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June, 2010
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About J.L. Lewis

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J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings. Learn more at J.L.'s new website, JLLewisGolf.com!

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Featured Golf Tip

Enthusiasm Tip:

"The more you enjoy something the better you will be at it. Learn to have fun at all tasks and this habit will have a positive influence on everyone around you."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional  
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Beginners Golf Tips
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

Try out these golf tips or pass them along to your friends!

  • Arnold Palmer says the best beginners golf tip is to learn to putt cross-handed and never change. This method is fundamentally more sound and a great method for beginner golfers.
  • Learn to be unaffected by people or events you have no control over. Control what you can and don't worry about the rest.
PGA TOUR Destination:
Traveler's Championship

The PGA TOUR event in Cromwell, Connecticut is held at the TPC River Highlands. The golf course is one of the first stadium designed courses with areas along several of the holes for fans to sit and watch. The tournament is held in the summertime. A river runs along the east side of the golf course, adding to the beauty. "Named by Golf Digest 'One of the Top 10 Golf Courses in the State' and by Connecticut Golfer Online the 'Best Private Course in the State' for six consecutive years, the course meanders over 148 acres, with stately corridors of mature maple, oak, sycamore and eastern white pine trees framing gently rolling fairways." (www.tpcriverhighlands.com, 5/27/10) The course is fun to play with hole numbers 15, 16, and 17 built for drama. Each hole brings water into play and the risk/reward factor...

Golf Green Tip of the Month

Green Tip During your next round of golf as you are about to hop into a golf cart take a moment to think about the impact that the golf cart has on the environment. Gas-powered golf carts put off harmful fuel emissions and are noisier than electric golf carts. Solar powered golf carts have even less of an impact, and walking is best for the environment and is also the healthiest means of transportation!
Putting Tips
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

Try out these golf putting tips to improve your golf game!

Golf Grip

J.L. Lewis Cross-Handed GripPutt Cross Handed: For children and beginners a great putting tip is to begin putting cross handed and never change. This method is a very effective way to achieve solid contact with the ball consistently.

Proper Grip: While gripping the putter make sure the "V" between the forefinger and thumb on the left hand points at the right elbow to create balance between both hands and create a more consistent putting stroke.

Putting Stroke

Grip Pressure: Focus on equal grip pressure in both hands the entire stroke. The amount of pressure should be a four on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being as hard as you can squeeze the club.

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The Enjoyment of the Game
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

Enjoyment of the GameThe most important reason to play golf is without question the enjoyment of the game. Golf is such a great getaway from the business world and a perfect way to de-stress after a tough day or week on the job. All of the other benefits the game provides can best be accomplished if you are having fun playing the game...
Video Clip:
Pitching: Ten Finger Grip

In this golf video tip J.L. explains the proper ball flight, stance, and distribution of weight in pitching, and gives key golf tips including using a ten finger golf grip.

Enthusiasm Tip:

"Play golf with friends and remember those experiences forever. Play golf with strangers and they become a friend."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional

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Helpful Advice for Amateurs
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

Playing with amateurs on a regular basis, I have noticed most of the advice I give boils down to one thing.  Give a simple tip that gets them back on track. Following are several useful golf tips that have helped many amateur golfers over the years:

Ten Finger Grip
  • J.L. Lewis Ten Finger GripPractice with a ten finger grip to improve the chipping technique.
  • For golfers who come over the top on their down swing, practice hitting balls with a closed stance to improve the swing path.
  • Think of the golf swing as one continuous motion.  This will help to gradually accelerate club speed without any wasted motion during the downswing...
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