June 2010  

Social Networking: How Does It Affect YOU?



At just past 6pm on an undisclosed date an employee wrote on Facebook: "OMG (oh my god) I hate my job!  My boss is a total ******, always making me do **** stuff just to **** me off!! ******!"

An older man who is pictured wearing sunglasses, wrote to her at 10.53pm the same day: "Hi, I guess you forgot about adding me on here?"

He added: "Firstly, don't flatter yourself. Secondly, you've worked here for 5 months, Thirdly, that **** stuff' is called your 'job', you know, what I pay you to do. But the fact that you seem to be able to **** up the simplest of tasks might contribute to how you feel about it."

"And lastly, you also seem to have forgotten that you have 2 weeks left on your 6 month trial period. Don't bother coming in tomorrow."

Unfortunately, conversations like this are happening quite frequently these days, due to the influx of social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.  Status updates and blogging about personal lives, daily activities, politics, social gatherings, and news topics are becoming a staple in the daily routines of many people.  While simply posting information about an event you attended or how sick you may feel one day, may not be anything to be concerned about, it is when people speak disparagingly about their job, their boss, customers or co-workers that it could cause irreparable damage.  

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Controlled Substances in Your Practice
It's a typical morning at the I Love Pets Animal Hospital.  Associates are seeing clients, doing surgeries, technicians are caring for boarded pets, bills are getting paid and inventory is getting ordered.  For Dr. Doolittle, the practice's owner, life is good.
Then a man walks into reception, identifies himself as a DEA inspector and "requests" to conduct an immediate audit of the practice's controlled substance inventory. 
As practice manager Suzie Q performs her normal duties of ordering medications for the practice, something very wrong is taking place.  Ever since an automobile accident, Suzie suffers from chronic back pain, but her physician stopped prescribing pain medication because he suspected Suzie was becoming addicted to the drug.  Having access to the practice's controlled substance inventory and responsible for ordering its drugs, Suzie has been using Dr. Doolittle's DEA number to sneak her back pain medication in with the practice's drug orders. 
Because his DEA number was used, the violations occurred at his practice, and because the practice kept no accurate records of the drugs being ordered, dispensed, or disposed of, Dr. Doolittle is responsible for the violations, and now faces Federal criminal prosecution, and if convicted, fines and jail time.

Does your practice have in place a controlled substance chain of custody procedure?  Are the controlled substances in your practice secured?

Lisa Bell has joined our team!!

Please  join us in welcoming Lisa Bell, who has recently joined our team as a Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant.  
Lisa Bell is a passionate leader with more than 18 years of diverse human resources, organizational design/development and business transformation experience.  She has demonstrated success in driving business results with the implementation of HR operational efficiencies, prudent financial management, leading change management strategies and maximizing the organizational health of companies. 
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Smallest Horse in the World
Horses: They are large, powerful, majestic creatures. We measure the output of car engines by relating to the power of horses. But sometimes, all you want is a tiny horse.
Einstein, a pinto stallion, is believed to be the world's smallest horse. He was 14 inches tall at birth and weighs 6 pounds. On paper, that makes him the smallest horse on Earth. The current record holder is Thumbelina, a 17-and-a-half-inch tall chestnut mare. His owner is waiting on confirmation before he is crowned the tiniest.
Einstein was born April 23, 2010 at Tiz-a-Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, N.H. Because of his diminutive size, his breeder, Judy Smith, thought he wouldn't make it.


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