August 2010  
The Power of One
Do you ever feel as if you have no power or influence over  anything that happens at work?  Do you think that because maybe you are a new employee, or because you are just another person on staff that you do not have the ability to make things happen in your workplace because you feel all the decisions are made by those above you?  Or that your voice isn't heard? 
Many people feel this way in all industries.   It is a common thing to base your actions on how the business is run organizationally.  Does this cause you to feel lackluster about your job, and does everyday just feel like a routine to you? 
Leading Now, Leading for the Future 
Defining the Competencies required of Successful Leaders
Are you showing up as a leader for your practice?  Is there leadership depth within your practice organization?  What is the value proposition of leadership competencies for your practice?  What is the profile of a successful leader?  As your practice continues to flourish, you should be thinking about what leadership skills and behaviors can contribute to superior performance from all employees and positively impact a practice's bottom line.  Defining the leadership competencies that are distinctive to your practice will help you to create and sustain a competitive advantage.  
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Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs 

Veterinary healthcare employees that handle hazardous drugs face many health risks.  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest establishing a program to provide protectice measures for all veterinary healthcare workers exposed to hazardous drugs and waste.
In June 2010, NIOSH and the CDC issued an instructional publication with recommendations on handling hazardous drugs and waste in a veterinary practice.
For additional information on Controlled Substances in your veterinary practice, please visit our website for an article on DEA regulations.
navc   NAVC has a new website!                   
 If you haven't visited the NAVC site recently, please do for updatees on their 2011 conference and additional information. 
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Attending a CE meeting?
Meet One of VBA's Consultants!
Along with the academic year, continuing education (CE) season begins.  If you would like to meet with our consultants at any of the venues you are attending, please contact us.  The list of meetings our consultants will be in attendance, can be found on our website (Click here for VBA website)under the Calendar tab.  
Please call or email our office at (908) 782-4426 or [email protected] to schedule a meeting. 
We look forward to meeting you!
VSIPP Boot Camp - Philadelphia, PA October 3, 2010
The Boot Camp is a full day of intense educational seminars for the veterinary solo/small practice owners/managers who find it difficult to be away from their practice multiple days to attend the annual Veterinary Specialists in Private Practice (VSIPP) Conference.
HR Staffing, Operations, Marketing and Service will be the focus of your instructors, Shawn McVey, Robin Brogdon and Charlotte Lacroix. 
Who should attend?

Emergency room and solo/small practice owners and managers who uphold busy, time-limiting schedules and would benefit from a fast-paced, one-day educational conference.
The boot camp will help attendees illuminate the right risk management infrastructure for their practice and make operations more coherent and manageable.
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