January 2012  

Hot HR Topics For The New Year


2011 is behind us and it was some year - unusual weather patterns, unexpected natural disasters, new technology offerings, financial markets on a rollercoaster ride, economic recovery hiccupping starts/stops - but here we are, ready to tackle 2012 and setting our sights on success. Let's narrow the scope of the lens and focus on accomplishing Human Resources resolutions for 2012!


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Two Things You THINK You Know About
Using Online Pictures... But You Have NO Idea

We all have heard the warnings, "be careful what you post on the internet you never know where it will end up." Or how about, "downloading free music, pictures and videos?"  You might be saying "not possible your privacy settings are iron clad" and "it's not stealing if you get it from Google.  Guess what, you would be wrong.  This article will discuss something you may not have known about Facebook and how using Google images can get you a hefty fine of $1,000.00 or more. 


Employees Ranting On Facebook...

Free Speech Or Disparagment?


Practices are facing a growing number of civil charges over disciplinary actions spurred by online comments from employees.  Is it freedom of speech or is it disparagment?  The attached article attempts to give us all clarity on the issue.  While we suggest keeping your comments offline, should you encounter online comments, this article will help you start to navigate the complex world of social media rants.


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Is Your Mission Statement Mission Critical? 



The new year is upon us and VBA decided it was time to evaluate our mission statement and core values.  It took a few months of going through the process and see how we have evolved over the last few years but we are proud of our finished product and would like to share it with you.  It is our hope that you will be inspired to take a look at your own mission statement and core values with your staff to see where your practice is and where you want to go over the next few years.


Veterinary Business Advisor's mission is to empower individuals and practices to manage all aspects of the veterinary profession by transforming the way veterinarians do business. We provide services tailored to meet the specific and dynamic needs of each individual. We build value for our clients by consistently producing superior results. In pursuit of this mission, we will be governed by the following core values that provide direction and consistency in our decision making.


Our first core value is Passion.


We are committed to achieving an ongoing pursuit of excellence for our clients, for the advancement of their business and the future of the veterinary industry. We are dedicated, enthusiastic and inspired professionals, driven to improve the business environment of the profession . Passion and determination are contagious and we believe our clients will feel energized by these values.


We also created our internal measure of how we can follow through with our values.


Provides client-centric care and is responsible for optimal business 'welfare' of each individual client.  Seeks to understand the client's experience and expectations to nurture the relationships we create.  Communicates professionally, authentically and proactively.  Expresses empathy, compassion, humility and integrity.


Tell us what passion means to you and how do you use it in your practice?   

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