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Vol. 3, Issue: # 32                                                                  November 19, 2010
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Illinois State Comptroller's Office Releases More Funds
We received notice today that the Illinois State Comptroller's Office has processed two additional transfers of $1,742,000 each into the Live & Learn Fund that should allow the following FY10 obligations to be paid to the Illinois Library Systems.  With these releases, all FY10 library system payments for the nine multitype systems will be complete.
The payments that should be released are:
Chicago Public Library System           Voucher 20303           $239,821.91
DuPage Library System                      Voucher 20304           $106,679.92
Alliance Library System                       Voucher 20311           $162,011.33
DuPage Library System                      Voucher 20313           $106,679.92
Lewis & Clark Library System             Voucher 20314           $  94,007.99
Lincoln Trail Libraries System             Voucher 20315           $  71,636.86
Metropolitan Library System               Voucher 20316           $279,305.23
North Suburban Library System         Voucher 20317            $213,705.36
Prairie Area Library System                Voucher 20318           $236,572.39
Rolling Prairie Library System             Voucher 20319           $  68,160.00
Shawnee Library System                    Voucher 20320           $124,265.67
Chicago Public Library System           Voucher 20312           $239,821.91
Alliance Library System                      Voucher 20321            $182,172.05
DuPage Library System                      Voucher 20323           $119,955.19
Lewis & Clark Library System             Voucher 20324           $105,706.37
Lincoln Trail Libraries System            Voucher 20325            $  80,551.36
Metropolitan Library System               Voucher 20326           $314,062.02
North Suburban Library System         Voucher 20327           $240,298.89
Prairie Area Library System                Voucher 20328           $266,011.50
Rolling Prairie Library System            Voucher 20329            $  76,641.84
Shawnee Library System                    Voucher 20330           $139,729.31
Total                                                                                        $3,467,797.02

iREAD 2012 "Reading Is So Delicious"
The theme for iREAD's 2012 program is Reading Is So Delicious.  Work has already begun on the 2012 iREAD Resource Guide, and we need all of your great ideas to share with other librarians around the world who use the IREAD theme.  Each idea submitted helps strengthen the resource guide for everyone.  Please click here to download the Resource Guide submission form; this form can be filled out and e-mailed to  The deadline for submissions is January 18, 2011.
Your Ideas Are Needed
For the last twelve years, the ILA Reporter has highlighted new library buildings or additions, usually in the February issue.  We are particularly interested in libraries South of I-80 and nonpublic libraries.  Please send your suggestions to Bob Doyle by December 3, 2010.  Thank you!
In the News
Library-related stories appearing in local news media are reflected in this section of the ILA E-News.  The intent is to alert and inform the Illinois library community about issues and events that are considered significant by the general media.
Libertyville Library Construction on the 'Cusp' of Completion
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Winnetka Library Board Approves Less-than-proposed Levy

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Remnants of Springfield's Carnegie Library Unearthed at Fairgrounds
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Tiny Book Collections at the Museum of Science and Industry
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Naperville Public Library Plans Search for New Executive Director
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Library School:  Hurts So Good
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Evanston Council Puts Branch Future in Library Board's Hands
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If your library has a newspaper story with link, send it to us at for possible inclusion in the next ILA E-News.  Thanks.

Robert P. Doyle
Illinois Library Association
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