April 2011  
Veterinarian & Paraprofessional Compensation
Benchmarking to Gauge 'How do I Compare'? 


The veterinary profession does not have all the data it needs to assess its business performance and acumen, but it does have an abundance of benchmark information that is readily available to gauge the alignment of a practice's compensation ranges, for associates and paraprofessionals compensation.  The accessibility of publications, articles and books, provides both quick snapshots and in-depth reading material to be used as reference points, practical tips and 'how-to-do-it' procedures.  To take advantage of such resources, it takes time and discipline to set aside time to read and digest the information.  More importantly, veterinarians are missing a valuable opportunity to raise the bar for their practices, if they are unable to implement the pearls of wisdom gathered from these resources. 


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Do you have a no-show or cancellation policy for operative procedures? 


VBA in conjunction with VESPA posted the question:  Does your practice have a no-show or cancellation policy for operative procedures in which you charge the client a percentage of the estimate if they are a no-show on the day of, or have cancelled within a certain time period of, the scheduled operative procedure appointment? 


Most everyone who participated in the survey answered with a resounding NO!  There was a small percentage of participants who stated that they keep the deposit collected prior to the procedure if the client does not give at least 24 hours notice prior to cancellation. 


Thank you to all who participated in our survey.  If you would like to review the complete list of questions from the survey (click here).   

The North American Veterinary Medical Consortium


The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges invited close to 400 groups and organizations that have an interest in veterinary medicine education and launched the North American Veterinary Medical Consortium (NAVMEC).  Approximately 200 groups and individuals have joined the Consortium and together have taken on one of the most comprehensive efforts ever to ensure that veterinary medical education meets society's changing needs. 


We urge you to review the draft NAVMEC report, recommendations and competencies at www.navmec.org.  When you visit the site you will also have the opportunity to submit any comments or suggestions.


What can VBA do for you?


VBA can create a pay matrix for all your employees!  Are you in the process of hiring a new associate or paraprofessional?  Or maybe you would like to take the opportunity to evaluate your current compensation package?  VBA is here to assist you.  Call today and schedule a consultation with Ms. Lisa Bell or Dr. Charlotte Lacroix. 


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