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About J.L. Lewis

Bunker Shot
J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings.  Learn more about J.L. at J.L.'s new website, www.JLLewisGolf.com!

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Featured Golf Tip

Positive Attitude Tip:

"Have a positive attitude in all circumstances.  This will uplift the mood of others and will lead to positive results."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional  
For more golf tips check out the Golf Tips section of J.L.'s Website.

Confidence is a key ingredient in attaining success on and off the golf course. One can have the ability to succeed, but without confidence, success is hard to achieve. The definition of confidence is the "belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities."(1) 

There are several ways to build and maintain confidence in your golf game. The first key is a good understanding...
Golf Green Tip of the Month

Halloween is coming up this month!  Be conscious of the environment while you celebrate by giving your kids reusable bags to collect candy in rather than easily tearable, one-time use plastic bags.  Halloween is a great opportunity to teach little ones to care for their mother Earth and throw away any candy wrappers from all the yummy treats they will collect! Likewise, next time you are at a golf tournament, throw trash in appropriate receptacles, and if you notice any trash on the golf course, pick it up! Help our golf courses and our earth to stay clean and free of pollution. Happy Halloween!
Emotions on the Golf Course
By: J.L. Lewis

Emotions have an impact on performance. Focusing on the positive and putting your attention on success will lead to positive results. More times than I can count over the years, good rounds of golf have been altered or ruined by a poor shot or bad hole. When golfers become upset with themselves or others before or during a round of golf, it can affect their game and score adversely. When bad shots happen, it is the reaction to the shot that determines how the rest of the round will play out.

There are great players who rarely become outwardly upset; players like Vijay Singh, Fred Couples, Davis Love, Jeff Ogilvy, Jim Furyk, and Kenny Perry. These players are able to stay in the present moment...
October Golf Events

View the October Tournament Schedule week by week for the PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, Nationwide TOUR, LPGA TOUR, and the Duramed FUTURES Tour. 
Outings, Pro-Ams, and Speaking Engagements

Golf Outing
Are you searching for "something extra" for an upcoming event or special occasion?  J.L. is available for corporate outings and public speaking engagements to give instruction and share life lessons he has learned through golf.  He will give key golf tips for how to play better golf effectively, and help people achieve their dreams on and off the golf course!  Having J.L. attend or co-host your event adds a unique dimension and talent that will create excitement in your community and among your guests. The "Pocket Pro" is an excellent gift bag item for outing participants! To learn more about including J.L. in your next golf event visit J.L.'s new website, www.JLLewisGolf.com.
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Interview with Dawn Lewis

Dawn LewisDawn Lewis is the wife and business manager for J.L. Lewis. J.L. and Dawn have traveled the PGA TOUR as a family and Dawn homeschooled their children, Cole and Sherry, while traveling the PGA TOUR for 7 years prior to their entrance into college. Dawn was an athlete who competed in gymnastics at the University of Texas, as well as competed in golf, gymnastics and track and field in high school. She has created a strong support system for J.L. in his golf career. Dawn has a passion for learning and has spent much of her life studying the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of top performance in sports and life.

Q: What are the parallels between the "game of golf" and the "game of life?"

A: This is a big question. The first step here is to look at life as a game...
Choices Tip:

"Frustration with life is generally the result of a failed purpose or no purpose.  Pursue the purpose that motivates you the most and you will find peace."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Video Clip:
Life Lessons through Golf

 Life Lessons through Golf
PGA TOUR Destinations:
Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open

Hoover DamLas Vegas is a tournament my family and I enjoy going to each year. We lived in Vegas for a year and a half, in 1988 - '89, where I had two great milestones in my golf career. I received my PGA Class A Membership in 1988 while working at the Las Vegas Country Club as an assistant golf professional, and later that year I earned my first PGA TOUR card. While at Las Vegas Country Club, I learned that the game of golf is of great importance to the city of Las Vegas. The residents of Las Vegas take great pride in their local support of the PGA TOUR and the yearly golf tournament.

TPC Summerlin is the host course for the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open. The course is a beautiful walk for spectators...
Lessons Tip:

"Never worry about or fear making a mistake.  Place the emphasis on what is wanted and be totally committed to that."

- J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Radio Interview

J.L. Lewis John Deere Classic
Listen to J.L.'s interview with Michael Stewart on "Where to Play Golf" radio show.  Here about how J.L.'s golf tips came to be and learn more about his book, "Golf Tips from the Tour: Pocket Pro!"
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