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December, 2010
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About J.L. Lewis

Bunker Shot
J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with over 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings. Learn more at J.L.'s website, JLLewisGolf.com!

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Featured Golf Tip


Health and Nutrition Tip:

"Eat properly to maintain your optimum weight for best results on the golf course and in life. As  you enjoy the holidays remember that moderation is key to keeping a balanced diet."

- J.L. Lewis, Champions Tour Professional
Off Season Golf Routine

It is easy to slip out of regular physical activity and the golf routine during the off-season and winter months. Although it is natural for us to rest more in the cold months, it is also healthy for us to stay active.

Golf Exercise

Exercise helps to cleanse the body, improve circulation, and increase mind-body coordination. J.L. Lewis recommends having a regular workout program for golf consisting of:  stretching, cardio-vascular exercise, core strength training, and walking.

Do a cardiovascular workout to increase your heart rate for at least 15 minutes, working up to 45 minutes, four times a week. Core strengthening exercises should be practiced...
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Olympic Medals through a
Vegan Diet

Hitting High Golf Shots:

"To hit the ball higher, move the ball forward one inch in the stance. Pull the right foot slightly back and keep the right arm in front of the body on the backswing and downswing."

- J.L. Lewis, Champions Tour Professional  
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2011 Golf Events

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Golf Green Tip of the Month

Golf Green Tip of the Month
Make your on-course snack an organic one! For one round of golf, rather than eating a candy bar or heavy sandwich try eating an organic piece of fresh fruit or organic nut mix. Try it out for yourself and see if it gives you more energy on the golf course! Want to learn more about the benefits of eating organic? Read more about organic eating!
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Are you looking for a great vitamin and healthy living program for 2011? The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle is a great health program to get you on track. J.L. and his wife Dawn have been on this program for about ten years now and have had great success with it!

 Molecular Fitness

The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle™ is a natural restorative and preventative health and nutrition program that starts from your most basic building blocks, your molecules, to promote long-term wellness and improved mental and physical performance. It is an easy program to adopt incorporating simple nutrition changes, convenient daily supplements, regular exercise, and monitoring of key health vitals that takes just minutes.

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Benefits of Eating Organic

Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in a way that limits the amount of synthetic materials used during production. Pesticides and herbicides were not introduced until the 20th century, so for a large majority of history all foods were organic. In the past 100 years or so, there has been a significant increase in pesticide and herbicide use, especially in the production of food. The way these chemicals affect the human body is not totally known. It is known that these chemicals accumulate in the body's tissues. In general, the human body sustains immunity...
Life on the Champions Tour

New Start on the Champions TourJ.L. Lewis US Senior Open Sahalee

J.L. turned 50 in July and has played in the  Champions Tour the last half of the 2010 season, three of which were Major Championships. J.L. and his wife, Dawn, have been very busy traveling world-wide on the Champions Tour  including a trip to Scotland for the Senior Open in July and to South Korea in September for the Posco E&C Songdo Championship. With two top ten finishes and a tie for 12th at the US Senior Open, J.L. is encouraged with his results and looking forward to a long rewarding Champions Tour Career.

Along with the onset of a new J.L. Lewis and granddaughter Lily Mariecareer on the Champions Tour, J.L. and Dawn acquired their first granddaughter, Lily Marie on June 28th.  Lily is the daughter of...

Benefits of
Vegetable & Fruit Juicing

Vegetable and Fruit Juciing
It is widely known that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables leads to a longer, healthier life with less illness and "dis-ease." While eating whole fruits and vegetables certainly has its benefits, juicing fruits and vegetables provides a means by which to obtain a significant serving of fruits and vegetables in one meal. Juiced fruits and veggies offer a tremendous amount of...
Greenside Bunker Shot:

The most important fundamental in the green side bunker is ball position. Most golfers should play the ball farther forward in their stance than they do. Play the ball on the inside of the left heal.  This will force the weight onto the left side J.L. Lewis Greenside Bunkerat address and create a steeper takeaway. This will also make it easier to use the bounce of the club which will allow the club to get under the ball with less effort."

- J.L. Lewis, Champions Tour Professional  
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Outings, Pro-Ams, and Speaking Engagements

J.L. Lewis Golf Outing
Are you searching for "something extra" for an upcoming event or special occasion?  J.L. is available for corporate outings and public speaking engagements to give instruction and share life lessons he has learned through golf. An event with J.L. leaves participants uplifted, not only in their game but in their lives. The day will fly by with moments of laughter, learning and pure inspiration. The "Pocket Pro" is an excellent gift bag item for outing participants! Contact us now and let's start planning your best golf event ever! To learn more about including J.L. in your next golf event visit J.L.'s new website, www.JLLewisGolf.com.
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