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A New Look at New Year's Resolutions
Exercise: Creating My Future Life
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Issue: #1 January 2009

I write this first newsletter on the heels of the historic inauguration of President Barak Obama!  It echoes my intention for the newsletter: to provide readers with everyday tools that help us design and build a more intentional life. My goal is to share select techniques from Life Coaching that work to move people away from living in the familiar mode of reaction and default.  In my clients I have seen that stuck/habitual and (often) crippling mode replaced gradually with a more authentic one characterized by intentionality and actualized dreams.These newsletters will offer readers a useful assortment of Life Coaching nuggets -- actual practices, exercises, new ideas and even old ideas that deserve to be revisited. It will help you live your days differently, which will impact your life. Annie Dillard captures my sentiment exactly when she says:

  How we spend our days is how we spend our 

Read on and enjoy your life!
A New Look at New Year's Resolutions:
Creating the List for Your Future Life
Art by Ian Mikusko The New Year embodies a fresh start, a blank page, and it prompts the making of resolutions for many. In essence, this ritual invites us to examine our personal futures and ask: What do I want? Wishing to lose ten pounds or exercise more often (a personal favorite) sounds familiar. But these are very short-term goals. I encourage digging deeper to uncover the greater desires that lie beneath the weight loss or the exercise. Is it to remain healthy in order to live longer? Is it to be attractive in order to feel good about ourselves? Is it to age gracefully and remain independent? The underlying desires are worth acknowledging and are essential to be on the resolution list. 

Why? Although there are a multitude of reasons, in keeping with this newsletter's message I will simply say that what we think about is more likely to happen than not. Therefore it makes sense to think about what we really want for our lives.

Do you hear a little voice saying: "This is childish. If I  write down that I  want to win a million dollars from the lottery, it doesn't mean that it will happen, especially if I don't buy lottery tickets. Get real!"  I encourage you to ignore that voice and continue reading.

In the example of wanting a lottery ticket, the key is asking what that lottery ticket will provide.  Money to buy a small cabin in Montana in retirement to fish three months of the year? The ability to open a small business in Victoria, British Columbia? The resources to spend one month of every year near the ocean?  When we uncover the dream linked to the lottery ticket, we are doing important work for our future lives.

An Exercise: Creating My Future Life
Woman in a boat

Take 10 minutes (yes, you do have ten minutes) and begin to list what you want in your future.  You may want to (and I recommend it) create multiple lists because it's helpful to consider what you want in your life three years from now, five years from now, ten, twenty, thirty.

When you are done, notice how you feel.Expanded? Excited? Hopeful? 

Keep this list handy. Buy a notebook and enter it there. Keep the notebook with you at all times or by your bedside or on your workdesk, so that when a desire surfaces, you can write it down and capture it.

Refer to the list on a regular basis. This is an important reminder to yourself of your dreams and it is an essential component of activating your dreams. How is this so?

I paraphrase the explanation based on what Robert Fritz, author, and many others have said:

The people who focus on what is, will create more of what is. And the people who focus on what could be, will begin to create "what could be".

Pass It On
Brady Mikusko
Even as the world is changing in ways that are certainly unknown at this point in time, I am personally renewed in my commitment to my coaching work and inspired to reach out and share skills that I believe are essential to well being and well doing. Please pass this on to others, if you are so inspired,  and enjoy your list making!

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Wishing you well,

Brady Mikusko, Life Coach
author of Be Smart: Prepare Yourself for Divorce Mediation