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J.L. Lewis Golf Tips from the Tour 3rd Quarter Newsletter, 2011
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:: On the Road: Boeing Classic
:: 2011 Golf Events
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J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with over 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a Champions Tour player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings. Learn more at J.L.'s website, JLLewisGolf.com!

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Featured Golf Tip 


Windy Weather: 
 "In windy conditions, play the ball back in the stance and make a three quarter swing to keep the ball low and under control."     

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Pro Tips for Kids Golf Clinic 


By: Sherry Lewis-Ramirez

J.L. Lewis and Bruce FleisherOn August 23, 2011, J.L. Lewis and Bruce Fleisher were the golf professionals and instructors for the Pro Tips for Kids events, two golf clinics hosted by White Horse Golf Club and McCormick Woods Golf Club, and put on in conjunction with Poulsbo Golf Director and creator of the PuttNTrainer S.J. Leonard.  J.L. and Bruce taught two separate groups of children aged 12 to 16. They spoke about golf fundamentals and then watched each junior hit golf shots and gave one-on-one instruction. They taught how to hit...


Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach


By: Sherry Lewis-Ramirez


J.L. Lewis & Granddaughter Lily
J.L. & Granddaughter Lily

In July, my father, J.L. played in the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. My husband, Ben, and daughter, Lily, and I tagged along for the week. We stayed in a beautiful, quaint house on the ocean in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. My parents are very excited to be grandparents to 15 month old Lily and loved having a week to spend with her. This was Lily's first opportunity to see the ocean. She loved it! When we all went to play in the sand upon arrival at Pebble Beach, she danced to the sound of the waves!


The Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach is an amateur and junior golf event hosted by Nature Valley and The First Tee. J.L.'s First Tee junior partner was Gavin Parker. We had a nice time visiting with Gavin's family during the first two rounds.  J.L. enjoyed playing with Gavin and the other amateur partners he played with in the tournament.

Friday after the round we went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. We all enjoyed seeing the beautiful fish and sea life. The jellyfish exhibit was amazing. Lily made her "fish face" when she saw the fish.


The tournament is played on the famous Pebble Beach Golf Links and Del Monte Golf Course. The golf courses were breathtakingly beautiful. Pebble Beach Golf Course winds around near the ocean and on the coast. There are amazing landscapes, cliffs and the ocean to take in. ...



Golf Green Tip: 
Water Conservation

 Central Texas Wildfires
J.L. Lewis' hometown, Austin, Texas has had one of the
most severe droughts ever. There have been at least 100 days of temperatures over 100 degrees, with hardly any rain for many months. Recently, with the combination of heavy winds and the extremely dry conditions, several wildfires burned hundreds of homes and thousands of acres of land. During these fires, when looking out over Lake Travis, huge plumes of smoke created by the fires could be seen from the different areas of Austin. Austinites watched as helicopters lowered giant buckets into Lake Travis, which was already at a record-low, and dumped the buckets onto the fires. It was an amazing and tragic sight to see, since a city whose water resources were already stretched thin, be depleted even more to put out these massive wildfires. In these times of such severe drought, it is important to reduce water usage even more than usual. Even small changes help, whether it's only running the dishwasher when full, taking a shorter shower, or letting an outdoor water fountain be dry for a while. Even for people who do not live in Texas, reducing water usage will help because it is less groundwater that is used overall. With everyone's combined efforts, we will make it through the drought without depleting the groundwater supply. Below are two pictures, the first of Lake Travis in Austin in 2010, the second is Lake Travis recently.


Lake Travis, Austin, Texas
Lake Travis, Austin, Texas
Pocket Pro edition of Golf Tips from the Tour by J.L. Lewis 
Relaxation Tip:  

"The neck and shoulders often tense up in golf. Take a deep breath and leave some space between the teeth and keep the jaw loose. This allows for a bigger turn and will help keep the muscles in the neck and shoulders relaxed."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship



J.L. Lewis at Westchester Country Club
J.L. Lewis at Westchester Country Club


Westchester Country Club in Rye, New York is a classic golf course that is a historical landmark and the home of The Barclays on the PGA TOUR for many years, as well as the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship this year. The golf course is over 100 years old with the original hotel and clubhouse still intact.  This is a favorite golf course of almost all the players because of the old style character and the demanding natural terrain that is present on every hole. From tee to green Westchester does not let up in difficulty on any shot.  Once on the green, the slope is equal to any major championship course, and on several of the holes the ball cannot be controlled going downhill. Combine this treachery with thick rough and this course can be a real bear. The wind is usually a factor and adds another variable to make Westchester even more difficult. The scores are usually two to four under par a day to have a chance to win and the list of winners at Weschester is an impressive one.                                                                   


On the Road: Boeing Classic



Seattle, WA

J.L. played in the Champions Tour event, the Boeing Classic at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge, in Snoqualmie, Washington in August. TPC Snoqualmie Ridge is a beautiful golf course located in the Upper Snoqualmie Valley 25 miles outside of Seattle, Washington. J.L. and his wife, Dawn, took the ferry upon arrival in Seattle. Seattle by water is a lovely sight to see.


TPC Snoqualmie Ridge is very pretty. Snoqualmie Falls, a 300 foot waterfall, can be seen from...

2011 Golf Events

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Body Balance Tip: 


J.L. Lewis "To check body balance at address, set up to the ball and have someone push from all four sides. Maintaining the balance when the body is being pushed is a sign of a good setup."


PGA TOUR Professional 
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