imperative environmental issues of our time, especially how protecting wilderness averts climate change and supports human well-being.  The results - 44 targeted resolutions and many outcomes, listed below.

President of Mexico Felipe Calderon officially opened WILD9, promising to take the nature conservation message to the Copenhagen climate negotiations.  Jane Goodall and a full slate of experts and leaders filled out the plenary program and 300 scientists, managers, conservation photographers, writers and tribal leaders presented their work in concurrent sessions. 

This is why I congratulate The WILD Foundation for three decades of tireless efforts, because thanks to you we know there is a direct relationship between wilderness protection and curbing global warming," President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon at WILD9 Opening Ceremony, 6 November 2009.

While WILD9 was a huge success, pushing ahead with this ambitious global agenda in a time of global financial recession has impacted both The WILD Foundation and our partners in Mexico, Unidos para la Conservacion.  We hope that you will consider a contribution to WILD9, supporting the great outcomes and assisting us in pursuing the ambitious goals set during WILD9. 
WILD9 Outcomes
Message from MeridaThe Message from Merida: An international call to action with specific policy guidelines to integrate wilderness and biodiversity conservation into the global climate change strategy.  Join the 70 organizations and 400 individuals who have signed-onto the Message from Merida > 
The first international agreement on wilderness conservation, initiated by WILD, announced by President Calderon at WILD9 and signed by the governments of Mexico, Canada and the US.
Launching the first-ever Corporate Commitment to Wilderness, a results-orientated initiative signed by 15 corporations.
New protected areas in Mexico, plus the intention to create the first marine wilderness areas in the US, a commitment to significantly increase coverage in the Yucatan, Mexico, and a private sector commitment to protect 50,000 hectares in the Carpathian Mountains (Romania). 
jaguarsLocal outreach to inspire conservation action, including a project with local charities to create 20 jaguar sculptures which now decorate the city of Merida.  The jaguars were painted by disadvantaged youth from Merida and will be auctioned to raise money for the youth programs and awareness for wild-nature.
 See the jaguars >
Wilderness and Water - Announcements by the Government of Mexico including:
  • A new national standard starting in 2010, that sets minimum standards of adequate water flow in rivers to support wild lands and natural systems; and,
  • A national inventory of wetlands to determine the current state of these ecosystems, learn about the goods and services it provides and consider measures for conservation and sustainable management.
Launch of the Marine Wilderness Collaborative (MWC) to join stakeholders in a consensus-driven process to define the term "marine wilderness" and set common objectives for the management of marine wilderness protected areas. 
Extensive use of new communications tools, including live-video, blogging and more to expand the global wilderness community. 
WILD, Uxmal

Engaging young leaders on substantive issues of wilderness, biodiversity and climate change.
Creation of six new Intergovernmental Working Groups involving US, Canadian, Mexican, and other government agencies to stimulate ongoing collaboration on conservation matters concerning Payments for Ecosystem Services, Marine Wilderness, Recreation & Visitor Experience, Fire Management, Wildlife & Biodiversity, and Public-Private Partnerships. 
Government agency collaboration with NGO and indigenous  partners to strengthen peer-to-peer networks and produce numerous targeted trainings such as the 2nd Global Wilderness Forum for Government Agencies, Wilderness Management Training, Payments for Ecosystem Services workshops,  Climate Change Training for Protected Area Managers, Wilderness Policy for Latin American Attorneys, Global Wildlands Connectivity workshops, Native Lands and Wilderness Council,  Wildland Watershed Management, and more.
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Launching the concept of wilderness as tierras silvestres (wilderness) in Latin American public awareness, professional endeavor and culture.

Read more outcomes & accomplishments of WILD9

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