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ACME's New Event Productions Trailer
This is the year to give your community the gift of outdoor movies. No matter what your budget is, we will work with you to get you the outdoor movie system you've always wanted. Contact us today to place your order!

We recently featured ACME Outdoor Movie Company on the official Open Air Cinema blog and interviewed Harry Williams, ACME's event producer. Harry stated:

With an outdoor movie screen, if you want to make money you can easily create a show on your own; essentially anywhere and anytime.  How many other service businesses can you think of that have that much flexibility and potential to generate revenue?"

Read more about how ACME has used Open Air Cinema's high definition outdoor movie equipment to develop a successful events production company!

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ACME's High Definition Outdoor Movie Equipment
Cinebox Elite HD Console
Cinebox Elite HD A/V Console

In the interview on the OAC Blog, Harry Winters of ACME stated, "
I would advise anyone interested in entering this business to buy the absolute best equipment they can afford." Such action paid off for ACME, as they are booked to capacity with their new productions company! Check out the equipment ACME purchased below: 







Call 866-802-8202 to place your order today!

The Event Producer's Tacklebox: An Open Air Exclusive
Event Producer's Tackle Box


Open Air Cinema's Event Producer's Tacklebox is a must-have for any outdoor movie event producer. Whether you are running an event productions company, producing events for your city, entertaining the troops at your military base, or watching your favorite film with family and friends, the Event Producer's Tacklebox provides an audio visual connector for virtually every situation.    


Read more about the Event Producer's Tacklebox, and how the Open Air Cinema relied upon the connectors on our recent trip to Haiti!