May 2011  
Job Descriptions
Why do I need to Write Them?


Drafting job descriptions requires time, effort and creativity.  The focus needs to be on what the job requirements are to support your Practice's current needs and long-term objectives.  Without a job description, it is not possible for an individual to properly commit to or be held accountable for the position's role and responsibilities.  The tendency when having to create a job description is to under-estimate the strategic nature of the role, ignore the necessary competencies to perform the responsibilities and be too detailed with operating instructions (which should be in either a standard operating procedures or operational manual). (Click here to read full article) 


Examples of job descriptions can be found in our HR ToolKit.  For more information on our HR ToolKit (Click here)


How do You Recruit New Employees?


recruitVBA in conjunction with VESPA posted the question:  Do you have a recruiting policy about hiring employees from your neighboring practices?  Further, if you do have a candidate; do you speak to the owner of the practice before making an offer or hiring?  The answers we received were widely varied from never hiring from a neighboring practice unless the candidate has not been working for that practice for at least 6 months to all bets are off and anyone is fair game!  Some practice owners even feel it is up to them to create an environment that will not only attract the best and the brightest but also prevent employees from wanting to jump ship!


Is it ethical to recruit from a neighboring practice?  Will you be able to maintain good business relations? And what do you hope to gain by speaking to the owner of the practice before hiring an individual?  If your request is not met with a "please take my employee," will you still hire that person? 


This issue is very circumstance specific and the recommendation will vary and require exploring the different "actions" one wishes to consider and more importantly the consequences.    


Thank you to all who participated in our survey and a very special thank you to Katherine Dobbs, RVT, CVPM, PHR President and Founder of VESPA.   

Action Alert

Congress is attempting to pass a bill which will REQUIRE all veterinarians to write a prescription at the time of prescribing, regardless if they are dispensing the product to their client.  Veterinarians would also be obligated to disclose to all pet owners that they may fill the prescription through the prescribing veterinarian or another pharmacy.

What can VBA do for you?


VBA can ensure that your practice is I-9 compliant!  What is an I-9 Form?  An I-9 Form; also known as The Employment Eligibility Verification Form is a US Citizenship and Immigration Services Form that is required by law.  In compliance with the law, each new employee (who has been hired after November 6, 1986), as a condition of employment, must complete an I-9 Form. 


The I-9 Form requires the employee to attest that he/she is authorized to work in the job for which he/she was hired and that the documents the employee is submitting are genuine.  New employees must present documentation establishing identity and employment eligibility before the Practice is authorized to pay them.  Former employees who are rehired must also complete the I-9 Form and present the required documentation.  It is the Employer's responsibility to ensure that the form is filled out properly and in a timely manner.  If not, the employer can be fined even if all of their employees are legal workers. 


Are you I-9 compliant?


More information on I-9 compliance can be found in our HR Toolkit.  For more information on our HR Toolkit (Click here).

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