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March, 2011  
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:: On the Course - Allianz Championship
:: Toshiba Classic: Solar Score Boards
:: Pressure Drills & Mental Skills
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:: Eat a Balanced Diet that is Right for You
:: On the Course - ACE Group Classic
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J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with over 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings. Learn more at J.L.'s website, JLLewisGolf.com!

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Featured Golf Tip 


Health and Nutrition Tip:

"There are chemicals on the golf course. Wash the hands after each round to avoid exposure to these chemicals."

- J.L. Lewis, Champions Tour Professional
On the Course at the Allianz Championship

Blog Post from J.L. on the course at the

Allianz Championship

The Old Course at Broken Sound
The Old Course at Broken Sound
Yesterday I played in a Pro-Am at The Old Course at Broken Sound in Boca Ratan, Florida, the host course for the Champions Tour's Allianz Championship. This course is a good test of golf and presents many challenges for players of all levels. The greens are extremely quick and it takes some local knowledge to correctly read the greens and have a chance to make putts.  Another factor to contend with is the wind which can often blow at over 30 MPH. This adds difficulty to an already tough golf course. To score well players will need accuracy off the tee and good distance control with irons. The course will give up some good scores but ...

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Focus on the Target:

"For best results, have the optimum target in mind while hitting the shot."

- J.L. Lewis, Champions Tour Professional  
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Golf Green Tip of the Month 

Solar Powered Score BoardThis  year at the Toshiba Classic, Firm Green supplied solar powered score boards and golf carts as well as two renewable natural gas powered vehicles for the event. Firm Green also assisted in transporting e-waste generated by the event and supplied bio-diesel to the on site power generator for the event. Way to go Firm Green and the Champions Tour for making strides in the direction of eco-friendly golf tournaments! Read more about Firm Green's efforts at the Toshiba Classic.

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Pressure Drills & Mental Skills to Improve Scores in Competition   

Whenever I have been in a hurry to sharpen up my golf game, practicing these three drills for several days in a row prior to a golf tournament produces good results.   


The first exercise is to visualize perfect golf shots for 15 minutes each day. This will get you in the proper frame of mind to play your best golf and will improve the quality of the next two practice drills.


Since consistency is the key to success in golf take three minutes each day and practice your complete routine on each shot you practice. It will take some effort to go through your complete routine on every ball but you will be rewarded...


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2011 Golf Events

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Eat a Balanced Diet that is Right for You  

Eating a healthy diet is generally the same for everyone, however, each person can personalize their diet specifically for them. By being observant and "in tune" with your body, you will notice that certain foods make you feel great while other foods don't. To eat a diet that is right for you, it is important to notice how the food you eat makes you feel.


What is craved is not always what is healthiest. One might crave a cupcake, but after eating it they feel lethargic. What the body craves is not exactly what is best for it when there are food addictions. The body can be addicted to a food, for example, wheat or sugar, but at the same time can be harmed by those foods.


On the other hand, eating a salad may leave a feeling of being light and energetic. This is a good indication that...

Mud on the Golf Ball: 


"When there is mud on the ball, you can expect more curve of the ball going into the wind.  If there is mud on the right side of the ball, the ball flight will typically curve to the left and conversely, if there is mud on the left side of the ball the ball flight will typically curve to the right."


- J.L. Lewis, Champions Tour Professional  
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On the Course at the ACE Group Classic 

Blog Post from J.L. while on the course at the ACE Group Classic!

Old Crane used to Dig out The Quarry

The Quarry in Naples Florida was the site for the Ace Group Classic Champions Tour event this week. The golf course has par five holes that are reachable in two shots and the driving areas are wide, so low scores are fairly easy to attain. A score over par is not going to be competitive and the wind is the biggest obstacle the course has to defend itself from low scoring.


I played very mediocre and felt like I could have shot 8 to 10 shots better with sharper execution. I have some work to do on my game and the past two weeks in competition have revealed several areas that need improvement to shoot better scores. 

Wild life 

The wildlife in the Naples area is amazing.  While walking the pristine white sandy beach we saw a dolphin casually swimming along the coastline within 50 yards from the shore. On the golf course, there were red tail hawk, osprey, and even a bald eagle fishing and catching prey. There was other wildlife as well; alligators, raccoon, and an abundance of water fowl including wood stork, pelicans, ibis, egrets, and great blue heron...


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