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2nd Quarter 2011 Performance Summary
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South Central Chapter Hosts CUnext Meet-up
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2011 Compliance Conference
Dates to remember:  


October 4, 10 AM  

Creative Loan Modifications Quickbite 


October 5, 2 PM 

Problematic Practices in BSA Audits Webinar    


October 10   

Offices closed for Columbus Day  

October 11, 6 PM 

Southwest Chapter Meeting   


October 12, 8:30 AM    Experience Excellence Seminar- Wichita  


October 12, 2 PM 


September 13, 10 AM 

Robbery Survival Training for Everyone Quickbite        


October 13, 2 PM  

BSA Training for Lenders Webinar  


October 13 , 6:30 PM  

South Central Chapter Meeting    


October 13, 6:30 PM  

Northeast Chapter Meeting   

2011 International Credit Union Day logo

ICU Day: Read more 

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September 30, 2011  
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KCUA New Address   

We've moved! Our new address is:

2872 North Ridge Road, Suite 122, Wichita KS 67205.

Phone, fax and email information remains the same.
2nd Quarter 2011 Kansas Performance Summary Now Available

The trend continues...again Kansas credit unions are outperforming the national averages. While the rate of growth has slowed, Kansas credit unions posted a 5.09% increase in loan balances over the last 12 months compared to the national figure of -0.47%.  Read more or download the report [pdf]

Call For Nominations, KCUA Board Committees 


Read more regarding changes in committee election/appointment process and committee names, and information about serving on these board-appointed committees. Nominations are due to KCUA by Oct. 15.
See what other credit unions around the state are up to. This is one of the most viewed pages on our website.


KCUA in the News 

Credit Union Times: Kansas CU Association Completes Office Relocation. 


CUNA NewsNow: Kansas CU Association Relocates Wichita headquarters. 9/27/11  



South Central Chapter Hosts CUnext Meet-Up  

CUnext Young Professionals Council logoYoung professionals were the target of the South Central Chapter's September meeting as they hosted the first local CUnext meet-up in Kansas. Read more

Governmental Affairs    


Kansas Credit Unions Hike the Hill

Staff and volunteers from eight Kansas credit unions attended KCUA's 2011 Hike the Hill, making a short trip to Washington DC to hear the latest on credit union issues from the Credit Union National Association and to meet with the National Credit Union Administration and members of the Kansas Congressional delegation. Read more  


In case you missed it --  

NCUF released Kansas State Page as Part of National Report Regarding Financial Literacy

Kansas is one of three state pages that was released from the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) and will be part of a forthcoming national report from NCUF showing how the credit union movement is making a difference through financial education and counseling. Read more  

Regulation and Compliance

Resources to Inform Customers About Ending Over-the-Counter Sales of Paper U.S. Savings Bonds   

The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced it will end over-the counter (OTC) sales of paper savings bonds on December 31, 2011. While paper bonds will no longer be sold at financial institutions, electronic savings bonds remain available for purchase through TreasuryDirect, a secure web-based system operated by the Bureau of the Public Debt. Read more  


ADA "Talking" ATM Standards Take Effect in Six Months
The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules last July, in part to adopt enforceable ADA accessibility standards, called the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design.  These guidelines, which will go into effect on March 15, 2012, will now be enforceable by DOJ since they're incorporated in to the ADA regulations.  Read more for a recap of some of the requirements.   


Compliance Q&A: Truth In Lending - Regulation Z 

What actions should a credit union take if it knows that it will not be in compliance with the 14-day rule by October 1, 2011? Read more 


Compliance Calendar pdf icon  

Education and Training
Mark your calendar for these upcoming face to face conferences:

Compliance Conference Oct. 17-18.
KCUA Council Kick Off Conference Oct. 27
Marketing and Communications


Three Things to do Now to Help Your 2012 PR Efforts

Plans, whether strategic plans, marketing plans or IT plans, are your roadmap for the next year. A communications plan helps you deliver a successful campaign, and determines when and how your public relations efforts will work most successfully. Here are three easy things to do now to help with your efforts in 2012. Read more. 


CNN.com: Facebook Rumors: Fact or Fiction?


International Credit Union Day 

How is your credit union celebrating Oct. 20? Let us know!  

Read more  

Shared Financial Solutions


CUMoney Family Card

$500 basic start up fee WAIVED if agreement received by Nov. 15! 

Parents fund it, teens spend it. Together they track it. The CUMONEY card. Read more.

Q&A: Benefits of a Tracked Collateral Protection Program
A smooth-running tracked collateral protection insurance (CPI) program is important for any credit union that relies heavily on auto lending, as most do. Maintaining growth while keeping a high-quality portfolio has become more difficult in a troubled economy, especially for credit unions with extensive indirect auto loan programs. Read more.

ScoreCard Offers FREE Q4 Training
These informative courses are a perfect tool for new and seasoned employees. Download the October-December course schedule and register today! Read more

Give Retirement Plan Participants Educational Tools They'll Use
Ron Peters, CUNA Mutual Group Senior Marketing Strategist, offers steps to help consumers make smart choices in their retirement planning. Read more

Top 10 Data Breach Questions for Your Organization
When your organization suspects it has experienced a breach of data, what's the first thing you should do? How do you contain the breach? How do you respond to it? And, most importantly, how do you ensure that your organization remains on the path of legal compliance, seamless response, and cohesive remediation? Read more