July 2010  

FDA Warning About Online Pet Pharmacies



 The veterinary industry has been infiltrated with online consumer mercantilism with the birth of online pet pharmacies.  They are effective competitors with eye catching advertisements that will grab your client's attention and promise to have the lowest prices and best products.  How are your clients supposed to make an informed decision about what is best for their pet?  How will they know they are getting the best value for their dollar?  Are there health risks associated with such products? 
Some of these sites are fronts for businesses breaking Federal, State, and sometimes, International laws and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally made a statement with the launch of two brochures you can use to educate your clients.  Per the FDA, illegal online pharmacies may sell medicines that are counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly formulated, or improperly made or stored.  They may not contain the actual drug, the correct amount of drug, or have the proper directions for use.  These medicines may contain contaminants or have been stored in conditions that were too hot, cold, or humid. 
Through its brochures, the FDA educates consumers on the dangers of online pet pharmacies.  It suggests that consumers consult with their veterinarians first to see if they would match the "discount" price offered by the competitor.  The benefit from obtaining medications from practitioners is in knowing and trusting the source of the product.   Additionally, one of FDA's brochures states that consumers should be A.W.A.R.E......
Reward Programs

Why Implement? Do you have one? Does it work?
Many veterinary practices offer some form of monetary/no monetary reward program to their employees to recognize and encourage good performance- a key motivational tool.  Reward programs are most effective when employees know about their existence and the programs are dynamic to meet the practice's evolving needs.
Why implement?  Through reward programs, practices can recognize exceptional accomplishments, motivate staff, contribute to job satisfaction, increase productivity, attract talent, establish the organizational culture and decrease turnover.  The first step in using rewards to maximize motivation is to develop a strategic rewards framework. Different types of programs are effective, depending on specific goals they are intended to accomplish such as 1) motivating top-performing employees to continue a high level of achievement, 2) achieving business goals, 3) improving employee morale and satisfaction, 4) retaining top-performing employees, 5) educational achievement and 6) recruiting new employees. 
Veterinarians Poised to Help in Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Dr. Michael Ziccardi, Professor at UC Davis and Director of California's renowned Oiled Wildlife Care Network, has taken his experise to Louisana to help with wildlife rescue efforts.
Dr. Norm Griggs began calling friends one week after the disaster and had 1,700 volunteers signed up to help, and four days later, after sounding an alarm on Facebook, Griggs had 7,000 volunteers.
Dr. Charles Innis, chief veterinarian at the New England Aquarium is in New Orleans, where he will assist with the treatment of sea turtles rescued from the Gulf oil spill. The Boston-based veterinarian is recognized as a leading authority in the treatment of the Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, the world's most endangered and at great risk from the spill.
How can we help?
There are many ways you can donate money to help with the cleanup and rescue of the wildlife in the affected areas. There is an organization called 
Matter of Trust  They collect hair from groomers, hair salons, and veterinarians in order to help soak up oil. They create booms using this donated hair and fur. We all know that hair "soaks up" oil - that's why we need to shampoo. If you know a groomer or hair salon in your area, let them know about this option. It's a great way to help.
Many other organizations are willing to take monetary donations. They include:
Defenders of Wildlife - The DOW are also encouraging people to call the White House to prevent further drilling offshore. If you're so inclined, you can do so by calling 202-456-1111.   
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Alert to S-Corp Owners! 
Contact your VMA and the AVMA to express opposition to a provision changing the tax treatment for small S-corps. The change was included in the House-approved version of the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Bill of 2010 
(HR 4213).    The provision would 1) make income generated from S-corporations with three or fewer skilled employees who engaged in a "professional service business" subject to payroll tax; 2) effectively increases taxes by about 14%; and 3) be particularly hard on the small practitioners discouraging investment and burdening costs of operations.                              
What Can VBA Do For YOU?

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Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc. is now offering a
Human Resources Tool Kit.  It is a comprehensive
set of tools and forms that provides valuable
information about a broad range of concepts,
transactions, documents, practices, behaviors and objectives arising out of the
relationship between an employer and its employees.  
 The complete table of contents for the tool kit is available on our website, (Click here to view HR Tool Kit Table of Contents).
For additional information or if you have any questions regarding the tool kit, please call our office at (908) 782-4426. 
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