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2nd Quarter 2011 Performance Summary
Kansas credit unions are outperforming the national averages.
Read more or download the report [pdf]

Call For Nominations, KCUA Board Committees  

Nominations are due to KCUA by Oct. 15


Kansas Financial Literacy page from NCUF Report 

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Easy Money for your Members. Easy Program for your Credit Union. 

Enroll now! Several Kansas credit unions have passed on savings to their members, and earned money in return.
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Dates to remember:  


October 17, 10 AM  

Compliance Conference Day 1-Wichita  


October 17- 18  

Full Compliance Conference-Wichita    


October 18, 9 AM    

Compliance Conference Day 2-Wichita 


October 18, 10 AM

Decedent Accounts Quickbite  

October 18, 2 PM 

Compliance from a Distance: Managing Risk of Third Parties & Outsourced Processes Webinar    


October 18, 6:30 PM
WY-JO Chapter Meeting   


October 18, 6:30 PM


October 19, 6:30 PM  

Capital Chapter Meeting         


October 20, 6:30 PM  

Wheatbelt Chapter Meeting    


October 20, 6:30 PM  

Wheatland Chapter Meeting   


October 25, 2 PM  

Lending to Members of Modest Means Webinar   


October 26, 2 PM  


October 27, 9 AM  

2011 International Credit Union Day logo

ICU Day: Read more 

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October 14, 2011  
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KCUA New Address   

We've moved! Our new address is:

2872 North Ridge Road, Suite 122, Wichita KS 67205.

Phone, fax and email information remains the same.
Wichita Federal Credit Union featured in video celebrating credit unions.

Thursday's Money$mart Camp at Truesdell Middle School was featured on KSN New's 6 and 10 pm newscasts. (video not available). 


KCUA in the News 

CUNA NewsNow: Leagues recognized by CUNA for communication efforts. KCUA won Best League Annual Report at the 2011 Communicators Conference.   


KCUA wins "Best League Annual Report" at the 2011 American Association of Credit Union League's Communicator's Conference. [press release



Lenders and Marketers: Join a KCUA Council
Connect. Learn. Share. That's what Councils are all about. KCUA has launched Lending and Marketing Councils. Join one!  Read more

Governmental Affairs     


Get Involved With Your State, Local Chambers of Commerce 
Joining your local and state chambers can add value to your organization. Read more    


KCUA 2011 Golf Tournament
Fourteen teams of credit union staff, volunteers and vendors participated in KCUA's tournament Oct. 4. Read more.

GAC 2012 logoGAC 2012
The 2012 GAC is March 18-22. Keynote speakers include former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and two of the most influential journalists in American history, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Hotel room blocks are available. For more information or to make your reservation, contact Haley DaVee, 800-362-2076, ext. 3101. 

Regulation and Compliance

 Regulation E: Authorized versus Unauthorized EFTs

 Q and A on Authorized versus Unauthorized EFTS. Read more


Resources to Inform Customers About Ending Over-the-Counter Sales of Paper U.S. Savings Bonds   

The U.S. Department of the Treasury will end over-the counter (OTC) sales of paper savings bonds on December 31, 2011. Electronic savings bonds remain available for purchase through TreasuryDirect, a secure web-based system operated by the Bureau of the Public Debt. Read more    


Compliance Calendar pdf icon  

Education and Training
2011 Trends in Training Employees
If there's one thing static in the world of human resources management, it's change. Change in the HR industry is about the only thing that can be counted on to exist year after year, decade after decade. Read more
Marketing and Communications


News About Rising Bank Fees 

TIME: Bank Transfer Day Set For Nov. 5. 

Has your credit union seen an increase in traffic?


Credit Union Magazine: Five Best Practices for Online Cross-Selling 

NCBA releases Choose A Co-op video in recognition of National Year of Cooperatives in 2012. 

Choose A Co-op
Choose A Co-op

REPORT: Wireless Subscriptions Outnumber People in US.  

Right now there are more than 327 million wireless subscriptions in the U.S. That's about 20 million more subscriptions than there are people. Read more


International Credit Union Day 

How is your credit union celebrating Oct. 20? Let us know!  

Read more or watch CUNA's video featuring Bill Cheney [YouTube] 

Shared Financial Solutions


Trim Expenses and Grow Your Bottom Line
Office Max logoOne quick, pain-free way to make an impact is by saving on everything for the office. Read more

CUMoney Family Card

$500 basic start up fee WAIVED if agreement received by Nov. 15! 

Parents fund it, teens spend it. Together they track it. The CUMONEY card. Read more.

ICUL Service Corporation Provides Electronic Payment Services to CUs Nationwide

ICUL Service Corporation, a subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League, is a provider of electronic payment services including prepaid gift cards, travel cards, and reloadable general purpose cards. The Naperville, Ill.-based credit union service organization serves credit unions in 45 states. Read more