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April, 2010
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J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings. Learn more at J.L.'s new website, JLLewisGolf.com!

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Featured Golf Tip

Fundamentals Tip:

"Consistent golf starts with good fundamentals. As skill improves and more nuances are added, it is still important to be aware of basic golf fundamentals."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional  
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PGA TOUR Destination:
Verizon Heritage Classic
Harbour Town Golf Links

Courtesty of The Sea Pines Resort
Verizon Heritage Classic
The Verizon Heritage Classic is one of my favorite tournaments on the PGA TOUR for many reasons. The host course, Harbour Town Golf Links, is one of Pete Dye's best with very little undulation and each hole carved out of the tree-line marsh. The difficulty is off the tee because of super narrow landing areas where you may hit the fairway and still be blocked out by the trees. The approach shots are designed to reward precise distance control on iron shots, a shot that misses the three to 10 yard landing areas leaves a very dicey chip or long putt with a lot of slope. This event has a list of top level players as past champions due to a course that requires a golf game with few weaknesses to be successful. The scores are not low which once again proves that a course with a good design does not need to be 7,600 yards to be difficult. Harbour Town Golf Links is difficult but still enjoyable and I like that I don't wear out my 3 iron on approach shots.

Golf Green Tip of the Month

Green TipIt is spring time and in many places the grass is turning green and spring flowers are budding and blooming. It is possible to have your home or business lawn and landscape look as beautiful and well-kept as your favorite golf course. There are many "green" landscaping businesses now offering services including low-emission lawn maintenance and the use of beautiful native plants that need little water! For more information on eco-friendly landscaping contact Green Brothers Sustainable Solutions at (512) 775-1351.

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Video Clip:
Proper Golf Ball Position

J.L. explains the standard golf ball position, as well as common errors in ball position, such as the ball being too far back or forward in the stance.

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Scotland Golf Outing
Importance of Golf Fundamentals and Balance
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

J.L. Lewis Golf Fundamentals

An important physical characteristic of the golf swing other than the fundamentals is balance.  Golf fundamentals and balance go hand in hand, and balance can tell you if your fundamentals are correct.

Golf Grip Tips

If the grip is too strong, then there can be a tendency to have too much weight on the right side of the body.  The golf club could be closed on the back swing possibly causing a number of misses including:
  • low left shots,
  • hitting behind the ball,
  • topping the ball, or
  • weak right shots.
If the grip is too weak the tendency can be to have too much weight on the left side of the body at address which can cause the following misses...

Alignment Tip:

"The ball launches at a right angle to the club face at impact. Align the club face to the target by picking a spot one foot in front of the ball on line with the target."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Video Clip:
Proper Alignment

In this golf video tip J.L. Lewis demonstrates a golf exercise to improve alignment. This swing tip will help to ensure that the ball is on line on all shots, even short game shots.

Stance Tip:

"A proper stance is one that provides good balance. A wider stance is better than a stance that is too narrow."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
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