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March, 2009
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:: Spring Time on the Golf Course
:: Arnold Palmer Invitational
:: March Golf Events
:: Hitting Fades and Draws
:: Short Game Drills
:: Interview: Golf Instructor Bill Moretti
About J.L. Lewis

Picture: Champion J.L. Lewis J.L. Lewis is a PGA Golf Professional with 25 years of experience as a golf instructor and a PGA TOUR player with two PGA TOUR victories and over $7.5 million in earnings.  Learn more about J.L. at www.PGATOUR.com.

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Springtime on the
Golf Course

Golf Course Blooms
Springtime is here.  The official start of the season, the Spring Equinox (officially called the Vernal Equinox), is on March 20, 2009.  The birds return and the animal kingdom is becoming more active.  The plants are starting to wake up and show first signs of life in which small leaves and flower buds abound.  This is a perfect time of year to be outdoors, especially on the golf course.  The golf course can be the perfect attitude adjustment and stress release needed after a long, hard winter. 

Featured Golf Tip

"A great short game requires imagination and creativity.  Learn to see several different ways to play each short game shot, and then pick the one that allows for the least risk with the greatest reward."

-J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional  
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Golf Green Tip of the Month

Green Tip
Most golf courses use pesticides and herbicides on the grass to maintain their pristine conditions.  Remember to always wash your hands immediately following a round.  This will ensure that the chemicals will not stay on your hands and are not transferred to your mouth while eating. 
PGA TOUR Destination
Arnold Palmer Invitational

The final PGA TOUR event in March of the 2009 season is the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard, held at Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando, Florida.  Like its namesake, the tournament is a first class event held on a deceptively tough layout, and requires every club in the bag.   The greens are always in good shape and the weather is normally wet and windy.  The winning score is whatever Tiger Woods shoots or about 16 under par.

March Golf Events

View the March tournament schedule week by week for the PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR, and Nationwide TOUR. 
Putting Tip:

"To ensure solid contact when putting, keep the forearms the same distance apart the entire stroke."

-J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Video Clip:
Hitting Fades and Draws

J.L. Lewis Golf Instruction Video

Watch as J.L. gives instructions and demonstrates hitting fades and draws.  Click on the image to watch!
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Short Game Drills to
Prepare for the Season
By: J.L. Lewis

Short Game Shot
The importance of the short game in golf is severely underrated.  During a normal round of golf there will be at least ten opportunities to get up and down from inside 100 yards.  If you are at the PGA TOUR level, the average conversion rate to get up and down (to hit the ball on the green and make a one-putt) is 60% for the top players in the world playing their best.  For an amateur to reach their playing potential, they should look for the answer in the short game. 

  Pitching Tip:

"On downhill pitch shots, play the ball in the middle of the stance, and keep the weight on the right leg the entire swing.  Finish with the hands left of the target to stop the ball faster.

-J.L. Lewis, PGA TOUR Professional
Interview with Master Golf Instructor Bill Moretti

Bill Moretti Bill Moretti is a professional golf instructor and the founder of The Academy of Golf Dynamics. Bill is a Class "A" Professional and recognized as one of the foremost authorities of the golf swing.  He has been a golf coach for several PGA TOUR players, including J.L. Lewis.

What do you most enjoy about being a golf instructor?

I initially started teaching because I love the game of golf and the mechanics of the golf swing. Now I enjoy teaching for the thrill of helping others play better golf.

Outings and Public Speaking

Picture: Golf OutingJ.L. is available for corporate outings and public speaking engagements to give instruction and share life lessons he has learned through golf.  If you would like to find out more about how to include time with J.L. in your company event, party, Pro-Am or conference please contact us for more information at MarkAndrew@MarkAndrewGroup.com.
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