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:: Effects of Groove Rule Change in Irons and Wedges
:: TOUR Destination: Waste Management Phoenix Open
:: Choosing the Best Golf Equipment
:: Interview: Groove Rule Change
:: February Golf Events
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Featured Golf Tip

Proper Equipment - Putting Tips:

"When selecting putters be aware that the ball should be lifted slightly off the turf and then slide about 6 inches before it begins to turn over and roll on a 20 foot putt. Tests have shown a ball that begins to roll immediately without lift and slide will not roll as true or stay on line as long."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional  
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Effects of the Groove Rule Change in Irons and Wedges
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

Golf-Clubs-GroovesThe new rule implemented by the USGA which went into effect January 1, 2010 will change the game of golf in several ways. The rule puts restrictions on the shape of grooves in irons and wedges for professional competitive golf. Visit the USGA's website for more details about this rule change.

The ball is going to have as much as 50 percent less spin on irons and wedges. This means the ball will fly lower, land harder, and react totally different on shots from the rough and around the greens.

Video Clip: J.L. Lewis Golf Pitching and Chipping

J.L. Lewis gives the best golf instruction video tips. In this video he addresses a common error in pitching and chipping, and offers helpful golf exercises and swing tips...

Golf Green Tip of the Month

Green TipReduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover!  This is Waste Management's motto, who is now the sponsor of the Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale this year (previously the FBR Open). Waste Management is the largest environmental services provider in North America. They will be showcasing their ThinkGreen Solutions at the PGA tournament this year, as well as implementing recycling and more sustainable Waste Management solutions over time.  To learn more about how the Waste Management Phoenix Open is affecting positive change for the earth and in the golf community, visit the tournament website.
PGA TOUR Destination:
Waste Management Phoenix Open

Golf Entertainment: Sedona, ArizonaThe Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale is held at the end of February, 2010.  The course is a stadium for theatrics and the fans provide a show of their own. This tournament provides the finest in golf entertainment. Throughout the years there have been several extracurricular activities on the golf course and primarily on the par three 16th hole, where a rugby-like crowd of over 15,000 spectators awaits the players and shows either approval or discontent all four days...

Golf Swing Challenge Game
Choosing the Best Golf Equipment
By: J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Golfer

J.L. Lewis PGA TOUR PlayerBeing properly fitted for golf equipment is very important for maximizing potential as a golfer. Follow these steps to choose the best golf equipment for you.

Step 1: Golf Club Shaft

First, it is essential to find the correct shaft to give you the most distance and accuracy...

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Proper Equipment Tip:

"After being properly fitted for equipment, practice consistently with the chosen equipment rather than changing back and forth to see if new clubs will make any difference."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
PGA Golfers Adapt Golf Equipment to New Groove Rules
Interview with PGA TOUR TaylorMade Representative Paul Loegering

TaylorMade Representative Paul LoegeringThe USGA enforced a new rule, put into effect in January of this year.  The rule puts restrictions on the shape of grooves in irons and wedges for professional competitive golf. Visit the USGA's website for more details about this rule change. Paul Loegering, a TaylorMade representative for the PGA TOUR discusses the changes in his company's clubs and gives his opinions on how the golf marketplace will change in response to this new rule.

Q:  How does the new equipment groove rule change effect your company's production of golf clubs?

A: In reference to general production, it's like starting over. We have to spend research and development time as well as marketing and production dollars to put a new product in line. March 2009 is when we started making changes. Anything that's done in reference to changing a product line, the research and development team is working a year to a year and a half before the new products are released.

Proper Equipment - Wedges Tip:

"When deciding on wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges look for consistency, playability, similarity in look, and the construction of the leading edge and the sole of the club.  It is difficult to have different styled wedges and be consistent.  This holds true throughout the irons and woods as well."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
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February Golf Events

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