September 2010  
Organizational Charts - a Key to Successful Growth
All Practices have an organizational structure in place, though most of them are informal and not documented.  Having a written, formal organizational chart can play a major role in the development of your staff and the successful growth of your Practice.  It can serve as a blueprint for the development of the management team, a roadmap for hiring/developing employees, a tool to improve the access/flow of information and a process framework to increase productivity /operational efficiency.  The organizational chart provides a visual method for communicating valuable information to all employees.
There Is No Excuse For Not Practicing Through A Company!
Why do I need a company? You need a company for three reasons:
First, you can usually cut your tax bill.  If you form a company and elect "S corporation" ("S" for "small") status with the IRS, you can (within limits) reduce the payroll taxes on the amounts you pay yourself.  Certain requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for S corp status, but almost all veterinarian practices can satisfy them.

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Human Resources Calendar of Events - 2011

2011 is around the corner and in preparation for the upcoming year, we have put together a calendar of what Human Resources activities should be penciled in on your appointment book or marked on your outlook calendar, so that you are proactively prepared to administer or address each event timely.  We have made the assumption that the calendar year and your Practice's fiscal year run concurrently.  But you can take any listed activity below, place it in the month that you need to begin the activity, so that you have enough planned lead time to get the event executed successfully according to your own schedule.  Not all activities may pertain to your Practice (some depend on the number of employees working for you) and the list is comprehensive but not all inclusive - it is meant to get you thinking about Human Resources related activities and functions for the upcoming year.
Human Resources Toolkit Now Available

VBA is proud to announce the introduction of the Human Resources Toolkit.  This comprehensive set of tools and forms provides valuable information about a broad range of concepts, transactions, documents, practices, behaviors and objectives arising out of the relationship between an employer and its employees.  The overriding premise for developing the HR Toolkit was to enhance a practice's overall approach to maintaining a positive, productive and cohesive work environment consistent with its stated mission statement, core values and culture.  It serves to support and guide myriad decisions that are made during the course of recruiting, screening, hiring, training, compensating, assessing, coaching, counseling, disciplining and terminating employees.  The Toolkit further supports compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations governing and impacting the employment relationship by: 
Ensuring all candidates for employment are afforded the opportunity to apply and receive due consideration for hiring in accordance with applicable fair employment and hiring laws and practices.
  • Mitigating misunderstandings concerning various terms and conditions of employment.
  • Helping newly hired employees assimilate into a practice by providing the framework for the early stages of their careers with the practice. 
  • Supporting the creation and maintenance of records and reports documenting numerous aspects of the employment relationship.
  • Providing managers with the necessary tools to effectively monitor and manage employee performances through the development of carefully crafted performance goals and measurement methods
  • Developing the tools needed to document and record all conflict resolution activities between employees and management. 
 If you would like information about how to purchase the Human Resources Toolkit, please contact Cindy at 908-782-4426 or use the Send Us Feedback link below to send us an email.
Black's Student Veterinary Dictionary now available on your Blackberry!

Updated and revised since 1928, Black's Student Veterinary Dictionary has been the primary reference on animal health and husbandry matters for generations of veterinary practioners, students, farmers and pet ownersIt is now available in the palm of your hands on your Blackberry Smartphone. 

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